BOS - March 14, 2006 - Workshop

BOS - March 14, 2006 - Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
March 14 2006
6:30 pm

1. Review and Sign Warrant for Special Town Meeting of April 3, 2006

2. Discuss Revenue Projection for Fiscal Year 2007

3. Review and discuss draft DPW Special Act

4. Sign Documents for National Grid and Kopelman & Paige

5. Other Business

6. Adjournment
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop Minutes
March 14, 2006
Approved September 12, 2006

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the workshop to order at 6:34 pm at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Rich Preston, David Furno, Executive Administrator-Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant-Suzanne Kane. Absent: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair.
T&G reporter-Steve Foskett

1. Review & Sign Warrant for the STM of April 3, 2006:Mike (Handout) Briefly run through the Articles and answer any questions if any.
-Article 1.-Personnel Bylaw-Proposed Change (as submitted): Reviewed by the Personnel Board concerns regarding Bylaw vs Policy. “Sick Leave By-back” and “Sick Leave Conversion” provisions removed and to be reviewed further. During the next fiscal year plan to establish an accurate centralized tracking system through the Treasurer’s office for all employees and their benefits. Additions: B-the day after Thanksgiving-as a holiday, D-Tuition Reimbursement,
E-Longevity, F-Bereavement. The amount of money for years of service matches the Police Union Contract. Payment schedule correction-Page 8.
Conclusion: Board can approve as an Article but can not take a formal vote to endorse in Paula’s absence.
-Article 2.-Capital Improvement Bylaw-Proposed Change(request of Capital Committee):
In response to the DOR doing a financial management review of the Town.
-Article 3.-Martin Road Park Engineering(request of Town Accountant):Addressed last spring at the ATM by adding $5,000- to this account. Original appropriation reviewed by Town Accountant felt it was too restrictive for the use of the funds and this broadens the language.
-Article 4.-Prior Year Bills(requires 9/10ths vote): Unibank-disclosure statement, new regulation fee involving a bonding.
-Article 5.-Debt:Once we get proceeds from the final lot we’ll be able to pay off the entire bond. (Lot 3 will be going out to bid)
-Article 6.-Unemployment:Only one of the school employees was hired back. This will carry out through June.
-Article 7.-Town Accountant:Help from Financial Advisory Associates with the transition to the MUNIS System and new accountant.
-Article 8.-Town Counsel:Mike to do a breakdown of the cases to show where the costs were. Anticipate coming from the Health Insurance Accountant.
-Article 9.-Board of Assessors:Plan on doing this in house. Budget item-wages for a part time Lister-unable to hire, forced to hire a company.

Motion – Rich Preston made a motion to approve the warrant for the STM April 3, 2006, and subsequently close the warrant as amended. Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

2. Revenue Projections (Handout):Mike – Brief over view of our financial picture.
-State Aid-Cherry Sheet-Governor’s numbers-represents about 9% increase.
-Total Expense- School Committee has not given a formal School number yet (9.58% increase) and Health Insurance (14% increase) not included. This does include the two new personnel on the Municipal side and all on the school side.

3. DPW Special Act (Draft Handout):Mike – Reviewed by Town Counsel with structure recommendations. The Water/Sewer Commission, Parks/Recreation Commission and Cemetery Commission are all still in existence and operating, their roles focusing primarily on policy rather than operations. That being the main difference should this act pass. Mike has met with several of the entities already. Shirley – Suggested for any more comments or discussion contact Mike.

4. Sign Documents-Mike needs the Board’s signatures on:-National Grid-Letter of Support - In their efforts to modernize the Whitins Pond Sub-station in Northbridge. This is to improve our electricity reliability in the community. Shirley and David attended the function at the Cocke and Kettle Restaurant in Uxbridge where graphs and pictures of the renovations were displayed.
-Kopelman & Paige - Doing work for the Town involving South Cove Way Sub-division and are representing both Sutton and Douglas on an agreement. Because they’re representing both towns they need the permission of both Boards in order to proceed.
Motion - Rich Preston made a motion to approve signing the document.
Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

5. Other Business:
-Skateboarders:Mike –
Had a complaint this afternoon and Lt Gilbert spoke to them. He’s requesting the Board have some discussions about some short term solutions, providing some outlet for these kids until we can have a permanent facility. He will be in contact with the Chief and two members of the Skate Park Committee. Shirley – It’s so unfortunate that these two ladies are willing to get this going, nothing is happening, they got discouraged, but two people can’t do it on their own. That’s one of the requests on the Capital agenda and it can’t go for grants unless there’s a definite maintenance plan. Rich – Maybe in preparation for our ‘07 Budget, we should talk to them and see what they’ve raised, see what the actual cost would be and maybe entertain something in our ‘07 Budget. A finished basketball court is the perfect size and construction for a skateboard park. Mike – Will contact the skateboard park people as well as the Lieutenant.

-Water/Sewer Rate Review: Mike – Met with the Superintendent Dennis Croteau. He previously had a discussion with the commissioners and requested having a rate study done to look at the rates of the surrounding communities-we have the lowest in the region.

-SBA Payment: Mike – Met with Clark Rowell, Jeanne and Sharon regarding the payment we’re supposed to receive later this month from the State-preliminary number of $14,685,000 for a balloon payment. Right now $14-million out in bonds on the project and after discussion we’re recommending we ask to accept that amount, pay off the bond and ask that the State use the remainder as part of the annual payments to pay off the debt on behalf of the Town. Twenty-One Million was approximate approved cost of the project, they’re going to cover approximately 77% of that and also get the benefit of the lump sum. That will stabilize our tax rates so the bills won’t be fluctuating radically from one year to the next. The days of getting 75/85% reimbursements are history. Right before they changed the SBA, we were told that not only were we not getting any balloon payments, that before we got our first payment it was going to be7-10 years. Now they’re paying three quarters of it up front and the rest will be a joint payment with the Town and State.
Consensus of the Board to go with the recommendation. We’ll notify the State and ask them to proceed based on that.

-Government Study Committee Volunteers: Shirley – Still looking for volunteers for this important committee. Mike – It was brought up this morning at the Department Head Meeting. It’s a 7 member committee and we now have 4.

-Public Safety Committee: Rich – Questioned when the next meeting was scheduled.
Mike – Meeting was last Friday and discussed long and short term goals and focused around Gleason Court, a lot of kids, traffic and concerns. Next meeting, at Gleason Court on Wednesday around 1:45 pm to look at the bus and traffic flow for about forty-five minutes. Hoping Bob Melican (interim Superintendent) attends. Hoping to have a break down of goals for the Board after that in early April.

-Traffic Issues: Shirley – Ray Bellenoit-on Master Plan-expressed concerns about the traffic in Town and the Route 16 Corridor.

6. Adjournment- David Furno made a motion to adjourn at 7:55 pm.
Seconded – Rich Preston. All - aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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