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Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm
Present: Commissioners Shirley Cooney; Debby Heinz and Laurie Church
No Guests present at meeting

Minutes 5/21/17: Debby makes motion to accept 5/21 minutes as written. Laurie seconds; motion is moved.
Douglas Center Cemetery Walk About: Laurie explains that in the back row of cemetery by hill that is next to new part, there are guard rails (cement) lined up along the hill. She is questioning if there is a need for them or were they just put there? Debby will call John Furno and inquire. / It is reported that there is currently 5 water spickets. Shirley suggests putting 2 more in the new area of the cemetery near the road. There is questioning if there is indeed anymore burying done in the old part of the cemetery as there is one whole section that currently has no one buried in it. Are those indeed graves not used, is it left like that for a reason? Debby suggests contacting Tony St. Pierre re. the boy scouts helping out with the clean-up program that has been discussed previously. Debby will also contact girl scouts.
Little Brown House: Debby and Laurie went to check on the stones in the screen house. While walking the property, Debby found what appear to be a gravestone along with a grave marker that men/women receive for serving in the military. Debby will talk to Adam Furno.
Remaining Mowing Budget: Laurie will contact A&B and inform them of the mowing budget that they have left until the end of the budget year (6/30/17).
Laurie writes up voucher for mowing invoice received. All Commissioners sign it. She will place in Accountant’s mail slot.
Next Meeting: 7/25/17
Adjournment: Debby makes motion to adjourn; Laurie seconds. Motion is so moved.
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