BOS - June 19, 2007

BOS - June 19, 2007

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Board of Selectmen
June 19, 2007

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:05 pm
4. Economic Development Initiative – Hal Davis

7:15 pm
5. Webster Street 40B – Ali Iqbal

7:30 pm
6. Liquor Violation Hearing – Gregory Pizza

7:50 pm
7. Liquor Violation Hearing – Douglas Village Package Store

8. Building Dpt – FY08 Budget / Proposed Permit Fee Increases

9. 43D Contract

10. Animal Control Officer Intermunicipal Agreement

11. Police Appointments

12. Whitin Lake Association

8:45 pm
13. ZBA Interviews

14. Other Annual Appointments

15. Minutes: Dec. 19, 2006 Exec. Session; Dec. 19, 2006; Jan. 16, 2007

16. Administrators Report

17. Old / New Business

18. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
[b]June 26th:
Joint w/ZBA and BOH; Health Insurance - Elected Officials
July 17th: Acquisition of Pine Grove Cemetery; Personnel Board Appointment;
Personnel Policies
TBD: Skate Park Update; Fraud Policy; Worker’s Comp. Policy; Financial
Policy;; Award Contract to Auditor
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2007
Approved February 26, 2008

1. Call to Order:Chairman Mike Hughes
called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
In attendance: John Bombara-Vice Chair, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Others present: Water/Sewer Systems Manager-Dennis Croteau, Building Commissioner-Adelle Reynolds, Jane Lanpher, Sharon Brotherton, Beth MacKay, Chris Mitchell, Marleen Bacon, Chris Furno, Pam Carter, Police Chief Patrick Foley, Economic Development Chair-Hal Davis, Maria Chesley, Town Engineer-Bill Cundiff, Atty Walter Jabbs, Eric Virostek, Carol Gogolinski and residents of Whitin Reservoir, Paul Cussons-Delphic Associates-40B Rte 16 & Ali Iqbal, Via Pritsoulis, Nicole Jussaume-Pomeroy, David Wnukowski, Dan Heney, Roy Swenson
T&G Reporter-Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter-Tom Mattson

2. Chair Announcements
Jane Lanpher-Certificate Presentation: Mike Hughes
took the opportunity on behalf of the Board to recognize the dedicated service of Jane Lanpher who is retiring next week (from the Building Department) read the Certificate of Appreciation, personally thanked her and commented that twenty years is a long time to stay in one position. A valuable asset who will be greatly missed.

3. Citizen’s Forum: Dennis Croteau came forward. Calls received recently about the odor coming from the Water/Sewer Treatment Plant two weeks ago. To put everyone at ease there was no critical failure. A new chemical was used that was supposed to be a miracle cure for a foaming problem that took three days to identify, once found out was rectified and all back to normal. The Commissioners and Department are sorry this happened, but appreciate and thanked those for noticing the problem.

4. Economic Development Initiative: Hal Davis came forward, briefed all about working with the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and informed of the meeting tomorrow morning. Paula is also involved in the effort trying to develop a Regional Economic Development Effort. Hard financially to have an independent one, makes sense to do some collaboration with maybe six or eight towns to work together and have a two or three person staff working full time that will work to bring business into the participating community that could be funded in part by grants from the State, Municipalities and the business community pooling funds together. Idea might be to have a stand alone organization housed in the Chamber Building, managed and assisted by the Chamber. Also working with CMRPC to get some potential resources and funds. Spoke with a reporter from the Worcester Business Journal-they’re going to do a story on Douglas and Economic Development, 4-Town and Expedited Permitting. The more press we get in a publication is good. Mike H Sounds like something worth pursuing. Whenever we can share resources it makes sense. If something is going to benefit Uxbridge it’s going to affect Douglas as well. Working co-operatively is the way to go.

5. MGL Chapter 43DGrant Contract Signing (Handout): Mike G Request the Board authorize me to execute the grant contract with the Commonwealth in relation to the Chapter 43D Technical Assistance Grant Application-received $150,000. Mike H Thanked Hal for the work he put into us achieving this.
Motion- Mitch Cohen authorize Michael Guzinski to sign the 43D Contract on behalf of the Selectmen. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All - aye.

