BOS - July 27, 2017

BOS - July 27, 2017

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June 27, 2017 - BOS Minutes - Interviews.pdf
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June 27, 2017
Approved August 1, 2017

Call to Order

Chairman Kevin Morse called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM in the Resource Room of the Municipal Center.

Board: Kevin Morse (Chairman), Tim Bonin, David Cortese (Vice Chairman-Absent), Hal Davis, Mike Hughes (Recused), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant)
Other Staff and Citizens: None

• Pledge of Allegiance (00:11)

• Chairman’s Announcements (00:33)
There were no announcements.

1. Interview-Matthew Wojcik (00:42)
In the packet are interview questions and sample interview questions.
Mr. Wojcik joined the meeting. He was the Town Administrator (TA) in Tiverton until last Friday. He is originally from Cumberland, RI. The Tiverton BOS invited Mr. Wojcik to re-apply when his three-year term expired, however he chose not to.
Mr. Morse asked if Mr. Wojcik has had experience working with a municipality in a financial situation such as Douglas’ situation. Mr. Wojcik replied that he was the Economic Development Director and Human Services Director in Woonsocket for only 4-5 weeks when the City declared bankruptcy. They went through the budget line by line, went to collective bargaining negotiations, privatized the senior center, etc. Tiverton was also in a dire financial situation. He stated that, in the short term, a municipality needs to understand its benefits structures, how purchases are made and how to negotiate contracts.
Mr. Davis asked what Mr. Wojcik has done for Economic Development in Woonsocket. Mr. Wojcik replied that a plan should include a realistic target, the build-out capacity, and what the community has in abundance. Target companies and find a way to encourage them to settle in Douglas. Also needed to be known is how do all the pieces fit into quality of life. Mr. Wojcik stated that he is trained in strategic and financial planning for large companies.
Mr. Davis commented that Mr. Wojcik does not have experience with Massachusetts municipalities. Mr. Wojcik stated that his style is to work with other people, so he would be looking to leverage Douglas’ talent. Also, he is very familiar with the bedrock principals of municipal government in the United States.
Mr. Wojcik’s management style is to have bi-weekly staff meetings and an open door policy, for staff and the public. In response to Mr. Morse’s question on how he deals with conflict among colleagues, Mr. Wojcik replied that he went to college to be a diplomat, and he practices de-escalating and disarming situations to get to common ground.
Mr. Wojcik asked the BOS what topics they would like a TA to address. Mr. Morse stated that he would like to re-explore the formation of a Dept. of Public Works in order to qualify for grant money to build infrastructure. Mr. Davis agreed and Mr. Bonin spoke to the quality of life in Douglas.
A brief recess was called at 6:43 PM.

2. 7:00 PM Interview-Christopher Sandini (52:44)
Mr. Sandini joined the meeting. He started his career as a municipal auditor and worked in Hudson for twenty years. He is currently a Finance Director in Hopkinton. Douglas’ difficult financial situation is what attracted him to Douglas. He feels he can find new revenue sources, put together new initiatives and put together a budget as he did in Hudson when they were in a situation similar to Douglas. He feels he has a varied knowledge of municipal operations.
Mr. Davis asked Mr. Sandini for some examples of how he might increase revenues to the Town. Mr. Sandini replied that he would work closely with Economic Development and use knowledge he obtained in Hudson. The goal of economic development is to put industry and commercial development in areas that are not central to the town, but accessible to the highway system. He feels a Master Plan is a good way to start down that road and know what the community wants.
Mr. Sandini stated that he has experience with grants as an auditor and with his work in Hudson. Mr. Sandini stated that he is looking for a long-term engagement.
Mr. Morse spoke to the strengths of Douglas’ Finance Director. He asked if it would be difficult for Mr. Sandini to step back from that role and take on the role of a TA. Mr. Sandini does not anticipate any problems in that area.
Mr. Sandini stated that his management style is as consensus maker. He enlists input from department heads in order for them to be invested in the solution. He would hold, at a minimum, monthly meetings with department heads. He has an open door policy.
Mr. Bonin asked how Mr. Sandini handles conflicts. Mr. Sandini replied that conflict needs investigation, depending on the seriousness, and a resolution may rise to the level of the BOS. To resolve conflict, Mr. Sandini always listens to both sides, gets an understanding of the situation and goes about getting a solution. He feels this is part of the job.

3. Adjournment (34:36)
Mr. Bonin made a motion at 7:31 PM to adjourn. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. All-Aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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