BOS - March 6, 2007

BOS - March 6, 2007

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Board of Selectmen
March 6, 2007

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Junk Dealer License Application

5. Open Warrant for ATM & STM

6. Minutes: Jan. 23, 2007

7. General Budget Review

8. Administrators Report

9. Old / New Business

10. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
CERT Request, Insurance Coverage – Policy, Vine St. Sub Division, 40 B, Financial Policy, Workers’ Comp Policy, Fraud Policy, Sign, Skate Park, Layout Hearings.
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2007
Approved April 3, 2007

Informational Workshop:

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the workshop to order at 6:33pm in the Selectmen’s Office at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette–Vice Chair, Mike Hughes, Mitch Cohen, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Absent: David Furno

Mike discussed the following:

- Forest View Estates
- Library Grant
- Walmart Supercenter: Pre-opening Invitation Monday March 12th at 6:00pm
- CVS (un-officially) at the corner of North Street
- Fire Fighters Union Contract Documents (next agenda)
- Debt Schedule Tuesday, March 13th at 7:00pm with Clark Rowell: (Dean Iaccobucci-Business Manager, Nancy Lane-School Superintendent & a School Committee member-School Budget)
- Wednesday, March 7th, School Program & Daycare Changes
- Second Congregational Church Pine Gove Cemetery Transfer Approved
- Email from Mike Peterson: Brief Town Power Outage Last Night
- Safety Committee: Downtown Traffic Issues
- Budget Summary (Handout)
Shirley:-Government Day at High School (before April vacation):Approval for Rich Preston to coordinate.
-David Furno Resignation
-Eagle Scouts Awards
Adjournment - 6:58 pm and moved to the Resource Room

1. Call to Order: Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette–Vice Chair, Mike Hughes, Mitch Cohen, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Absent: David Furno
Others present: Adelle Reynolds-Building Commissioner
T&G Reporter-Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson

2. Chair Announcements – Shirley:
-Thanks to Sen. Moore
for meeting in Douglas to give the Community some information on health care that’s going on throughout the state. Information available outside Assessors and Town Clerk’s Offices and soon to be on cable.
- Eagle Scouts Awards Sunday March 4th:Attended the Eagle Court of Events with Paula. Presented a certificate from the Selectmen to Joshua Tokas, Timothy Gallagher and Richard
St. Pierre. Congratulations.
- David Furno Letter of Resignation Read: Effective February 26, 2007. Called, thanked him for his service on the Board of Selectmen and wished him well.
Motion- Paula Brouillette to accept David Furno’s resignation with regret.
Seconded - Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

Mike- Recommend the Board not have a special election to fill that post and have that vacancy filled at the annual election which is within sixty days.
Motion- Mitch Cohen so moved. Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No One Came Forward

4. Junk Dealer License Application (Handout): Hold Off - Mr. Shenian did not show. The Building Commissioner and Board had further questions and requested a site walk scheduled.

5. Open Warrant for ATM & STM (Memo): Mike- Recommending the Board vote to open the Warrants for the Annual and Special Town Meetings.
Motion - Mitch Cohen to open the Warrants for the Annual and Special Town Meetings of
May 7, 2007 and close March 30th. Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

6. Minutes: January 23, 2007 Joint with FinCom. Motion - Paula Brouillette to approve the minutes of January 23, 2007 as presented. Seconded – Mike Hughes. All - aye.

7. Budget Review (Handout): Mike- General overview of where we stand in the process. School Committee here next Tuesday to discuss their budget. Departmental budgets were due in January, FinCom currently meeting with each department, recently received numbers from the State then briefly reviewed the Revenue sheet. Budget variance of ($1,133,615) will be working on the next 4 – 6 weeks to bring to a zero variance. Discussion: Use of Free Cash for Capital Projects. There will be an article at ATM for the Towns people to review. Consider a formal Capital Board Policy that a certain percentage of revenues being reserved for Capital expenses also recommended through prior audits. Plan to bring budget books next Tuesday.

8. Administrators Report : Mike
-Forestview Estates:
Ruling received from Housing Appeals Committee, permit denied based on their decision that the permit expired after three years and they failed to request an extension. Congratulated Community Development Office, Bill Cundiff and Kopelman & Paige, P. C. (Town Counsel) for successfully arguing this appeal. A vast majority of these cases go against the municipality.
-Library Grant: Request from Board of Trustees. Submittal for a Preservation Survey Grant for $2500 which will develop a plan for preservation of historical materials in the library. Requested the Board sign a letter of support and vote to approve and sign.
Motion - Mitch Cohen to sign letter of support. Seconded – Mike Hughes. All - aye.
-Power Outage Email from Mike Peterson our National Grid Key Account Manager: At 4:47am a wood cross arm on North Street caught fire and caused an electrical fault lasting 45 seconds. The automatic system recently installed detected the problem and started its cycle. The work that’s been done is having a positive impact.

-March 13th Meeting with Clark Rowell: Go over our Debt Schedule.
-March 14th Clark Rowell here with a member of the Wellesley Building Committee to meet with our Building and Capital Committees to talk about the debt schedule and types of work the Wellesley Building Committee has done. A consultant will also be here to explain what they can do to help our Building Committees.
-Traffic Issues Downtown: Public Safety Committee met last week. Key issues of discussion inlcuded:speed, signage and lighting. Chief Foley indicated police patrol would be picked up. Discussions ongoing with Mike Peterson and the proper lighting for downtown.
-Community Sign: Ongoing. Possible location at the Fire Station on Rte 16.
Next Agenda for further discussion.

9. Old / New Business:
Old-Paula/Mike: 4 Town Meeting with Daylor Thursday April 5th-
Final plan to be presented.

New- None

-Future Agenda Items: Reviewed by Shirley.

*Mr. Shenian came into the meeting. It was explained to him Suzanne would schedule a site walk with the Board and notify him of the date. Mr. Shenian apologized for being late.

40B: Mike is working on this with Bill. Nothing ready yet to bring back to the Board.

10. Adjournment- Mitch Cohen made a motion to adjourn at 7:35 pm.
Seconded – Mike Hughes. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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