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AUGUST 15, 2017
Location: Kitchen CRA: Tess Worme

CTO: 7:10 pm
PRESENT: Commissioners: Shirley Cooney, Chairwoman; Debby Heinz, Secretary; Laurie Church, Treasurer. GUESTS: Betsy Youngsma and Sean Aldrich
Commission reviews minutes from 6/21/17 meeting. Debby Heinz motions to accept minutes as written. Laurie Church seconds motion; motion is so moved.
CLEAN UP STATUS: The commission discusses doing another walk about checking to see if any other symbols are on stones that represent a particular organization and we can contact them in regard to the perpetual maintenance of the plot(s). Shirley explains that she has contacted the Masons and has been speaking with Dave Peterson in regard to cleaning up and maintaining the Sibley plot (possibly more after next walk about) in the South Street Cemetery as he was a member of the Masons. Symbol is on the stone.
FULL CIRCLE UPDATE: As of time of meeting, Shirley had not yet heard from them.
LOAM: Laurie informs Commission that the loam/manure mixture is to be delivered to the Douglas Center Cemetery. It will be discounted as Not for Profit Organization. Total Cost will be $990.00
ADDITIONAL SPICKETS: Shirley is going to call the Water Department to find out what the cost would be for two more spickets and would the charge be from our budget. John Furno has already said that it would not be a problem to use the backhoe.
GUESTS: Betsy Youngsma has asked that the binders, indexing the South Street Cemetery, be stored in the library. As per Shirley, we will first have to contact the DAR asking them if they would mind as they were a gift to us from them. We will contact her when we are notified. Until that time, the books will remain in the E.N. Jenckes Store Museum, put there by Ginger Petraglia, when she did not run for reelection to the Commission. She then asks for a key to the file cabinet as she was looking for the binders she gave us when she indexed the Douglas Center Cemetery. Debby Heinz informs her that she does not need a key. All she had to do was contact one of the Commissioners and she could have had access to those binders at any time. Betsy asks that these binders be stored in the library as well. Shirley explains that the same procedure applies. She then informs the Commission that she also wants the binders from the Pine Grove Cemetery stored in the library. Debby then explains that they are currently in the hands of the DAR and that the Commission will contact them regarding those as well. Debby also explains that those binders were a Senior Class Project of a former Douglas student. We have to contact her. / Sean Aldrich, co-chairman of the Historical Commission, would like that the two committees occasionally get together and let each other know what the other is working on, doing. Shirley also suggests that we include the Historical Society in this as well. Everyone is in agreement.
ADJOURNMENT: Debby motions to adjourn & Laurie seconds. Motion is so moved.
Meeting adjourns at 7:55 pm
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