March 27, 2018 Finance Committee meeting

March 27, 2018 Finance Committee meeting

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A meeting of the Finance Committee (FC) was held on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 in the Municipal Center. Mr. Hogan called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM.

PRESENT: Ryan Hogan (Chair), Eric Chamberland, Howard D’Amico (Vice Chair), Carol Gogolinski, Pamela Holmes, Michael Hutnak, Leigh Lahousse, Cynthia Shurick
NON-VOTING: Matt Wojcik (Town Administrator), Jeanne Lovett (Finance Director)

-Police Department
Chief Nick Miglionico joined the meeting. He gave an overview of the Police Dept., which has 15 full time officers and 10 part time officers. There are seven vehicles, one of which is a 2008 Crown Victoria. They are scheduled to replace two vehicles in each of the following three fiscal years. A discussion was held regarding replacing one vehicle/year instead of two vehicles/year.
The 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM shift should have three people, but only has two. State Police and surrounding towns would be called in for back up should it be needed. The calls for services are increasing.
Chief Miglionico next reviewed the budget. He is asking to add one police officer in FY21 and another in FY23. He has used 2100 hours of overtime/year over the last three years, therefore he added 150 hours this year. Every officer is required to have at least 40 hours of training. A lot of training is done online.
-Ambulance and Fire Departments
Chief Kent Vinson joined the meeting. He stated that the cardiac monitors have been purchased, installed and are in use. The department has 22 firefighters, 5 are paramedics, 8 are EMTs, and there is 1 Hazmat Technician. Last year, there were 300 fire calls, 926 ambulance calls (a 0% increase), 328 inspections, and 274 burning permits. In January of last year, staff was increased to allow 24-7 coverage. Their response time is now between 5-6 minutes, which is down from 15 minutes. A 1500 gallon rescue pumper was added last year.
Chief Vinson presented the Fire Dept. budget. He increased the budget lines for training, conferences and repairs. Discussions were held regarding overtime and staffing. Chief Vinson next reviewed the expenses.
Chief Vinson next presented the Ambulance budget.
-Water and Sewer Departments
Bob Sullivan joined the meeting and presented the Sewer budget, which includes a 1.5% COLA increase and, other than that, there are not many changes from last year. The department is short-handed. There are two vacancies in Sewer and one in Water. Mr. Sullivan reviewed the expenses. Health Insurance increased by $12,000.
The Water Department budget also includes a 1.5% COLA increase, is level funded and is up 0.67% from last year.
Mr. Sullivan submitted four project requests to the Capital Committee. Other projects are funded through his department.

Mr. Wojcik distributed the FY18 budget, the department head requests, the Board of Selectmen’s FY19 budget draft, the Town Administrator’s five-year plan, and a draft FY19 budget with a $1.5 million Proposition 2.5 (Prop 2.5) override. Mr. Wojcik disclosed all his assumptions. Even if a Prop 2.5 override passes, after five years, Free Cash will again be needed to balance the budget, and availability of Free Cash is not guaranteed.
Mr. Wojcik stated that the Board of Selectmen (BOS) unanimously agreed in principle to place a $1.5 million Prop 2.5 override question on the ballot. They need to take two specific votes to place the question on the warrant and on the ballot.
Discussions were held, including the odds of a Prop 2.5 override passing, the possibility of asking for less than $1.5 million, and how the FC should present its recommendations for the BVT and the Municipal budget.
A discussion was held regarding how the FC proceeds from here. On April 3, 2018, after the joint meeting with the BOS, the FC will discuss the non-budget articles of the warrant. All department heads have been asked to attend the public hearing on April 10, 2018. The FC will vote on the budget and the warrant articles on April 10, 2018, after the public hearing.

There were no Reserve Fund transfers.

There were no vouchers to review.

5. MEETING MINUTES: February 13, 2018
Ms. Holmes made a motion to accept the February 13, 2018 Finance Committee meeting minutes as presented. Mr. Chamberland seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.

New Business: The library will present on April 9, 2018. Mr. D’Amico asked them to present the most minimal budget necessary to keep the library open. Mr. Hogan asked to know Mr. Snook’s vision for the library going forward, if it were fully funded. Mr. Snook expects the library’s line item to be zero if the override does not pass.
Old Business: The next meetings are 4/3 (joint meeting with BOS), 4/9, and 4/10 (public hearing). A meeting will be posted for 4/11/18 in case it is necessary.

Ms. Holmes made a motion at 9:55 PM to adjourn the Finance Committee meeting. Mr. Chamberland seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.

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