Minutes, August 13, 2007

Minutes, August 13, 2007

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Douglas Cable Advisory Committee
Meeting minutes
Monday August 13, 2007- Douglas Municipal Center
Prepared by: Daniel Harlow

Members in attendance: Tom Devlin, Eben Chesebrough, Mitch Cohen, and Mark Willand.
Members absent: Carol Field, Fred Fontaine, and Rich Preston.
Staff present: Daniel Harlow

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:22 pm by Tom Devlin.
2. The meeting began with the approval of the meeting minutes of April 9th. The motion to approve the April 9th meeting minutes was made by Eben, second by Tom. Vote unanimous in favor.
3. Motion to approve the minutes of May 14th. Motion made by Eben, second by Tom. Vote was unanimous in favor.
4. Eben requested to have the minutes of July 9th show that two ZBA meetings were recorded by a private citizen, and one of those meetings was aired on channel 12 (government channel) instead of the public channel. Motion to approve the July 9th minutes as amended was made by Eben, second by Mark. Vote was unanimous in favor.
5. Tom introduced Chris Larsen to the table who was a candidate to hire for the taping of government meetings when Daniel returns to school in the fall. Mark then excused himself from the table due to work relation with Chris.
6. Eben discussed with Chris what Daniel’s responsibilities were during his tenure, and also explained the use of the PEG channels.
7. Patrick Aldrich, who was the next candidate who was interested in taping the government meetings, joined the table at this time. Patrick explained his background with video production and was then asked a couple of questions pertaining to what his capabilities were with video editing software.
8. Angie Coe joined the table at this time, and explained her reasons for having an interest in taping the government meetings. Eben explained to Angie how the PEG channel’s worked and what they were intended for.
9. Mitch explained how the internet worked for watching the government meetings and also made known that there have been several cable classes taught by Rich Preston, who is also a member of the Cable Advisory Committee, and the purpose is to get those who are interested is video production familiar with the process, and then to graduate the class as an independent producer.
10. Mark Asadoorian was the last candidate to approach the table to talk to the cable committee about his interest in taping the government meetings. Mark proceeded to explain his background with video production while being a recent graduate from Worcester State. Mitch then explained to Mark how the camera system and government meeting schedule was set up.
11. After Mark left, Tom mentioned he had also received a resume from Krista White that was also going to be reviewed for a possible position of hire.
12. At this time Colin Haire came in front of the board to discuss the miss communication, which took place before the last ZBA meeting.
13. Some discussion then took place as to how the open meeting law worked.
14. Colin then requested obtaining the cable committee’s meeting minutes for the last 6 months.
15. Colin also requested the cable committee’s charge.
16. Tom mentioned a letter that was received by someone in the town as to why we don’t have more cable providers.
17. Some discussion then took place on setting uo guidelines for scheduling on channel 12.
18. A motion was then put forth to send a letter to be placed on the DTE. The motion was made by Mitch, second by Eben. Vote was unanimous in favor.
19. Motion to adjourn. Motion made by Mitch, second by Mark. Vote was unanimous in favor, and the committee adjourned at 9:55 pm.
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