6. Webster Street 40B-Ali Iqbal (Handout): Bill Cundiff, Paul Cusson & Atty Jabbs came forward. Mr. Cusson Here tonight to discuss alternative development options for Forestview Estates. Permit received for 43 single family homes on about half the site and the balance left as open space and develop it industrial as directed to do. Comprehensive Permit very poorly written, gave us engineering problems and over a period time expired, appealed to the Housing Appeals Committee the fact the permit should not have expired, endangered species studies done and got resolved. ZBA took the position I should have extended it, I took the position it was automatically done. The Housing Appeals Committee agreed with the Town, now back at square one how to develop the property. Since, zoning was changed on the parcel from ability to do residential to light industrial and told the Town we would like to develop it on that basis. Through research have come to the conclusion there is no market presently for this at this location. We would like to develop approximately half the property for residential purposes, the other half we would be glad to try to develop in conjunction with Mr. Sullivan- who owns a lot of the land in back-for light industrial for the existing zoning and possibly on the Local Initiative Plan (explained for new Board members). In brief-the Board of Selectmen basically issue what effectively is called a Site Eligibility Letter and act as basically approving the site. The developer would go to the Zoning Board with support from the local Board of Selectmen. We would prefer to develop it a cooperative fashion either under the LIP or a friendly 40B.
Bill Cundiff Over view of the property (shown on map, a 95 acre property with approximately 1000 feet of frontage on the south side of Rt 16 near the Town boundary line). Contrary to what Paul (Cusson) indicated, Economic Development Commission enlisted the service of Carter Burgess and this was ranked as primary sites for locating industry in the Town. Secondly the report generated recommended rezoning the area from the RC2, formerly zoned as, to industrial. The Town took that recommendation and rezoned a mile south of Rt 16 all industrial. Finally, the Sullivan parcel, just under 300 acres is primarily one of the development sites under 43D. The Town is aggressively pursuing industrial activity in that area. Mr. Cusson If they have a user to develop part of that site we’re not against that. We just can’t find anybody willing to do that. Mr. Sullivan through his attorney has also approached us and if we can work together one of the issues he has is access. The remaining portion we don’t have a problem working together with him or anyone else trying to develop that property for industrial purposes. Atty Jabbs The object here is to get a coordinated plan on the property, and looking for your (Boards) participation in coming up with a plan. Looking to come up with a solution, something that markets now, something that develops later on for the Town, access for the rear parcel, develop it light industrial and mixed use as in the residential and assist you with your 40B requirement. Scott Won’t dismiss it, just need more time and invite you back. Mr. Cusson looking for consensus from the Board and happy to discuss further. Issue of density is up in the air, we did have approval for 40 single family homes. John Concern of apartments and impact on the schools. Bill Benefit of apartments is we’d get credit for 100% of the units as opposed to 25% for a housing or townhouse complex.
Consensus of the Board Atty Jabbs to contact Mike G to set up a further meeting and have a member of Conservation attend to move forward.

