Minutes, May 14, 2007

Minutes, May 14, 2007

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 14, 2007 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Mitch Cohen

Members present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Eben Chesebrough, Carol Field, Rich Preston
Staff present: Daniel Harlow
Absent: None [Paul Crandall has resigned since the last meeting]
Audience: None

1. Tom Devlin called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.
2. Motion made by Rich, seconded by Fred, to approve the minutes of January 29, 2007. Vote unanimous in favor.
3. Motion made by Eben, seconded by Fred, to approve the minutes of February 12, 2007. Vote unanimous in favor, with Rich abstaining.
4. Tom noted there are bill payments to be signed.
5. Mitch noted the DVD duplicator from DiskMakers is still not working, and recommended payment be withheld until the issue is resolved.
6. Tom noted the application for an Alliance for Community Media Scholarship that was recently received, however the application deadline was last Friday.
7. Tom noted the upcoming Alliance for Community Media Video Festival.
8. Tom noted the receipt of information regarding a job opening for the Executive Director of Newburyport’s cable system.
9. Carol and Eben both indicated they will seek reappointment to the Committee. All members were pleased.
10. Tom gave a budget update. As of April 30th, Year To Date (FY07) expenditures are $11,984.99 for wages, $1249.14 for office supplies, $760 for training, and $8532.80 for equipment, for a total of $22,526.93. $146,777.35 remains in the Cable budget, including the recently-received income to fund the FY08 budget.
11. Discussion took place regarding the FY08 budget, including set-aside for long-term budget planning for a new studio.
12. Rich recommended that the annual Subscriber Fee (approximately $1100) should go to teh Cable Committee, and asked if this could be a line item or other similar item in the town’s annual budget. This will be discussed again prior to the FY09 budget cycle.
13. Rich suggested a percentage-based budget in policy, which he will write for a future meeting. A possible breakdown is 50% for salaries, 30% for equipment and training, and 20% for set-aside for large capital expenditures.
14. Tom presented a draft budget of $18517.59 for the coordinator, $856.80 for class teacher, $1030 for office supplies, $800 for training and education, $10,000 for equipment, for a total of $31,204.39. A set-aside of $7061.66 will be reserved, bringing the total to $38,266.05.
15. Tom will increase the set-aside to 20% ($7653.20) and decrease the coordinators hours to 18, and present at the next meeting.
16. Rich noted the successful completion of another cable production class. The Producer’s Roundtable was last week.
17. Rich will teach a summer class in July/August.
18. Discussion took place on the possibility of two classes, one taught by Rich and one by Daniel. They will discuss further.
19. Tom noted the continued issue with the Orange Street property, and noted that Bob Spain of Charter was not very responsive to the concern.
20. The Committee discussed the possibility of taping ZBA meetings. ZBA meetings are once per month on Thursdays, held in the Community Meeting Room which already has recording equipment. Daniel noted he was available on Thursdays at least through the summer months. It was agreed by unanimous consensus to begin taping ZBA meetings. Tom will inform the ZBA Chair, Colin Haire.
21. The next meeting will be June 4th.
22. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Eben, that Rich will be paid $17.85 per hour for an eight-week video production class beginning mid-June at a date to be determined by Rich Preston. The minimum age for the class will be 16-1/2. Vote unanimous in favor, with Rich abstaining.
23. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Rich, to adjourn. Vote unanimous in favor.
24. Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.
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