BOS - September 4, 2007

BOS - September 4, 2007

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Board of Selectmen
September 4, 2007

6:30 pm
Executive Session – Consideration of Real Property

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:10 pm
4. Full Time Officer Appointment – Chief Foley

5. Plumbing and Gas Inspector Applicants

6. ADA Report

7. Appointment - CMRPC Planning Representative

8. Appoint Auditor

9. Manchaug Pond Association and Richard Lindstrom

10. Minutes: July 17, 2007

11. Old / New Business

12. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
Sept 18th:
7:05 Housing Authority Appointment; 7:15 Pole Petition, Plumbing and Gas Inspector Interviews; Additional wording for WC Policy; Community Sign Policy; Webster Water / Sewer Agreement

TBD: Skate Park Update; Fraud Policy; Personnel Policy; Financial Policy; Cable Request; Government Study Report; Executive Administrators Goals;

NOTE: Times are estimates unless denoted as a Hearing.
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes – September 4, 2007
Approved April 15, 2008

*Executive Session: Motion-
Mitch Cohen to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of “Consideration of Real Property” and to exit Executive Session for the purpose of attending our regularly scheduled meeting. Seconded- Paula Brouillette.
Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen-aye, Scott Medeiros-aye, Mike Hughes-aye, Paula Brouillette-aye, John Bombara-aye. All – aye

Call to Order: Chairman Mike Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm in the Selectmen’s Office at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane and Town Engineer William Cundiff.
Adjournment: Motion- Mitch Cohen to adjourn our Executive Session and return to Regular Session. Seconded- John Bombara.
Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen-aye, Paula Brouillette-aye, Mike Hughes-aye, John Bombara-aye, Scott Medeiros-aye. All - aye.

1. Call to Order: Chairman Mike Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:22 pm in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.
Others present: Police Chief Foley, Joe Saster-Plumbing/Gas Inspector, Bob Saster, Bob Josey, Adelle Reynolds-Building Commissioner, Officer Jacob Bloniasz, Manchaug Pond Association-David Schmidt-President and Phyllis Charpentier-Corresponding Secretary, Atty Jabbs, Richard Lindstrom-Sutton resident, Paul Boutiette-owner of King’s Campground, Don Schmidt, Town Employees and other citizens. Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chair Announcements: Mike H
-Certificate of Appreciation
to Joe Saster for 37 years of dedicated service. Mr. Saster thanked everyone in Douglas for appointing him Plumbing Inspector, now unable to fulfill the position. Commented that the nicest people in the world live in Douglas.
-Letter read from Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational School District: Dated August 23, 2007, third and final rebate check in the amount of $10,995.08 relating to the Valley Tech Expansion and Renovation Project was forwarded to the Treasurer.

3. Citizen’s Forum: No One Came Forward

4. Full Time Officer Appointment (Handout): Chief Foley and Jacob Bloniasz came forward. Chief Foley The Board approved two new full time positions during the budget process this year. Officer Jared Yanis appointed a few weeks ago, is currently in the Boylston Academy. Second candidate Jacob Bloniasz, a life long resident and graduate of Douglas H.S., his father was a 20 year veteran of the department. If appointed, will be attending a 22 week academy in Redding starting September 17th, will be sworn in Thursday at noon, everyone is invited. On completion of the academy sometime in February, will bring the department up to 15 full time employees.
Motion- Mitch Cohen appoint Jacob John Bloniasz as a full time patrolman.
Seconded- John Bombara. All - aye.

5. Plumbing and Gas Inspector Vacancy-Applicants (Resumes): Suzanne informed that Adelle (Building Inspector) gave her recommendations. Mike H Schedule the four candidates for ten minute interviews each on next meeting agenda.

6. ADA Report (Draft Handout): Mike H Summary received from Atty Moreno. Request the Board review and give feedback back to Mike Guzinski in two weeks. Library already reviewed and made some modifications. Adelle Copies given to appropriate departments/committees, waiting for the Boards input, will send to the attorney for the final draft.

7. Appoint CMRPC Planning Board Representative (Memo): Suzanne David St. George was appointed but declined. Request the Board appoint Eben Chesebrough as delegate as requsted.
Motion- Mitch Cohen appoint Eben Chesebrough as the CMRPC Planning Board Delegate for a term ending June 30, 2008. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All - aye.