7. Liquor Violation Hearing-Gregory’s Pizza (Handouts): Mike Hughes officially opened the public hearing at 7:33 pm on June 19, 2007. Chief Foley, Via Pristsoulis (co-owner) and Nicole Jussaume-Pomeroy (manager) came forward. Mike H read the hearing notice and swore them in. Chief Foley stipulated the facts of the investigation/violation on April 18, 2007. This is the third violation in four years. In January 2005 their license was suspended for up to three days by the previous Board of Selectmen. Ms. Pristsoulis and Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy stipulated the facts presented by Chief Foley as correct.
Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy Not sure what the conditions were, how the person was served alcohol, a fake license or the person was not carded. Several underage people (under 18) that work. Very strict with the alcohol, they can not serve alcohol, don’t handle empties, don’t stock the beer cooler, over 18 does it. Chief Foley (As documented in the report). Confirmed the under aged individual asked for a beer, was served a beer and there was no ID check, no confirmed identification. Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy stated her employer has tried several times to contact ABCC to get a scanner. When renewal for the liquor license was received instructing all employees be TIPS certified, right away made sure everyone that was over 18 was certified and all took the course. Could have been a misunderstanding, one of the under age girls took the order, passed it on to someone that can serve saying she checked the ID. The server should have checked, embarrassed this happened, but mistakes happen, apologize and accept whatever needs to be done.
Motion- Mitch Cohen to close the Public Hearing at 7:40 pm. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Motion of Finding- Mitch Cohen find that a violation did occur.
Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Discussed Sanctions:
Violation occurred, documented letter sent the next day but it’s not in the report who served. Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy stated the only people there that night were Via (Pristsoulis) and her son Nick, so it had to be one of the two of them who served the alcohol. Two girls called out that evening and it was busy. John Suggest finding a way to get a scanner. Chief Foley My previous memo to the Board two years ago when they were in violation and their license was suspended, recommended it be mandatory they card everybody. Recommend this again along with a five (5) day liquor license suspension. Punishment is so they learn and as long as they learn from the violation and doesn’t happen again we got our point across. Usually the first violation is a letter of reprimand, the second was a three (3) day and the Board went with it. It’s progressive discipline. Scott It’s important to realize you’re in a business, you have a tendency to get busy you need to realize how to control that because one mistake could cost lives. Not just your business, someone’s life and family. Chief Foley Other option in that type of business, where alcohol is not their primary source of business, have the people purchasing alcohol come up to the counter. There’s an adult there and not relying on someone under age. Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy informed they had a meeting, posted signs carding everyone under “40” since last August and if she is there, she’s the only one to serve the alcohol which is usually every night and had people leave when asked for their ID’s.
Mitch Take this very seriously and concerned that this is their third violation in four years, the last was just over two years ago. In looking at guidance from Counsel, within two years it would be acceptable for ABCC for us to suspend for 30 days, if it was the third in two years we could revoke. Five (5) day suspension is a little soft, rather in the 10 to 14 day range. They’re not sure who did the serving and it’s not their only source of income. Chief Foley Initial concern was 10 days, as long as they learn from it. Three violations in four years there’s a problem. They have to change their internal policies. Last violation was 3 days in a row. If it happens again revoke the license completely or give a 30 day suspension. Mitch Examples of policies: State that a policy is in place that is fixed, ID’s need to be checked by someone who is qualified, people need to go up to the counter and have their ID checked directly by that person so there’s no one under age serving the alcohol. Ms. Jussaume-Pomeroy It makes her nervous with those coming to the counter with others (younger), would rather go to the table(s). Mike H Also take this very seriously, personally think 14 days sounds a little harsh and maybe five (5) days doesn’t sound like enough, would recommend looking at a seven (7) day suspension. Scott Agree with the 10 day as the Chief suggested, but if everyone is comfortable with the seven (7) day and mandatory to check all ID’s regardless of age.
Motion- Mitch Cohen to suspend the alcohol license of Gregory’s for a period of seven (7) days and make it mandatory that all ID’s be checked with a starting date of July 10th. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Mike H
Emphasized how important it is not to have this happen again because the penalty next time could be loss of license.

