Monday November 21, 2016

Monday November 21, 2016

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Douglas Municipal Center
Meeting Minutes
Monday November 21, 2016
Tom Devlin called the meeting to order at 7:15pm
Committee: Tom Devlin, Bob Werme, Chris Menn
Staff: Pat Aldrich, Sarah Guimond

Vacancy: There are two openings on the Committee, email or call 508-476-4000 ext 122 if interested.
Financials: Report from Town Finance Director Attached.
Meeting Minutes: Bob motioned to accept the minutes of 10/17/16 as presented, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Correspondence: Public records law update, Act to Modernize Municipal Finance and Government, Mass Dept. of Telecommunications effective competition update. Bob motioned to designate the Chairman and an alternate the Vice Chairman to review and approve bills or payment warrants with a report provided at the next meeting, 2nd by Chris, unanimous favor.
Public Channel Expansion FY17: Discussion held for next meeting.
Coordinator’s Report: Pat’s Report Attached. Bob asked Pat to double check on the Old Grammar School Dispensation Committee meetings to make sure it’s not an automated posting, and is still an active group. Bob made a motion to donate the video projector to the Town Library, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.
Equipment: Pat is researching recording units for all recording rack units. Pat gave a report of the completed Capital item “Resource Room AV Upgrade”, a timeline update on the Tightrope Playback Server with an install date of 1/4/17. Pat submitted a proposal for an iPad for administrative purpose and possibly to replace the current meeting video cameras, to be considered for a future purchase.
Next Meeting: Monday, 12/12/16
Adjourn: Bob motioned to adjourn at 7:53pm, Chris 2nd, unanimous favor.

Meeting packet materials for this meeting, including "attached" documents, can be found here:
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