8. Appoint Auditor (Memo): Mike H Was part of the group including Town Accountant, Treasurer, Todd Bari-FinCom and Mike Guzinski, that interviewed the three firms last Tuesday, August 28th. Unanimous consensus that Melanson & Health were best qualified: extensive experience dealing with municipalities and a lot of depth to their agency in terms of the expertise they could provide to the Town. Felt it was a good fit between the auditing firm and Town’s needs, but the most costly.
First year: $25,500, Second: $27,000 Third: $28,500.
Motion- Scott Medeiros appoint Melanson and Heath as Town Auditors to a three year term or contract. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

9. Manchaug Pond Association and Richard Lindstrom: Mike H Continued discussion from last week, anything new to add happy to hear, trying to avoid what was re-hashed previous evenings.
John Bombara In regard to sitting on the Board as a Selectmen and living in the town of Douglas on the Douglas reservoir, contacted Town Counsel and gave a disclosure to the Town Clerk.
Phyllis Charpentier(referenced Handouts) MPA has been working a year and a half on this. Douglas voters and property owners on Manchaug Pond strongly request the Board’s support for the Watershed District. Sutton voted not to participate, not to endorse but did not vote to oppose it.
Paul Boutiette One of the larger property owners on the lake. This is a golden opportunity for the Town to have a “watch dog agency” bound by law for the public good to take over protecting and watching over a “treasure” like Lake Manchaug. Each town should act as what is in the Towns best interest not what the other Town voted on.
Richard Lindstrom (Handout) Reviewed facts. I think the only outcome that these Douglas residents would acquire if it became a Watershed District is that they have increased taxes. A moral obligation for the Watershed District.
Don Schmidt The dam has an automatic safety built in so you can’t close it, opposed to what Mr. Lindstrum stated.
Mike Hughes Spoke with Kevin Geraghty, Chair of the Sutton Board of Selectmen, to get an understanding why they did not support the Watershed District.
-One concern: Douglas residents outnumber those in Sutton, a potential Douglas could over power Sutton when it came down to a vote.
-Secondly: They felt some of the information they were given wasn’t totally accurate and didn’t feel comfortable with those aspects of having to make a decision based on information they felt was miss leading and not totally accurate.
Third: They felt there were other ways they could potentially handle some of the issues that may arise outside of actually forming a Watershed District. A vote of 4 to 1. They made a decision based on the information they had, in the best interest of their residents and saw no problem whatever we decided moving forward with our working relationship as two boards.
Board Discussion: Clarified before it can be an Act it does not have to go before Town Meeting on a ballot. Mitch Too many laws to prevent draining the lake, legislature probably won’t touch this without both towns in agreement, have the two Town Administrators talk to see if there’s a way to come up with a mutual solution to meet the needs and protect the residents. Not comfortable enough to say it’s the right or best solution especially given the situation in Sutton. Scott I would support this. We represent the voters of Douglas and those around the reservoir should be commended for wanting to preserve and do the best thing to protect their investment in the future. These folks are trying to take a pro-active step and form this District and have some control over their own destiny. Disappointed they cut the Town of Sutton out as a voting member, should be re-included as a voting seat.
Paula Supportive of residents that want to protect an asset that’s very valuable in their life and the Town. Still struggle with the two Town part of this. Agree with Watershed Districts, but one is a private property completely in one Town and the other is a great pond in two Towns. Part of representing the residents of Douglas is making decisions that are going to move forward with projects that we have cleared the path for them to be successful. This is an agreement that we have to protect and has to stand regardless of who is sitting in these seats and manage a two Town lake.
John Find it hard for the Board to say “no” to the other Douglas residents, that what was done and supported for those on the Douglas Res but can’t be done for those on Manchaug Lake. Let’s go forward with this. They (Sutton) have our okay.
Mike H Was in support of the Whitins Reservoir Watershed District, benefits residents of Douglas and a great concept. Also support the concept of the Manchaug Pond Association Watershed District. Think there will be legal expenses we’ll have to incur moving forward. Can’t support something that is going to cost the town some money that has a pretty good chance of not being successful without the support of Sutton.
Motion- Mitch Cohen support the concept of a Watershed District as one possible solution to protecting Manchaug Pond and related resources pending agreement with the Town of Sutton. Seconded- Paula Brouillette.
Further discussion. Motion Withdrawn.
Final Motion- Mitch Cohen support the creation of a Watershed District for the protection of Manchaug Pond and related resources pending an agreement with the Town of Sutton. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All - aye

10. Minutes: July 17, 2007 Motion- Mitch Cohen approve the meeting minutes of July 17, 2007 as presented. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

11. Old / New Business:
Old – Mike Hughes: Mike Guzinski’s Goals and Objectives
potentially reschedule to Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30 pm.
Government Study Workshop: Schedule at next meeting.
Scott Medeiros: Cable / ZBA. Mike H Attempting to resolve issues on their own.
Paula Brouillette: Blackstone Valley Rail Service Meeting Thursday, October 4th, 6:30 pm. Possibly at Valley Tech. Centrally located and can accommodate 75 people.

New: None

12. Adjournment- John Bombara motion to adjourn at 8:54 pm.
Seconded – Mitch Cohen. All – aye.

Respectfully Submitted;

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