7:55 pm
8. Liquor Violation Hearing-Douglas Village Package Store (Handout): Mike Hughes
officially opened the public hearing at 7:55 pm on June 19, 2007. David Wnukowki (owner) came forward. Mike Hughes read the notice, swore in Chief Foley and Mr. Wnukowski. Chief Foley stipulated the facts that the investigation/violation occurred on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 while conducting compliance checks of local establishments serving or selling alcoholic beverages. The 20 year old went to the Douglas Village Package store and purchased a 12 pack of Coors Light, was able to do so without having his identification checked. The next day the establishment was notified of the violation. This was the second consecutive violation of the Douglas Village Package Store.
Mr. Wnukowski Stipulated the facts as correct. It is not their intention to sell to under age people and is appalled it has happened twice in seven months to his establishment. Thought I did a good job, trained people and thought I had people that knew what they were doing. It’s a pass/fail test with no makeup. We now have a machine we’re using that scans and being much more vigilant at what we’re doing. Since the fall violation, my people have been a lot more careful and done more carding. Believe we’ve gotten a reputation over the years for carding people.
Motion- Mitch Cohen to close the hearing at 8:00 pm. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Motion- Mitch Cohen we found the violation as presented. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Discussed Sanctions:Scott
This is more difficult as this is their livelihood and without a liquor license they’re not open. Mitch Agree this is a different scenario and leaning to accepting the recommendation of the Chief of Police-a three (3) day suspension. Very serious by suspending your license we’re closing your doors for a few days and that’s going to hurt. At the same time this was the second violation in a short period of time and some suspension is appropriate. If we do a three (3) day need to figure the time frame. Chief Foley Confirmed they don’t have to be consecutive days. This is his business, his livelihood, so losing a day’s income and profits probably affects him as a three (3) day. Request up to three (3) days. Gregory’s is a restaurant and alcohol is secondary so losing their license for the seven (7) days is not going to affect them as him (Mr. Wnukowski). He has talked to Officer McLaughlin about alternatives, possibly a fine, that ABCC can impose based on their sales on a given day. Mr. Wnukowski Willing to pay a fine, I’d rather be open every day not taking money away from my employees. Mike G Have done research and the Town can not impose a fine in lieu of the suspension sanction. If the Board were to issue a three (3) day suspension he could appeal that to ABCC and they could convert that suspension into a fine. Mike H Chief’s recommendation was up to three (3) days, the first penalty a warning was sent. Because it’s his livelihood I’d be willing to consider a one (1) day suspension with the condition if it were to happen again the suspension would be much more severe than 5 or 7 days. John Feel comfortable with the action he has taken with the scanning machine and a one (1) day suspension. Mitch More comfortable with the three (3) day suspension as of July 10th ,(as given to Gregory’s) he has time to address it with ABCC and wouldn’t have a problem if they changed our ruling into a fine.
Motion- Mitch Cohen to suspend for three (3) days consecutively starting July 10th. Yeah- Mitch Cohen, Paula Brouillette. Nay- John Bombara, Mike Hughes, Scott Medeiros.
Failed Motion- Three to two.
Further discussion.
Motion- Mitch Cohen
to issue a two (2) day suspension to be served non- consecutively July 10th and July 17th and to include within our letter to ABCC that we do support the applicants conversion to a fine if he so chooses. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

Short Recess

9. Building Department-FY08 Budget / Proposed Permit Fee Increases (Handout): Adelle Reynolds
came forward. Mike G Back in early spring the Board took a vote to request the Town reviewing the different fees for permits and if in line with other towns. Requested the Building Commissioner to do a review of those fees, draw up a chart and make recommendations to the Board what would be appropriate for the Town. Adelle Contacted surrounding towns as with the Plumbing and Electrical Inspectors. Surrounding states are under the ICC (International Code Council) and the majority state that permit fees you collect should cover at least 75% of your operating budget. It’s not a money maker for the Town. Referenced the chart-Douglas is the lowest. By increasing inspector wages and fees of major permits, it will put us back up between the 75 and 80% of the budget. We’re trying to inform people that we are looking at increasing our fees.
Discussion: Mitch Maybe accepting but not starting until September or October 1st. John Wouldn’t object to Adelle doing it the first of July. It really doesn’t affect the home owner today. Mike H Agree it’s time to adjust our fees since it hasn’t been done since 2003 and conforming to a standard fee schedule-we’re a bargain compared to surrounding towns.
Motion- Scott Medeiros authorize the Building Commissioner to increase the fees that conforms with the ICC as of July 1st. Seconded- John Bombara. (Adopting the formula not the number.) All - aye.

