1/23/2007 - Meeting Minutes

1/23/2007 - Meeting Minutes

Postby Maria Lajoie » Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:38 am

Chairman Richard Vanden Berg, Jr., Vice Chairman Ernest R. Marks, Linda Brown, Roy Swenson, William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent),

Absent: Daniel Heney, Mark Mungeam, Joel Rosenkrantz, Ann Marie Flanagan (Administrative Secretary)

DISCUSSION: Official Zoning Map
• Swenson and Marks to form a subcommittee to review discrepancies. Zoning Board of Appeals and Water/Sewer Department will be invited to come in and voice their concerns. A Public hearing will need to be scheduled to have ready for the May Town Meeting. Flood Plain maps also need revisions for clarity. A Public Hearing for the Flood Plain can be scheduled. There are no problems except for the area from Whitins Reservoir to Guilford of Maine Dams need to be included.

DISCUSSION: Common Driveway Bylaw
• Don Goyner (Douglas Fire Chief) was present to discuss safety issues. Several common and shared driveways have steepness or access issues. He would like to see signage for house identification at the street access point. The Chief wants to see the original draft adopted. The Planning Board will schedule for a Public Hearing.

Application for a Multi-Family Use Special Permit (Two Duplex Units)
13 Charles Street
• The Planning Board needs five members to vote on a Special Permit.
• A MOTION to continue the Public Hearing on February 13, 2007 at 8:15 pm was made by Brown; seconded by Marks. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Application for a Preliminary Subdivision Plan of Land
Entitled “Ahronian Family Subdivision”
Southwest Main Street
• Joe Marquedant was present to discuss this application. The applicant would like this to be a private way for 6 lots that are only for the Ahronian family. They are willing to put a deed restriction that the lots can only be sold to Ahronian family members.
• Swenson asked if the road is acceptable access for fire equipment. The Fire Chief has many concerns regarding this issue.
• The applicant stated that there are numerous changes in the terrain.
• Cundiff needs to see the maximum grades for the common driveway. The flood plain at the entrance was obtained by digitizing from MASS GIS. Cundiff would like the applicant to look at elevations because there is no flood study done in this area. As practical matter, flood plains follow elevations. Cundiff asked the applicant to consider investigation Flood Plain.
• Vanden Berg asked how the waivers are in the best interest of the town and not only in the best interest of the applicant. The length of the way to the furthest house is 2000 feet. 400 feet of frontage is on Southwest Main Street. Will this be a private way according to the applicant?
• The applicant will return on February 13, 2007 at 8:45 pm to present this plan to the missing Planning Board members.

• Route 16 corridor Study and Route 16 traffic related problems
• Proposed scope of work from Master plan Committee

At 9:15 pm, a MOTION to adjourn the meeting was made by Brown; seconded by Swenson. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,
Community Development Department

Ann Marie Flanagan
Administrative Secretary (notes taken by Linda Brown)
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