BOS - April 11, 2006 Workshop

BOS - April 11, 2006 Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
April 11, 2006

1. Call to Order

2. Workshop - Annual Town Meeting

3. Adjournment
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop Minutes
April 11, 2006
Approved October 3, 2006

** Tape inaudible majority of the meeting.

- Call to Order: Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the Workshop to order at 6:30 pm at the Municipal Center.
In Attendance: Paula Brouillette Vice-Chair, Richard E. Preston, David Furno, Executive Administrator Michael J. Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane
Others present: Mitch Cohen Capital Committee Chair, T&G Reporter-Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson

- Draft Warrant (Handout 4-11-06):Mike – Review changes made.
Article 7C. Library – Originally a 2 part article. The second part (per Town Accountant) is now
Article 7E. #2. The $300- stated is what they take in.
Article 9. Capital Improvement Plan – Ch90 Funds ($216,000) to be used are for time sensitive items. Projects listed at the bottom will be considered in the future year and some because of their size, considered for debt exclusions in the next two years.
Stabilization $404,737 and $10,000 in the surplus from the post office renovation project.
Article 17. Mutual Aid Agreement – Town Counsel recommended changing authorization to the Board of Selectmen as opposed to the Board of Health. Mike has made them aware.
Article 18. Building & Facilities Construction Committee Bylaw – Probably a dozen minor changes recommended by Town Counsel, no change to #10.
Article 20. Master Plan – Zoning Bylaw Change – Actual borderline on the map is slightly off.

-Shirley- asked for the Boards’questions/comments on any of the Articles.
Article 8. Acceptance of Easements – Mike – New article added.

Compensation Plan (3% COLA included) Mike – Personnel Board recommended.
Motion - Rich Preston made a motion to approve the 3% COLA.
Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All – aye. Abstain – Dave Furno.

Motion to approve the Warrant- Rich Preston as presented. Seconded – Dave Furno.
All – aye.

Motion to approve the Warrant for the Annual Town Election - Dave Furno.
Seconded – Rich Preston. All – aye. (All signed)

- Net School Spending Budget- (Handout Reviewed) Mike – Two aspects to look at: Actual Appropriation and Schedule 19 Costs. Significant increase in insurance noted. Mike sent the numbers to the Superintendent today and FinCom has them.

- FY07 Over ride Impact (Handout Reviewed) Mike – No questions or comments.

- Recertification of Free Cash Letter (Handout Reviewed) Mike – sent a formal request to DOR based on a nine month BAN from UniBank for the purchase of school land in FY05.
- Estimated Local Receipts (Handout Reviewed) Mike – Comfortable with estimates through discussions with Town Accountant.

- Email from Town Accountant (Handout Reviewed) Mike – received from Jeanne Lovett and cc: Pam Holmes FinCom Chair stating reconciled balance in Stabilization $2,178,477.13 as of June 30, 2005.

- Board of Assessors Letter (Handout Reviewed) Mike – requesting transfer of funds for

- Norfolk County Agricultural H.S. Letter (Handout Reviewed-just received) Mike – has spoken to the Chair of the FinCom regarding the request of the H. S. Superintendent to split the tuition rate of $17,527.00. Mike also contacted the DOE for clarification. No specific agreement with this school. (Will discuss later with FinCom)

- Draft Budget (Handout Reviewed-Most Recent/Up to Date) Mike -
Front page: No dramatic changes, FY07 recommendations with and without override. Using some of the monies from the sale of the Chamberlain Land.
First page: Slight change in Assessors wages-step increase.
Second page: ZBA-wage increase.
Third page: FY07 BOS recommendations with and without override, Police and Fire wage error corrected, two additional positions.
Fourth page: Veterans–line change per Town Accountant.
Fifth page: Education/Douglas Schools-FY07 BOS recommendations with and without override.
Net School Spending increasing.
Health Insurance increase-hiring new employees.
There will be about a 4 ½% increase in the school budget if it does not pass. Town Meeting options discussed. Take a look at salary increases. Expenses exceeding revenues.

- Executive Administrator’s Annual Evaluation (Handout): The Board agreed to use the same forms as last year. Shirley requested they be brought to the meeting on the 18th.

- Webster Water/Sewer Issues: Mike – spoke to the Town Manager in Webster.
Consensus-Mike to send letter to Webster Board of Selectmen interested in future discussion

- Government Fair April 12 & 13-New High School Auditorium reminder-Including Teen Town Meeting

- Personnel Bylaw: Shirley – She and Mike discussed the controversial issue at the STM. The consensus was to discuss with the Personnel Board in May and stress the Boards’ feelings of where they should be going, the matrix, how they reviewed and details from surrounding communities. We did meet with them, expressed our concerns and still wanted to go forward. Paula – Sometimes energy goes in non-productive ways. Hoping to work with the Personnel Board and make the great work they’ve done be more productive. They did an incredible amount of work and a great job. Most of the people on that Committee are new and never had the opportunity to present to Town Meeting. Rich – Need to have a smart, thoughtful and comprehensive presentation.

Moved to FinCom Meeting at 8:00 pm.

FinCom: Pamela Holmes Chair, Todd Bari Vice-Chair, John Bombara, Jerome Kocur, Mike Hughes, Thomas Rochon and James Roche
Others: Scott Medeiros

- FinCom (Handout):”What is the Role of the Finance Committee”

- Mike reviewed his Budget Handouts

- Pam – Requested a breakdown of Police spending.

Adjournment- Paula Brouillette made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 pm.
Seconded – Dave Furno. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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