BOS - March 20, 2007

BOS - March 20, 2007

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Board of Selectmen
March 20, 2007

6:30 pm
Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

4. Community Sign

5. Minutes: Oct. 10, 2006, Oct. 10, 2006 Exec. Session and Jan.9, 2007

6. Administrators Report

7. Old / New Business

8. Executive Session – Contract Negotiations and Litigation

9. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items
April 17th:
Workers’ Comp Policy

TBD: CERT Request, Vine St. Sub Division, 40 B, Financial Policy, Skate Park; Layout Hearings; Fraud Policy; Insurance Coverage for Town Use Policy
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes – March 20, 2007
Approved August 21, 2007

Informational Workshop:

Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the workshop to order at 6:34 pm in the Selectmen’s Office at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette–Vice Chair, Mike Hughes, Mitch Cohen, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Tribune Reporter – Tom Mattson

Mike reviewed the following:- Mike Peterson (National Grid): Walk down Main Street to look at lighting.
- Legal Opinion for Whitin Reservoir:
Consensus for Mike to ask Town Council for opinion on Eminent Domain Powers
- E Government Award received from Common Cause
- Pine Grove Cemetery: Ownership Transfer from Second Congregational Church
- State of Local Aid Pamphlet
- Letter from Rich Preston: Government Fair Organizer
- Chamberlain Land Purchase Breakdown
- Draft: Board of Selectmen Policies
- ADA Update
- Annual Report: Available on Website
- Warrant for Annual Town Meeting: Close March 30th
7:00 pm Moved to the Resource Room

1. Call to Order: Madam Chair Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette–Vice Chair, Mike Hughes, Mitch Cohen, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson

2. Chair Announcements:Shirley – Read the 2007 E Government Award received from Common Cause Massachusetts in recognition to the Towns’ commitment to open government. Thanked Mitch for getting this on the website.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No One Came Forward

4. Community Sign (Handout): Mike - $5,000 approved at Town Meeting a year and a half ago. Several sites looked at and after meeting with the Library Committee decided not the best location. Met and spoke with the Fire Chief, Highway Superintendent and Town Engineer about putting the sign in front of the Fire Station on the corner of Riedell Road and Route 16. Recommending and requesting the Board vote to approve that location for the sign (4’ X 6’, perpendicular to Route16, 3’ off the ground, internally lit). Will need a permit, file paperwork with Conservation Commission and hopefully start in April.
Thanks to the following for their donations: Firefighters Association – $1,000 and Octoberfest – Pledged $1,000.
Motion – Paula Brouillette approve the location of the Community Sign at the front of the Fire Station as proposed. Seconded - Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

5. Minutes:
October 10, 2006:
Motion - Paula Brouillette approve the meeting minutes of October 10, 2006 as presented. Seconded - Mitch Cohen. All - aye.
October 10, 2006 Executive Session: Mike – Request you approve and not release.
Motion - Mitch Cohen approve the Executive Session meeting minutes of October 10, 2006 as presented and not release. Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
January 9, 2007: Mike Hughes approve the meeting minutes of January 9, 2007 as amended. Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

6. Administrators Report: Mike – Updates / Discussion
-Lights on Main Street:
Representative from National Grid will assist us in making recommendations to upgrade the lighting for safety at night and poor weather. Board will have to approve the lumens. Police Chief stepped up patrols downtown, Highway Superintendent working to increase visibility and repaint the crosswalks three times a year.
-Letter from Second Congregational: Deed from Pine Grove Cemetery not properly transferred to the Town many decades ago and the Town has been maintaining it for 60-70 years. Voted at their annual meeting to transfer to the Town. Requesting an article placed at town meeting for the Town to accept the transfer.
-Forum on Local Aid: Attended last Friday, hosted by Senator Richard Moore at the Oxford Library attended by about 30 town officials. Discussed where we are for FY08 and some of the Municipal Partnership legislation. His recommendation at this point is to follow House One, but to keep an eye on events in Boston. Forwarded to the School Business Manager.
-Town Government Fair April 9th - April 13th : Worked with the school and a great success last year. Mike read the letter from Rich Preston-organizer of the event, he and Julie Davis, will be meeting with the School Department tomorrow night to get approval and endorsement from School Committee. Discussed taping the Town Meeting, it is simultaneous to the Fair.
Motion - Mitch Cohen approve as presented. Seconded - Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
-ADA Study: Reviewed by Building Commissioner. Mike is in the process of reviewing the draft. Forwarded the relevant section to Library for their review. Hope to get a final version approved by end of April and bring it back to this Board for approval of the evaluation and transition plan. Send draft to Permanent Building Committee.
-Board of Selectmen Policies: After our meeting with Clark Rowell, look at putting together a draft. Hopefully have it ready in a couple weeks for the Board to review and start discussing, determine the policy for the year, revisit every year if any changes needed.
Discussed also looking at financial policies, get a baseline of key financial policies having to do with debt, stabilization and free cash. Hope to have something in a few weeks.
-Annual Town Report: Suzanne has finished compiling the report, no small effort putting that document together. It is 200 pages available on the website hard copy can be picked up by the public at the annual election. Thanked her for the hard work.
-Warrant Closing: Articles to be submitted have to be received in the Board of Selectmens’ Office by March 30th. Begin reviewing draft at the April 3rd meeting.
Town Meeting is Monday, May 7th and the Election is Tuesday, May 8th.

