Minutes, July 9, 2007

Minutes, July 9, 2007

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 9, 2007 – Douglas Municipal Center

Prepared by Mitch Cohen

Members present: Tom Devlin, Mitch Cohen, Fred Fontaine, Eben Chesebrough, Rich Preston, Mark Willand
Staff present: Daniel Harlow
Absent: Carol Field
Audience: None

1. Tom Devlin called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.
2. Mark Willand noted that he had been appointed and sworn in as a new member of the Committee.
3. Tom noted the June 4th meeting had not taken place due to lack of a quorum.
4. Mitch nominated Tom Devlin for Chair. No other nominations. Vote unanimous in favor.
5. Eben nominated Mitch Cohen for Vice-Chair and Secretary. No other nominations. Vote unanimous in favor.
6. Mitch suggested the Cable Coordinator take meeting minutes. All were in agreement, including Cable Coordinator Daniel Harlow. Mitch will continue minutes for the current meeting.
7. Tom noted an email received from Pamela Nichols from Sutton Cable. The Sutton Cable Committee wished to see our equipment and discuss the setup, following a recent taping by Daniel, Mitch, and Fred at the Sutton Senior center. Mitch will contact Pamela. It was also agreed we should discuss the sharing of resources with Sutton.
8. Daniel noted the replacement Final Cut Studio had not yet been received. Daniel will get the tracking number of the return to Mitch, who will investigate.
9. Tom presented year to date expenses as of June 30th, which are $14305.28 for wages, $1285.34 for office supplies, $760 for training and expenses, and $8593.70 for a total of $24,944.32. The Cable budget balance was $133,818.03 as of June 30, 2007. $319.19 of FY07 expenses were approved tonight, for the DVD duplicator and Federal Express shipping charges.
10. Discussion took place on storage facilities. Options include a locked cabinet inside the Resource Room for tape storage, and shelves high on walls within the Cable office.
11. Rich updated the Committee on the current cable class. Six people had registered, and four attended the first class.
12. Mitch noted the camera approved for ordering at a prior meeting cannot be used with a tripod, so the order was not placed. No suitable replacements were known at this time.
13. Rich noted he had sufficient cameras for the current class, but may need an additional camera in the fall.
14. Daniel noted the broken Panasonic camcorder, which was ordered with a Mack extended warranty which was apparently not registered. Daniel will get the camera serial number and purchase information to Tom, who will investigate the possibility of registering the warranty.
15. The installation of the third camera for the Resource Room is scheduled for Monday, July 16th, at 7:00pm. Tom will email Mike Guzinski to inform him of the pending installation.
16. Daniel delivered his Cable Coordinator Report:
a. Daniel suggested a small sign be placed on the Cable office noting it as the Cable office. He discussed this with Suzanne. It was agreed to order a 2”x8” sign reading “Cable Advisory Committee.”
b. A matrix switcher would be beneficial for switching between equipment in the playback rack. Fred noted he has a 4x4 switcher. Tom may be able to acquire a larger switcher for donation soon.
c. Daniel has reorganized the wiring behind the recording rack. He asked if it was ok to attach cord organizers to the wall. All were agreed.
d. Daniel noted a box of broken equipment, such as broken cables and headphones, and ask the Committee to declare these as surplus. They have no monetary value.
e. Daniel noted that he is now varying the Public Access Channel schedule each day to offer a wider variety of programming times.
17. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Fred, to declare the broken cables, headphones and related equipment as surplus. Vote unanimous in favor.
18. Mitch noted that the June ZBA meeting was not recorded per earlier consensus of the Committee. The next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, July 12th. Much discussion took place. Eben expressed a concern that perhaps the ZBA would prefer not to be taped, and that we ask permission before going forward. Mitch noted that a private citizen had recorded two recent ZBA meetings, and had requested future meetings be recorded for Cable. It was discussed that one such privately taped meeting was erroneously shown on channel 12.
19. Mitch suggested we record the next ZBA meeting and hold that recording for broadcast, and if the ZBA had a concern regarding broadcast they could request the Board of Selectmen direct the Cable Committee to not air the meeting and/or not record future ZBA meetings. Most members were in agreement.
20. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Fred, to tape ZBA meetings beginning with the next meeting, but to not air that meeting until after the Board of Selectmen meeting following that ZBA meeting. Tom, Mitch, Rich, Fred, and Mark voted in favor. Eben voted against. Motion passes 5-1.
21. It was noted the Cable Committee does not currently record our own meetings. All were agreed we should do so. Mondays are often busy nights in the Municipal Center and we may need to use a camcorder for recording.
22. Motion made by Rich, seconded by Mitch, to record future meetings of the Cable Committee beginning with the next meeting. Vote unanimous in favor.
23. Tom noted FCC form 328, which regulates basic services cable rates. The Town of Douglas has never filed this form, while most towns have. Tom will continue researching.
24. Next regular meeting will be Monday, August 6th, 2007.
25. Motion made by Mitch, seconded by Rich. Vote unanimous in favor.
26. Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm.

Note: The above minutes were approved on August 13, 2007, with one amendment shown above. At the end of item 18, adding the sentence “It was discussed that one such privately taped meeting was erroneously shown on channel 12.“
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