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Official Zoning Maps

Postby Town Engineer » Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:58 pm

The Planning Board is in the process of developing "Official" GIS maps for Zoning, Aquifer Overlay, and Flood Zone so that maintenance and updates are easier and more likely to occur, as needed. A set of the DRAFT plans are available in the Community Development Department Office (or for download below). Please review the maps and provide comment & input as you may feel appropriate.

Please provide comments in writing so a record of the change may be made. Also, please provide supporting documentation (ie. town meeting votes) for the change/interpretation. Please submit Comments to the Planning Board before December 12, 2006.

DRAFT Zoning Map PDF - 1.06MB

DRAFT Aquifer Map PDF - 1.85 MB

DRAFT Flood Map PDF - 1.35 MB

DRAFT Composite Map PDF - 1.07 MB
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