BOS - June 20, 2006

BOS - June 20, 2006

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Board of Selectmen
June 20, 2006

6:30 pm
CORI Workshop
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:05 pm
4. CMRPC Philip Nyberg – Award Presentation

5. Fire Chief Gonynor – Award Presentation

6. Board of Selectmen – Certificate Presentation

7:10 pm
7. Interim School Superintendent Robert Melican

7:15 pm
8. Limo License Application

7:30 pm
9. Formal Ratification of TIF for B&L Pool

10. Proposed Sting Policy

11. Proposed CORI Policy

12. Annual Appointments

13. Commuter Rail Feasibility Discussion

14. Cable Committee – Discussion

15. Minutes: April 4, 2006, May 10, 2006, and May 22, 2006

16. Chairman’s Announcements

17. Old / New Business

18. Executive Session – Contract Negotiations

19. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items
July 11th:
Proposed Zoning Changes to Planning
Aug. 1st: Chapter 61
Oct. 10th: School Audit w/School
TBD: Road Safety & Traffic Issues; Library – 5 year plan, and possible TIF

Please Note: Times are estimated unless denoted as a Hearing

Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2006
Approved December 5, 2006

 Workshops:

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the workshop to order in the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Mitch Cohen, David Furno, Mike Hughes, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane

CORI Workshop-called to order at 6:26 pm by Shirley. Suzanne (Handout) – informed of the certification process/guidelines/responsibilities from the workshop she attended. This is for licensing purposes and the CORI check can be repeated.

Informational Workshop - Mike- Donation of Office Furniture
- Library Trustee Meeting (Sign, ADA Evaluation, Ricky’s roll)
- TIF Ratification (B&L Pools)
- Financial Adhoc Committee - tentative meeting July 18th
- Letter from Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds-Inspector Appointments
- Petitions – (Read file in Board of Selectmen office)
7:03 pm Moved to the Resource Room

1. Call to Order:
Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski
called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Mitch Cohen, David Furno, Mike Hughes Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane
Others: Fire Chief Don Gonynor, John Furno, Thomas & Ginny Griffin, Philip Nyberg, Derek Brown, Shirley & Dick Downs, Robert Melican, Hal Davis,
Conservation Commission: Marylynne Dube-Chair, Leon Mosczynski, Mike Yacino, Linda Brown Brandi Van Roo,
Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson & Other Citizens

2. Chair Announcements: Shirley
- Letter from Octoberfest Committee: Confirming the date and requesting volunteers.
- Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice received by Police Sgt. Nick L. Miglionico from Westfield State College May 20, 2006. Congratulations.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No one came forward.

4. CMRPC Award Paula Brouillette - Philip Nyberg: Presented the Transportation Planning Award for 2006 in appreciation for Paula’s efforts in recognizing the value of transportation corridors and Rt 146 Four Town Group.

5. Award Presentation Fire Fighter Tom Griffin – Chief Don Gonynor (Handout): Congratulated Tom for being the recipient of the Martin H. McNamara Award (dated June 6, 2006) as outstanding student of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Firefighter I/II Basic Training Class # 011. Completing the course is both academically and physically demanding which started in January and recently ended. Chief Gonynor explained the course is extremely rigorous and commended Tom for his dedication and thanked his wife.

6. Board of Selectmen – Certificate Presentation Richard Downs - and members of the Conservation Commission- Marylynne Dube-Chair, Leon Mosczynski, Linda Brown, Brandi Van Roo: Shirley – stated Dick had decided not to be re-appointed and recognized him for serving 32 years on Conservation and two years as an alternate. She also read and presented citations from The House of Representatives and State House (N/A) offering congratulations and recognizing 32 years of service.
Marylynne – on behalf of the commission thanked Dick for serving with him and presented him with a card.

7. Interim School Superintendent - Robert Melican: Informed this would be his last meeting as he’s leaving. Thanked all for the welcome and support he received. Shirley – On behalf of the Board thanked him for a great job and stated it was a pleasure working with him.

8. Limo License Application – Mr. Wayne Lee (Handout): Suzanne – stated the application was complete. Mr. Lee explained it is actually an antique Rolls Royce Sedan for hire to be used for chauffeuring for formal occasions and garaged at his home address-8 Church Street.
Motion - Paula Brouillette motion to approve the Taxi Cab License for Wayne Edward Lee, d.b.a. Motor Carriage Company as presented. Seconded – David Furno. All - aye.

