1/17/2007 - Meeting Minutes - Workshop

1/17/2007 - Meeting Minutes - Workshop

Postby Maria Lajoie » Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:42 am

TUESDAY, January 17 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Vice Chairman Ernest R. Marks, Linda Brown, Daniel Heney, Mark Mungeam, Joel Rosenkrantz, Roy Swenson, William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Ann Marie Flanagan (Administrative Secretary)

Absent: Chairman Richard Vanden Berg, Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent)

7:15 DISCUSSION: Review Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land (Review began on Page 24, “5.3 Open Spaces”)
Additions: Page 2 under “3.1 Basic Regulations…unless specified otherwise, definitions, terms and standards from the current version of the Massachusetts standard specifications for Highways, Streets and Bridges shall apply herein…” and “…details shall be developed and maintained by the Planning Board and shall be made available to the public for use a d preparation of plan submittal and construction.”

5.3 Open Spaces
Before approval of a Definitive Plan, the Board may require the Plan to show a park or parks suitably located for playground or recreation.

The Board may, by appropriate endorsement on the Plan, require that no building be erected upon such park or parks without its approval for a period of three (3) years. The Board shall not require dedication of such recreation areas without just compensation to the owner.

5.4 Protection of Natural Features
Due regard shall be shown for all natural features, such as topography, large trees, water courses, scenic points, historic spots, and similar community assets, which, if preserved, will add attractiveness and value to the subdivision.


6.1 Street and Roadway

1) The entire area of each way shall be cleared of all stumps, brush, roots, boulders, like material and all trees not intended for preservation.

2) All loam and other yielding material shall be removed from the roadway area of each street or way and replaced with common borrow or other suitable material permitted by the Planning Board.

3) All roadways shall be brought to a finished grade as shown on the profiles of the Definitive Plan with at least the top twelve (12) inches of gravel borrow conforming to Mass Highway M 1.03.0 type b compacted to 95% dry density to a width of the roadway base course plus two (2) feet on both shoulders.

4) Adequate disposal of surface water shall be provided and shall meet the standards of treatment outlined in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Stormwater Policy Manual. Catch basins shall be pre-cast concrete structures with extended base sections that are located, at low points and sags in the roadway, near the corners of the roadway at intersecting streets, and at intervals along the roadway that are determined by the contributing flow rate and the inlet grate capacities but in no instance shall they be located more than 300-feet apart from each other.

5) A four (4) inch compacted thickness of Class I bituminous concrete pavement, Type I-1, shall be placed on all roadways in conformance with the Massachusetts Highway Department Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges. Two and one half (2 ½) inches of coarse mix (binder) bituminous concrete shall be laid, then upon which shall be laid a one and one half (1 ½) inch course of fine mix (finish) bituminous concrete.

The building department shall not grant a Building Permit until the base course of pavement is installed, sidewalks are installed and grass strips prepared for loam and seeding to the satisfaction of the Planning Board. Within 21 days of a written request of the applicant the Planning Board will issue a letter to the building department documenting the developer’s compliance.

6) All unpaved areas, within the road right-of-way, and all slopes immediately adjacent to the road shall be loamed and seeded.

7) The developer shall be responsible for maintaining in good repair all roads in a subdivision until they are accepted by Town meeting. This maintenance shall include sweeping, cleaning of catch basins, repair of any settlements or cracking and adjustment of castings within the pavement. The developer shall be responsible for keeping the roads clear & accessible at all times. This shall include, but not be limited to, plowing and sanding as required for public safety. {BILL CUNDIFF TO REVISE/ADD WORDING}

8) Driveways. All driveways extending from the completed road surface to the lot line must have a topping of at least two (2) inches of bituminous concrete. All driveway slopes must end at the street right of way, then continue forward to the completed road surface in the same grade as the sidewalk strip and/or shoulder in order to allow proper drainage of surface water. The driveway apron shall be placed to form a one (1) inch lip when the final course of pavement is placed.

9) Underdrains shall be provided along the roadway in all areas where groundwater is indicated by mottles within 36" of the finished grade and where required in cuts along the right of way to ensure no ground water seeps onto the roadway or driveways.

6.2 Curbs and Berms
In instances where the Planning Board so requires, curbs and berms shall be installed in accordance with the following minimum requirements and the construction specifications enumerated herein. Curbing shall be installed in accordance with the construction standards put forth in Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges by the Massachusetts Highway Department. "Cape Cod" type bituminous berms shall be required throughout the development except where granite curbs are otherwise not required. Cape Cod berms shall be installed on top of the binder course of the pavement.

Curbs and berms shall be installed as follows on: {CUNDIFF TO REVISE/ADD THIS ENTIRE SECTION}

1. Principal Streets - all streets shall have Cape Cod bituminous concrete berms.

Type VA-4 granite shall be required on both sides of all roadways.

2. Secondary Streets [define? ….see section 3.2 #6 (page 2)] [if subdivisions are linked, do you create a principal street?]

Type VA-4 granite curbs as specified in Standard Specifications for Highways, Bridges
and Waterways as amended shall be required under the following conditions:

a) All finished grades over 5%; [why?]

b) All curb inlets for catch basins;

c) All street intersections on the curve and extending 6 feet beyond the tangent points; and

d) On all inside curves wherever the interior angle is less than 110 degrees. [clarify]

3. Residential Streets [define? ….see section 3.2 #6 (page 2)]
Cape Code type or bituminous concrete berms shall be required on all finished grades over 5%. Type VA-4 granite curbs as specified for secondary streets above shall be required on:

a) All curb inlets for catch basins;

b) All street intersections on the curve and extending 6 feet beyond tangent points; and

c) On all inside curves wherever the interior angle is less than 110 degrees.

6.3 Utilities
1) The Planning Board has the authority to require applicants to connect to public utilities, as the Planning Board deems appropriate.

2) All developments connecting to a public sewer system shall be constructed in conformance with the specifications and requirements of the Water and Sewer Department.

3) Areas reasonably available to a public water system shall be constructed in conformance with the specifications and requirements of the Water and Sewer Department.

4) The developer shall install hydrants so that all dwellings in the development are within 300 feet of a hydrant when public water is available. {CUNDIFF WILL CHECK WITH THE FIRE CHIEF ON THIS ITEM}

5) Underground distribution systems shall be provided for any and all utility services, including electrical and telephone services. Adequate street lighting shall be provided of a design subject to approval by the Planning Board when required.

At 9:30 pm, a MOTION to adjourn the meeting was made by Rosenkrantz; seconded by Mungeam. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,
Community Development Department

Ann Marie Flanagan
Administrative Secretary
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