10. Animal Control Officer Intermunicipal Agreement (Handout): Chief Foley came forward. Mike G Reminded this was approved at Town Meeting to enter into municipal agreement with the towns of Uxbridge and Mendon for a Regional ACO. She’s based out of Uxbridge and have been working with her, but in order to properly administrate her work and in consultation with the Chief we thought it best to put together an agreement with the three towns. Police Chiefs and Administrators of the three towns have met many times throughout the year and discussed this arrangement that’s really good for the town and will lead to successful and effective animal control services. In full support of this agreement and ask the Board to consider approving this. Chief Foley This morning the three chiefs met with the ACO to review the job description and answer any questions. Uxbridge and Mendon have already signed their agreement. Once the Administrator of Uxbridge receives all signed documents she will put another together and have either the Chair of each board or Administrator sign. Now advertising for a backup to cover weekends and working on consolidating the ACO bylaws of the three communities. She’s been working here on a part time basis for the last two years and have not had one hearing. A win situation for Douglas.
Discussion: Annual Cost-Mike G $24,900 for the Town of Douglas for the first year. Uxbridge is the lead community, handles all supplies, equipment for the ACO, the vehicle, salary and benefits including health insurance. This will be included in an attachment to the contract that was budgeted at town meeting.
Bylaws-Chief Foley Aggressively and hopefully looking at fall town meeting to have some changes. Mendon has availed us of their legal counsel
Motion- Mitch Cohen approve the Intermunicipal Agreement regarding the Animal Control Officer and authorize the Executive Administrator and/or Chair of the Board of Selectmen to sign the contract.
Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

11. Police Appointments (Handout): Chief Foley Full time Officers (3 years) and Part time Reserve Officers have to be appointed yearly.
Motion- Mitch Cohen approve the full time Officers for a three (3) year appointment as presented. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Motion- Scott Medeiros appoint the part time Reserve Officers for a one (1) year appointment as presented. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

12. Police – Collective Bargaining Agreement & Addendum (Handout): Mike G Conclusion of the bargaining process that began last October, working on a successful agreement with the Police Officers Association. Approved and signed by the Police Union. Believe it’s a fair contract to both sides and ask the Board to ratify and sign the contract this evening.
Motion- Mitch Cohen approve the Police Union Contract as presented.
Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
Mike G
Thanked both Chairman Mike Hughes and the Police Chief for participating in the successful negotiations process.

13. Whitin Lake Association–Proposed Special Act (Handout): John Bombara recused himself at 8:40, joined the audience. Atty Jabbs & Don Virostek-Board Member standing in for Eric Virostek, President of the Associaton-came forward. Atty Jabbs last discussion there were some issues to be reviewed with Town Counsel Kopelman & Paige. Revised language proposed for Water Flow and Eminent Domain reviewed. Now at a narrow window getting this to legislation before the State House is closing. Need to get support of the town in the very near future to get it into this session. If we start the process today with your support, more than willing to amend the language along the way.
Added language to “3F”-No problem as it codifies state law.
New item “S”-No problem as it’s a clarification.
Designating one voting member-No problem, the Board should make this decision and designate how a member of the Town is appointed to the Board. The Act will be changed to accommodate this.
Organizational Meeting-The District itself can not afford to pay for it because it doesn’t exist at this time and has no one to authorize payment. Solution:The Whitin’s Association will deliver a letter to the Town that the Association will reimburse the Town, not the District.
Mr. Virostek right now general laws require that the dam inspection takes place every two years and going to comply with that requirement. Atty Jabbs Interface recently had the dam inspected and brought up to standards. Ultimate jurisdiction lies with Dam Safety and outside engineering, can not have the owner of the dam do the inspection. Believe a copy of that report is available to everybody through Dam Safety, but can give an affirmative intent as part of the Bylaws to supply the Town a copy of the inspection. Inspection can be part of the bylaws but not in the Act per Chapter 253. Mr. Virostek Majority of the owners are residents of Douglas and very happy to accommodate the Town. Atty Jabbs This is a municipal entity whose address is the Town of Douglas and that document will be here at this address. Anyone will be able to attain it and locally.
Mitch Cohen Not disagreeing with your opinion, the one year inspection is something we need to ask Counsel. Before we formally act on this, we should seek any last minute opinions/feedback from Town Engineer, Conservation or Water/ Sewer Commissions.
Power of Eminent Domain- Mike G Most issues have been resolved, the Board has to decide on the weight of this. Atty Jabbs Limited in scope and purposes, a working progress and can not put that in the Act, suggest the bylaws. Paula Concerned this is the largest area we are giving to a small body of people that does not have the normal governmental checks and balances, a very important powerful ability that is being given to any watershed group that’s not miss-interpreted in the future. It’s our responsibility to make sure we have all our safe guards.
Atty Jabbs It’s a democratically elected group so there is a check and balance. The power of Eminent Domain is limited by state statute-same as this Town exercises under Mass General law, subject to review by the courts and challenged.
Consensus of the Board to have one final joint meeting with Town Counsel.
Mike G will call Atty Jabbs to set up a future meeting time.
Deadline- Atty Jabbs Sen. Moore asked we get this out in the next two weeks, as no one knows which Committee this goes to, it hasn’t been done in 15 years.
Mr. Virostek Thanked the past and present Board of Selectmen for courtesies they’ve extended.
John Bombara rejoined the Board.