9. Formal Ratification of TIF for B&L Pool – Hal Davis (Handout): Mike – stated the TIF was approved at Town Meeting, the Board has signed it and this is to give authorization to file the paperwork with the State. Hal – informed he’s meeting next week with the Economic Assistance Coordinator to get final approval, previous packet missing the vote of the Selectmen.
Motion – Mitch Cohen move that the Board of Selectmen approve the TIF Agreement between the Town and B&L Pool Service, Inc. as presented. Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

10. Proposed “Douglas Sting Policy” (Handout):Suzanne – Informed of seminars recently attended and given by ABCC on and recommending the Town have a “Sting Policy” protecting from liability. Copy given to Police Chief Foley for his review and memo received stating the department will implement them. Requesting a policy from the Board to accept the guidelines. Whenever there is a Sting, the underage person and officer will sign them and kept on record. Mitch – emphasized the fact that the underage person taking part should look their age.
Motion – Mitch Cohen motion to accept the “Douglas Sting Guidelines”.
Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

11. Proposed “CORI Policy” (Handout): Suzanne – attended seminar given by (MMPA) Mass Municipal Personnel Association in conjunction with MIIA our insurance carrier to protect from liability, applicant/employee’s confidentiality as well as the elderly, children and disabled in our community. Granting liquor licenses allows to do “CORI” checks, must be certified, establish and adopt a “CORI Policy”.
Motion – Mike Hughes move to accept the “CORI Policy” as presented.
Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

12. Annual Appointments (Handouts):Suzanne – Letters/phone calls made to all Boards, Committee members,Chairs. Chart, responses, applications reviewed. Openings listed on cable.
Consensus of the Board - Hold approval for the Cable Advisory Committee.
Paula - confirmed for Capital and CMRPC. Mitch – confirmed Kent Vinson for Capital.
Motion – Mitch Cohen motion to approve the 2006 appointments as presented and discussed. Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

13. Commuter Rail Feasibility - Discussion (Handouts):Mike – Discussed by 4 Town Group, the possibility of starting e-rail again between the cities of Providence and Worcester and petition for a feasibility study in Massachusetts. Feasibility study to be done approved by Rhode Island. Paula – has attended a lot of the CMRPC Transportation meetings held the last two years. Major improvement of 146 recently but limited options moving east-west. Talking with Senator Moore, making sure there is a willingness of the towns to embark on this.
Motion – Mitch Cohen to approve sending the letter of support for the commuter rail from Providence to Worcester. Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

14. Cable Committee - Discussion (Handout): Mike – Requested the Board review the Cable Committee Charge for future discussion. Deferred for July 11, 2006 schedule.

15. Minutes:
April 4, 2006 – David Furno
motion to approve as written. Seconded - Mitch Cohen. All - aye.
May 10, 2006 – David Furno motion to approve as written.
Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
May 22, 2006 – Joint with Personnel Board. Mike Hughes motion to approve.
Seconded - David Furno. All - aye.

16. Administrator’s Report: Mike-
- Donation of Office Furniture –
Richard White of Douglas, comptroller of company in Westboro, shutting down.
- Building & Facility Construction Committee – still looking for people to serve, there are seven seats and three applications received. Very important committee for the future of the community. Shirley – Thanks to all the volunteers for these committees.
- Government Study Committee – started meeting last week and will have an aggressive meeting schedule through the summer. Thanked all volunteers and will be working with them through the next year or so.

17. Old / New Business:
Old: Paula –
Requested Mike schedule a meeting with EDC regarding the TIF’s and stratigies.
New: Paula – Old Pictures of Douglas: Questioned Mitch about the ones he has on disc and some printed already. Each poster he made had a past and current photo on it.
Shirley – Suggestion that the Town of Douglas (background) be painted blue and maybe Ricky can look into it. Mitch – Informed the Cable Committee has been working on lighting to rectify the problem, check to see if it can be painted.
Shirley – Martin Road Recreation Park: Informed Rep. Kujawski and Senator Moore have been contacted, trying to get funding. Information sent to them today.

18. Executive Session – Contract Negotiations: Shirley - Motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of contract negotiations and come to out of Executive Sessions for the purpose of adjournment. So moved - Paula Brouillette. Seconded - Mitch Cohen.
Roll Call Vote at 8:04 pm.: Mitch Cohen-aye, Paula Brouillette-aye, Shirley Mosczynski-aye, David Furno-aye, Mike Hughes-aye.

