BOS - June 6, 2006

BOS - June 6, 2006

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
June 6, 2006

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Appointment of Highway Superintendent

5. Town Use: Girl Scouts – Resource Room

Women’s Council – Senior Center

Douglas Junior Class – Fire Station

6. Town Use Sign Off Memo: Police Chief Patrick Foley and
Fire Chief Donald Gonynor

7. Administrators Report

8. Old / New Business

9. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items
June 20th:
CORI Workshop – 6:30 pm
Annual Appointments
Adopt Sting Policy
Adopt CORI Policy
Limousine License – 7:15 pm
Liquor License Transfer – 7:30 pm Tentative
Minutes – May 10, 2006

October 10th: Audit w/School

Please Note: Times are estimated unless denoted as a Hearing
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2006
Approved November 6, 2006

 Informational Workshop:
Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski
called the workshop to order at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Mitch Cohen, David Furno, Mike Hughes and Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski

Mike discussed the following:- Highway Superintendent Appointment: Recommendation tonight pending the contract and salary discussion. Consensus of the Board: Agreeable with a 3 year contract.
- Drainage Issue Yew Street- Met with Bill Cundiff and Pete Tetreault. All agreed Bill will do a survey limit to be completed in 4-8 weeks and then look at a plan of action. Monies will come from Community Development funds.
- Public Safety Committee / Gleason Court Trial Closure
- D.A.R.E. Graduation- Chief Foley informed it’s Thursday at 6:30pm at the Middle School
- Water/Sewer Department:Disposal of 1973 Chevy Pick-up Truck &1970 Bolens Tractor
- Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District Letter
- Octoberfest Committee Request-Trailer storage near old fire barn on Cottage St.
- Wallum Lake Terrace-Safety Committee issue regarding horses traveling on a road in that area. If a private road the residents requested it be closed off for safety reasons.

- Certificate of Appreciation: Shirley – Dick Downs has been working for the Town since 1972 or 1973 and decided not to be reappointed. She will try to get a certificate from Senator Moore and Representative Kujawski and present it on the 20th with Conservation attending.
Consensus of the Board: Present the certificate.

1. Call to Order:
Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski
called the meeting to order in the Resource Room.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Mitch Cohen, David Furno, Mike Hughes and Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski.
Others: John and Christine Furno, Joel Rosenkrantz. Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson

2. Chair Announcements: Shirley
- Thanks to the Veterans for the Memorial Day parade. It was an honor to march with them.
- Our Vice-Chair Paula Brouillette was recently honored by the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor with a Corridor Star Award for her efforts to promote the 4-Town Group. She will be getting another award this Thursday. Congratulations and thanks for representing us.
Paula – thanked all 4 towns and stated it wouldn’t have happened without all the participation and encouragement involved. The last three years has been a pleasant experience.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No one came forward.

4. Appointment of Highway Superintendent (Handout): Mike –
read his Memo to the Board he had received one application from the Highway Department employees and recommends the Board appoint Mr. John Furno as Highway Superintendent for the Town of Douglas. After discussion with Town Counsel regarding the actual term of appointment, a three year contract can be signed if that’s the decision of the Board. I would recommend the actual appointment be done after the conclusion of the execution of the contract -Counsel recommended would be a one page document essentially stating “Term of Service” and “Starting Salary” signed by the Board and John Furno-which can be done on the 20th.
Discussion: Pleased John is willing to continue on, it can be done as more than a one year contract, Personnel Board officially signed off and approved on May 22nd of this year, the job description. Get a legal document with an understanding what it is we’re doing with this contract so that in three years when this comes up for renewal there will be some paper trail of the process we went through since it is non-standard compared to what Mass General Law would have for that position. Appointment will be July 1st. Right now the classification of Highway Superintendent is an M-5 on the compensation schedule. Usually standard of a new hirer is Step-1 of that grade, anything higher will be based on special or unusual considerations which the Board will consider. Amount he’s making presently as an Interim, what the amount is M-5 Step-1 and what he’s asking for. Comparable size towns, salaries including over time.
Contract: Basically cover the term of appointment, specific time frame of the contract, starting salary of the position, including discussions and review of the term contract with: Mike, Town Counsel, the Board and Mr. Furno. Mike will get John’s feedback before the meeting.
Consensus of the Board: To have a three year contract. The Board will not vote on it until we have a contract agreement and a salary agreement. Hopefully it will take place on the 20th.

5. Town Use (Handouts read by Shirley):
Resource Room – Girl Scouts: Wednesday, June 14th, for parents of new scouts.
Motion - Paula Brouillette move to approve the use of the Resource Room by the Girl Scouts on June 14th as presented. Seconded - Mitch Cohen. All – aye.
- Senior Center – Women’s Council Meetings: Second Thursday from 6:30-9pm of the following months (Sept., Oct., Nov., 2006, Mar., Apr., May, June 2007).
Motion–Mitch Cohen move to approve as presented. Seconded–David Furno. All – aye.
- Fire Station – Junior Class: Saturday, June 10th from 8am-3pm. Car wash for class of 2007.
Motion - Mitch Cohen move to approve as presented. Seconded - Mike Hughes. All – aye.

