BOS - August 15, 2017

BOS - August 15, 2017

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Board of Selectmen
August 15, 2017
Municipal Center Resource Room

7:00 PM

• Call to Order
• Pledge of Allegiance
• Chairman’s Announcements
• Citizen’s Forum

1. Jon Juhl Associates – Old Grammar School

2. Pack 134 Soap Box Derby – Churchill Road

3. Ratify North Street Wall Contract

4. Ratify Highway Snow Blower Contract

5. Minutes: August 1, 2017, Regular and Executive Session

6. Town Administrator’s Report

7. Old/New Business

8. Executive Session

9. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items

Sept 5th:
Special One Day License – Grille on Main, One Day License - Octoberfest

TBD: Tax Rate
August 15, 2017 - BOS Minutes.pdf
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August 15, 2017
Approved September 5, 2017

Call to Order

Chairman Kevin Morse called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Resource Room of the Municipal Center.

Board: Kevin Morse (Chairman), Tim Bonin (Absent), David Cortese (Vice Chairman-Absent), Hal Davis, Mike Hughes, Matt Wojcik (Town Administrator), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant-Absent)
Worcester East Side Community Development Corporation: Donna Warshaw (Technical Director), and Stephanie Booker (Development Manager)
Other Staff and Citizens: Atty. Rich Bowen, Jon Juhl (JNJUHL Associates), Ed Nunes (Nunes Trabucco Architects) and other staff and citizens.

• Pledge of Allegiance (00:12)

• Chairman’s Announcements (00:32)
There were no announcements.

• Citizen’s Forum (00:34)
No citizens came forward.

1. Jon Juhl Associates-Old Grammar School (OGS) (00:41)
In the packet is bidder information, a memo from the Old Grammar School Committee dated 5/12/17 and their report dated 4/27/17, a memo from William Cundiff dated 8/10/17, and other related information and bid documents.
Mr. Juhl, Mr. Ed Nunes, Ms. Warshaw and Ms. Booker joined the meeting. Mr. Juhl stated that they are proposing the redevelopment of the OGS into 36 affordable housing units; 12 in the existing building and 24 in the proposed three-story addition.
Ms. Warshaw gave the background on Worcester East Side CDC and its projects. Mr. Juhl gave the background on JNJUHL Associates and their projects.
Mr. Ed Nunes gave a presentation on the project. It will likely be a tax credit project, meaning that the existing school will be restored in kind. They are proposing adding a portico on the front of the existing building and adding a new complimentary building with additional units behind the OSG. There will be 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, with the majority being 2 bedroom units. They are proposing 54 parking spaces. Mr. Juhl stated that there is a buffer between the abutting neighbors. The bulk of the financing will come from the State and Federal Government.
Mr. Davis asked about tax revenue for the Town. Mr. Juhl does not have that information. The BOS was concerned about the effect of the project on the Town’s budget. JNJUHL has offered $50,000 for the building and Mr. Juhl feels that Water/Sewer and fees would be in the range of $100,000. Mr. Morse explained the impact of additional students on the school budget. Mr. Juhl stated that they could investigate Chapter 40b for family projects which offers educational subsidies for children for the town. Mr. Davis feels that those subsidies are critical. Mr. Juhl stated that they can work with DHCD to approve a provision that 70% of the units are given preference to current Douglas residents.
The BOS asked Mr. Juhl to come back to the BOS with financial impacts to the Town. Mr. Morse would like Sen. Fattman and Rep. McKenna to be at that meeting as well.

2. Pack 134 Soap Box Derby-Churchill Road (29:19)
In the packet is a letter from Tony St. Pierre and related emails.
Mr. Morse stated that the Pack is requesting temporary closing of Churchill Road on Saturday, August 26, 2017 from 10 AM – 3 PM for the running of the Soap Box Derby. This was done last year. Mr. Morse read the request. There have been no objections from residents, however one neighbor was unable to be contacted.
Mr. Davis made a motion to approve the request to temporarily close Churchill Road for the Soap Box Derby as presented. Mr. Hughes seconded the motion. All-Aye.

3. Ratify North Street Wall Contract (31:29)
In the packet are Agreements from Kenfick Corp. and related materials.
Mr. Wojcik stated that it is necessary for public safety to replace aspects of the North Street bridge’s retaining wall as masonry aspects are separating from the structure. The Town Engineer’s original estimate was roughly $114,000. The project went out to bid and the lowest qualified bid was from Kenfick Corp. at $144,000. Mr. Wojick explained that the bid is well within acceptable tolerances for the unit prices. He stated that the State has approved funding at the level of the estimate. Paperwork has been submitted to the State for funding at the level of the low bid.
Mr. Wojcik presented recommendations for Kenfick Corp. The goal is to complete the work before winter. There may be some traffic disturbances for school traffic, which has been discussed with the school administration. This project will absorb most of the Chapter 90 funding for the year.
Mr. Hughes made a motion to authorize the Town Administrator to ratify the contract with Kenfick Corp. as presented. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. All-Aye.

4. Ratify Highway Snow Blower Contract
Mr. Wojcik stated that there were four bids on the attachment. The lowest qualified bid was $83,000, which includes a bolt-on curb protector, a hydraulic folding spout and wireless controls for the operator. The bid is within budget.
Mr. Hughes made a motion to authorize the Town Administrator to ratify the contract for the Highway snow blower in the amount of $83,000 as presented. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. All-Aye.

5. Approve Minutes: August 1, 2017 and August 1, 2017 Executive Session
Mr. Hughes made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 1, 2017 regular session BOS meeting and approve and retain in their entirety the August 1, 2017 BOS Executive Session meeting minutes as presented. Seconded by Mr. Davis. All-Aye.

6. Town Administrator’s Report (38:54)
Mr. Wojcik stated that he has requested the date of November 6, 2017 from the Town Moderator for the Fall Town Meeting for financial business. The Moderator has tentatively agreed. Mr. Wojcik will be sending memos to department heads for their requests for Town Meeting.

7. Old/New Business (39:52)
Old Business: There was no old business.
New Business: Mr. Davis asked if there have been any issues at Wallum Lake. Mr. Morse has spoken with Police Chief Foley who stated that the summer has been relatively quiet. Mr. Wojcik stated that no complaints have been submitted to his office.

8. Adjournment (41:52)
Mr. Hughes made a motion at 7:42 PM to adjourn. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. All-Aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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