19. Adjournment- Paula Brouillette made a motion to adjourn at 9:02 pm.
Seconded – Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Executive Session Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2006
Approved and Released December 19, 2006

Call to Order:
Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center for the purpose of contract negotiations at
7:55 pm.
In Attendance: Paula Brouillette-Vice Chair, Mitch Cohen, Michael Hughes, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
David Furno recused himself.
Others present - Interim Highway Superintendent – John Furno

Mike – opened the Executive Session: At the meeting several weeks ago the Board decided to move forward with proceedings to appoint John Furno as the Highway Superintendent. We had an issue with the term originally. After conversations with attorney Darren Klein at Kopelman & Paige, P. C., he indicated that we could sign a 3 year agreement if both parties were willing to freely consent to do so. Also, at that time I did speak with John about the pay of the position which is classified as an M-5 on the Personnel Plan. John asked to have the opportunity to speak with the Board about this and to discuss whether Step 1 would be the starting pay or if the Board would consider some other starting pay. Mike agreed to set up this meeting and Under Mass. General Laws, the Board can go into Executive Session as this pertains to contract negotiations.

John Furno – Thanked the Board and stated he’s excited about working out a contract being a superintendent and wanted to explain why he feels the starting pay should be above the Step 1:
-I’m not sitting at the desk up there, I’m a working Superintendent. I do my delegations, but I’m not afraid to get in the trenches and do the work with the boys. We have a small crew so I’m out there shoveling, raking whatever, to get the job done that’s what it’s all about. As well as if I have to help out the mechanic.
-It’s easy to say “You’re a supervisor, just do some delegating.” Well, when there’s 6 guys, there’s only so much delegating and you’re going to have to do some physical work with the men.
-In the winter time 8,000 people are counting on you, I don’t think I could lie in bed and let the guys (6 or 7) take all that responsibility.
-I have a couple of Mass Highway Certifications for sidewalk installation as well as the Winter Blitz Program which they put on. They do have more programs through Mass Highway. It’s unlimited what you can get through them and I’m absolutely willing to continue on.
-I’ve applied for a second grant through Central Mass Homeland Security.
-Just in the 7 months on board as the Acting Highway Superintendent, I’ve got the entire department NIMS certified through the Fire Department. You have to be in compliance by January ’07. I’m willing to continue on to stay up with the times.
-There’s a lot of responsibility and liability with the position, that’s why I’m asking for a higher starting pay. If I start at Step 1, the Group Leader Mechanic will be right on my back door as far as the pay scale.
I’ve had a few letters come in through Mike, for commendations on the roads in the winter.
Mike did give me the salary survey from ’05, that’s two years behind now.

Basically what I’m asking is for the Step 6 in Grade 5 which is $73, 673.

Mike – If I may, what I would recommend is if you (Board) have questions to ask him at this time. I also might recommend, if the Board would like to caucus and discuss what John’s talked about, to discuss it amongst yourselves, then ask him to come back in.
Mitch – Hopefully we’ll be able to come to an arrangement and you’ll be able to come on board and I’m very happy Mike was able to work out a solution for a 3 year contract.

Shirley asked John to step out of the room at 8:12 pm so the Board could caucus amongst themselves.

Mike – Generally a position like this, if it’s a promotion within, under usual circumstances would be a Step 1. However it’s important to look at the whole picture. First, we should look at the agreement, MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), basically it sets up so essentially, he would fall under all the general provisions that everyone else falls under with 2 exceptions:
-The 3 year term and 30 day notice at the end of that term, if there’s not going to be a re-appointment.
-The pay itself-Step 6 is somewhat higher than normal and you have to look at how to justify it. I feel that starting above Step 1 could certainly be justified based on the fact that he’s gotten several certifications and grants. He’s extremely motivated, and stepped up very quickly to the plate and we haven’t gotten any complaints about his work performance. I’ve tried to express to him that he’s got to look long term, he’s still a fairly young man. He will probably be here for well over 10 years, so he should definitely achieve Step 10 which means he will max out the grade and will be making a very good salary.

General Discussion:
- Salary Survey for ’05 – The Douglas number for the average salary is $69,000, the third highest out of 20 similar towns that were surveyed. The pay here is very good, in the top 20 %. From a management view point, employee motivation and morale is very important. It’s the general feeling that we can’t start at Step 6, it’s just too high a starting mark for anyone when you’re just starting out in the position, Buff was here 60 years. We do highly value John’s motivation, he’s gotten several grants, our complaints have dropped to virtually nothing since he’s started and the Board should consider a Step 2 to start. Also, the Town does allow for more than 1 Step for a good review in certain cases. There are lists of certain certifications that people in these positions can get.