6. Town Use–Sign Off Memo: (Handout):Mike – read the memo to the Board and Town Clerk regarding trying to streamline the process with comments received from Police Chief Patrick Foley and Fire Chief Donald Gonynor.
Consensus of the Board: Work on revised policy that would hand over authority of some of these typical requests to Mike for consideration of the Board. Mike – stated he would be happy to, if that is the Board’s request.
Motion – Paula Brouillette move to approve the Town Use Sign Off as presented.
Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

7. Administrators Report: Mike –
-Gleason Court:
Memo read from Public Safety Committee meeting June 5th recommends the Board approve the trial closure of Gleason Court near the Old Elementary School be changed from mid June to the beginning of September.
Discussion: Trial period originally slated for two weeks. Attempting to relieve traffic congestion on Main Street and the Post Office.
Motion - Paula Brouillette move to approve the closure of Gleason Court as defined in the Memo. Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.
-Water/Sewer Department (Handout) :Disposal of 1973 Chevy Pick-up Truck that has no value, not running since 1993 and being used for storage and 1970 Bolens Tractor that has no value and would cost more to repair. These items can be removed of no charge for scrap.
Disposal Policy – Mike: Under Mass General Law, all items that have a value of less than Five-Hundred Dollars ($500.00) can be disposed of by the Town by a vote of approval by the Board of Selectmen.
Motion - Mitch Cohen I move to approve the disposition of the 1973 Pick-up Truck and the 1970 Bolens Tractor as requested. Seconded– David Furno. All – aye.
- Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District-Letter from Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Superintendent-Director:Received another check-$89,376-in connection with the SBA Program forwarded to the Town Treasurer. A debt exclusion, we’ll hold those funds in reserve to pay the next payment when it comes due in the Fall. The State through the SBA Program is required to do an audit (view of the conditions of our schools) of all schools, approximately 1,800, received today.
-Note On a local level: Ongoing our own SBA Audit for High School and Elementary Projects and fairly close to being done.

8. Old / New Business:
Old: - 4 Town Meeting –Paula:
Public Hearing last Thursday, with land owners within the area and Daylor Consulting we’ve contracted to do some preliminary site analysis and recommendations for infra-structure improvements. Representation from the towns, discussion and recommendations how the properties will be used in the future. Hopefully have a draft by the end of summer time frame.
New: -Annual Appointments June 20th –Paula: Requested a process developed by Mike, to include information on appointments: certifications required, status and copies of certifications if available (particularly our Building Inspectors have the credentials to take on the responsibilities), recommendation from the committee or supervisor that works with that committee. A committee format, the person supervising these appointments and some understanding of attendance at these meetings. Perhaps next year have a more fully developed way to look at appointments.
-Initiative at last 4Town Meeting –Paula: This was the Board of Selectmen from the 4 Towns that get together on a quarterly basis-requesting some funds from the State to look at the feasibility of the P&W Railroad Line which currently goes through Sutton, Northbridge and Uxbridge, to ever have some commuter service. There is already a study funded for Woonsocket to Providence and going to look at the rest of the Blackstone Valley. A letter will be drafted and available at next Board meeting (the 20th) for the 4 Towns that will be sent to our Legislatures requesting funding for this feasibility study and copying the appropriate regional agencies CMRPC, Heritage Corridor, Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and other towns affected. Shirley- Discussion of a parking area for commuter rail people locally. Mitch- Other positive aspects, such as attracting visitors to the area.
-Financial Ad-Hoc Committee: FinCom Meeting June 5th –Paula and Mike attended, and Mike Hughes is on FinCom-FY08 Financial Plan discussed. Requesting a vote from the Board to put together an Ad-Hoc Committee that would be representation less than quorums from the Board of Selectmen, FinCom, School Committee, Town Accountant, Town Administrator and if anyone else needs to be part of it. To put together a preliminary FY08 Plan which does not include the one time use of revenues to balance the budget, which means specifically not to use “Free Cash”. $600,000 used this year to balance the budget, so go into FY08 with less that amount and only use one time revenues for one time expenses and to get this done by September 30th.
Mike – Good idea and need to step back and look at the macro picture over the next 3 – 4 months to see where we’re going the next 3 -5 years. Shirley – In discussion with Sen. Moore it doesn’t look like we’re getting any monies from the State until sometime in July.
Consensus of the Board to have Mike send letters requesting two people from each Board that is involved to join and then call a meeting.
-Library –Shirley suggested setting up a meeting to discuss the signage. Mike – was contacted by the Library Board of Trustees and they will be discussing this at their meeting on Monday, June 19th at 7pm so if Board members want to attend and then set up a follow up meeting to discuss the 5 Year Plan and any other issues involving the library.
-MMA Letter-Local Video Franchising Authority Shirley – Basically we want to make sure we are not having our video service taken away from us. She read the letters Mike put together to send to Senators Kerry and Kennedy regarding opposing the Stevens Bill and a letter to Andrea Nixon, Clerk of the Cable Television Division. Mitch – on the Cable Committee and has attended several regional conferences. There is a major nationwide conference next month in Boston and is a significant major concern to public access. Public Access gives the right for anyone to come in and air programming and express view points etc., and a lot of that would go away. It would have a financial impact. This would allow what’s called “red lining”- allow providers to only those areas that are deemed profitable.
Motion - Mitch Cohen move to send letters as presented and similar letters to our State and Federal Legislatures as well as to the Clerk of the Telecommunications Office.
Seconded - David Furno. All – aye.

9. Adjournment- David Furno made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 pm.
Seconded – Mitch Cohen. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

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