14. Board of Selectmen Policies (Handout): Reviewed changes and clarifications. Mike G Ninety five percent of these are policies that other towns have in place and feel confident this is a solid document.
Motion- Mitch Cohen approve the Town of Douglas Board of Selectmen Operating Policies and Procedures as presented with the effective date being today (June 19, 2007).
Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

15. ZBA Interviews (Handout):Mike G Mr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Haire unable to attend this evening.
Mike H Suggested limiting the interviews to not more than ten minutes with each candidate:
George Burns No show, Jane Lanpher, Dan Heney, Roy Swenson and Mark Dunleavy each came forward to be interviewed.
Suzanne Informed the Board they’re filling one vacancy for a permanent position until ’08. George Burns was appointed only until ’07 and needs to be re-appointed full term to ’09. He has sent a letter of resignation, but there is still one case he’s sitting on. If Colin (Haire) is re-appointed it would be until ’10.
Mike G The Board can take a consensus vote on who would be the Board’s choice, nothing would be legal until there’s an open seat, the Board met again and took an actual vote. At the Board’s discretion could vote based on tonight’s interviews and notify the individual it’s the Boards intent of the Board to vote in the near future.
Motion- Scott Medeiros re-appoint George Burns as an alternate member for a term ending 2009 to fill a vacancy.
-re-appoint Joseph Fitzpatrick as an alternate member to a term ending 2010 to a normal re-appointment.
-re-appoint Colin Haire as a permanent member up for re-appointment to a term ending 2010. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.
Motion- John Bombara Dan Heney be appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a term ending 2008 to fill a vacancy. Seconded-Scott Medeiros. All- Mike Huges, Scott Medeiros, John Bombara.
Nay- Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen. Paula
There needs to be diversity on that Board and some assurance regarding implementing fees. Mitch Concern with conflicts of interest with some of the members who would have to recuse themselves during deliberations.
Motion Passed three to two.
Consensus of the Board if George Burns resigns consider only the three applicants that already applied as an alternate.

16. Other Annual Appointments: Suzanne Reviewed the appointments.
Motion- Scott Medeiros to appoint the vacancies on the Council on Aging and the Board of Registrars as presented and Mark Willand to the Cable Advisory Committee to a term ending 2010. Revision: Appoint Mark Willand as indicated by Mitch (term to 2008) and stager the appointments as presented.
Seconded- John Bombara. All - aye.

17. Minutes: December 19, 2006 Executive Session: Motion–Paula Brouillette approve the Executive Session minutes of December 19, 2006 and release as amended. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.
Abstain– John Bombara and Scott Medeiros.
-December 19, 2006: Motion-Paula Brouillette to approve the meeting minutes of December 19, 2006. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.
Abstain– John Bombara and Scott Medeiros.

18. Administrators Report: Mike G
- Letter from Officer Fulone
(Handout read): Highway Superintendent John Furno’s efforts to bring the town’s posted speed limits into compliance with Chapter 90, section 18 of MGL. Mike thanked John, Highway Department and all employees for their efforts.
-Community Sign: In the process of going up at the Fire Station, Sign is being constructed and the tubes will be in the ground the beginning of next week and hopefully be up before the next Bos meeting.

19. Old / New Business
Old: Paula- Fees:
Recommend we get the same information from Planning Board, ConCom, Board of Health and ZBA as we got from the Building Department-Fees being collected vs budget and what their goal is.

20. Adjournment- Mitch Cohen motion to adjourn at 10:35 pm.
Seconded – Paula Brouillette. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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