Mike’s recommendation – The Board to consider increasing the offer from Step 1 to Step 2 and also informing him that in the future - if he were to attain, a certain set of certifications and certain goals - we would consider at some future date a possible jump of 2 steps. Considering the good work that he has done, that’s a very defendable position even in light of our difficult financial situation.
John has the capability, motivation, personality, and intelligence to be an outstanding Highway Superintendent. He’s done a great job, we haven’t had complaints, everybody seems to be happy and the crew seems to be working well. He certainly has the support of his staff.
The Highway Department will have 7 active people, a Superintendent plus office staff and he’s aware we need to fill that other position.
In looking at the highway superintendent’s salary, there’s a fairly significant increase from what he’s being paid now and over what the mechanic is being paid. By the same token he did step in when needed and has done a good job, and I think we should recognize that.
If we started him at for example Step 1, in two years assuming that he gets a single step increase each year, and the COLA stays at 3%, he’d be making $73,112, which is just short of what he’s asking for today.
I am supportive of a Step 2 to start with, and very supportive of providing an incentive for additional certification and training for John at an aggressive level, and if he meets that, to reward him with a double Step increase. I would be comfortable discussing that with him and coming up with what those goals would be, and if he were to meet those goals, rewarding him with a double Step.

Consensus of The Board - Offer John Step 2. Mike will relay the recommendations as stated above.

John reentered the room at 8:42 pm.

Shirley - explained to John that the Board had been in deliberation and recognizes the enthusiasm and quality of the work he’s done. Again we recognize you really stepped in, done a good job and we’re really pleased with what you’ve done. At this time the Board feels that they could go no higher than Step 2-$67,398. We looked at the ‘05 salary survey and we’re the third highest compared to other towns of the same population.
John – I feel that the Board should recognize that I jumped in feet first and took the bull by the horns.
Shirley – We have to look at the bigger picture. We don’t know what monies we’re going to get from the State, and what our revenues are going to be, we’d hate to have to lay somebody off. The Highway Department needs to have another person and you currently have 2 part time secretaries.
John – BettyAnn is acting as a short term consultant because Mary Beth and I are still learning all the ins and outs with the Mass Highway stuff.
Shirley – I think that’s what the Board is looking to you to update yourself on and get more comfortable with.
John – If that’s your offer, I’m going to have to decline the position at this time. I’ll just continue my foreman duties and go from that after July 1.
Shirley – That’s too bad.
Mike – Are you sure you don’t want to take a week and think about it? The Board is meeting again next week. I think, as I talked to you before, it’s very important to think long term. Certainly, we are hopeful that you’re going to stay with the Town for many years and it’s generally pretty unusual for the Town to start people much higher than Grade 1. We went through the same situation with the Town Accountant who is very highly qualified and started her at Step 1 because of the money problems we’re having. We also did a survey and in discussions with the Board, I did say I certainly felt you should start higher than Step 1 because of the energy that you give to the position. But again, M-5 is the highest rated position in the Town and once you’re on the chart it’s got a very aggressive growth schedule.
John – I’ll think about it through the week if I have the chance.
Shirley – We hope that you would because we’re very pleased with what you’re doing.
John – I just look at Mr. Brule, great guy and everything but he earned $60,000 last year, right on my tail, and I have all the responsibility of public safety throughout the whole Town on the streets. That’s a big weight, 24 / 7, that’s what I’m looking at.
Mike – You would be starting at $7,000 higher than Mr. Brule including his overtime. Mr. Brule is at the top of his pay range. With your step increases you should average over a 5% increase per year, if the COLA increases continue as they have (which is no guarantee they will). But if history is any guideline, then within 7 or 8 years you’ll be making over $100,000 per year in that position. Something of this great importance, you should take some time to think about it.
John – I’ll think about it for a week if I could and will stop in Mike’s office on Thursday afternoon, to chat with him.
Mike – We have a workshop meeting next Tuesday (June 27th), so we could convene back in Executive Session and continue the discussion. In the meantime, come and talk to me if you have any specific questions.

John – left at 8:50 pm.

It would be exceedingly unfortunate for the Town and John if we couldn’t reach an agreement on this. We should try to work out some arrangement of having John setting certain goals related to training and certification and then providing for a double step increase-even though it’s fairly uncommon to skip steps-if the entire Board stands behind it.
If he stays in his current position, in 7 or 8 years he’ll be making approximately $62,000. If he accepts the position of Highway Superintendent then in 7 years he should be making around $100,000.

Motion – Mitch Cohen - made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 9:00 pm for the purpose of adjournment. Seconded – Mike Hughes.
Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen – aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Shirley Mosczynski – aye,
Mike Hughes – aye.

Motion to adjourn: Mitch Cohen – made a motion to adjourn at 9:02 pm.
Seconded – Mike Hughes. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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