7. Old / New Business: Update / Discussion
Old: Shirley-
Site walk on Saturday at 10:00 am.
New: Paula- Guilford Property. Plan on having Economic Development come in and whatever we can do to assist them, it’s a very large space to be empty, sewage plant closed down. Discuss this at the next 4-Town meeting.
Consensus to have Mike send a letter acknowledging Guilford as exceptionally good corporate neighbors for such a long time.
-Paula:Financial Issues: Mike – Before the Board is asked to approve any financial policies he is working on with Clark, a draft will be forwarded to the Finance Committee and solicit their input.
Debt Levels: Something that crosses over to the Capital Committee to put together with our 5 Year Plan operationally as well as with our capital projects. We as a Board need to look at this quickly, determine what is appropriate and see if it can be paid off early. Think we should be prepared at our next Annual Town Meeting to start moving forward on smaller projects. Major renovations of two school buildings are necessary. Have a 2 ½ Over ride for debt exclusion and how it fits in a 5 year plan. Recommend Debt be put on our TBD schedule.
Updates on Financial Articles: Recent conversations on how they implemented at Town Meetings and Special Town Meetings. Recommend Mike look into how can we have a status of financial articles on both, whether it can be on our website and updated once or twice a year for residents. Shirley – Goes along with getting the certificate from Common Cause and encourages Boards (esp. Financial) to have their meetings on cable. People have no idea how much time and energy goes into these meetings.
-Budget Update: Shirley – We were trying to do this at the end of the meetings but it’s not working out. Agreed to meet next Tuesday, the 27th at 6:30 pm.
Paula - 5 Year Financial Plans: Look at our budget over this period and how far our current revenue dollars go as far as needs, met with our major departments: Highway, Police and Fire. Concerned and need to put some focus on: Information Technology area, right now it’s
part time and needs to be available on a regular basis, and a Financial Director. I know we’re looking at a financial department. As we move forward, grow and have more debt projects and a lot more activity as a community. In the DOR recommendation. Mike – Agreed the need to focus on IT more. Supportive of heading in the direction of a Finance Director, that does go back to the Government Study Committee.
Paula - Financial Team Meetings: All financial pieces were meeting on a quarterly basis. Worthwhile having that continue again, have a set agenda of items on a regular basis and get a summary of where the Town is on a quarterly basis. All agreed start meeting again and would be very productive to have the Business Manager and Clark Rowell at some meetings. Shirley – They need to look at the bigger picture and see if they qualify to get some significant financial state aid or reimbursement.
Paula - 4-Town Meetings Update: Thursday, April 5th at 7:00 pm. Location established in the next day or two. Will probably be the final draft of Phase I of the Daylor Report, then to Phase II which looks at the Towns zoning and infrastructure and work with the property owners. Co-operation and communication has been maintained the past 4 years together. All towns notified by email and will be announced at the Boards next meeting.

8. Executive Session: Motion - Mitch Cohen to go into Executive Session at 7:57 pm for the purpose of Contract Negotiations and Litigation and to come out of Executive Session for the purpose of adjournment. Seconded – Mike Hughes. All - aye.
Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen-aye, Paula Brouillette-aye, Shirley Mosczynski-aye,
Mike Hughes-aye.

9. Adjournment- Mitch Cohen motion to adjourn at 9:09 pm.
Seconded – Mike Hughes. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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