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LOCATION: Community Meeting Room CRA: Angie Coe
Present: Cemetery Commissioners Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary; Laurie Church, Treasurer
Guests: Betsy Youngsma

Meeting is called to order at: 7:05 pm
WATER TURN ON: It is agreed by the Commission that they will ask to have the water turned on in Douglas Center Cemetery the Friday prior to Memorial Day.
Shirley brings up extending the waterline in the Douglas Center Cemetery to reach the new part of the Cemetery; adding either a sprinkler system or soaking system on a timer. It will mean conserving water and labor. Debby also gave Laurie the water bill.
PLANS FOR 2017: Debby explains that she wants to continue digitizing. Betsy Youngsma also suggests that the library should have a copy of the binders. Debby explains to Betsy that what she is doing is just putting the basic information onto a flashdrive, in alphabetic order for quick reference. / Tree Removal in DCC. Debby suggests that she and Laurie do a walk about of the Cemetery to make a list and possibly place a “mark” on the trees that are to be taken down. / Assess rods & gate around Wallis graves/Betsy Youngsma asks what cemeteries we are responsible for. Shirley names DCC; Pine Grove and South Street. Betsy then suggests an index of the Friends Cemetery.
Betsy tells the Cemetery Commission that the wall that was just fixed, by the brown house is down. She says it looks as if they could just be placed back in; the hill behind the John & Submit Dudley Stone is eroding and signs of erosion around the crypt. These issues will be looked into when the walk about is done.
CORRESPONDENCE: Notice received that Robert “Willy” Wilson passed away. Debby will sign on line guest book on behalf of the Commission.
Betsy Youngsma explains to the society about the Association of Gravestones. That a yearly membership is only $60. Debby is currently receiving the newsletter.
NEXT MEETING: May 23, 2017, 7:00 pm
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