7/24/2007 - Meeting Minutes

7/24/2007 - Meeting Minutes

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TUESDAY, July 24, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM.

Chairman Richard Vanden Berg, Vice Chairman Ernest R. Marks, Jr., Linda Brown, Eben Chesebrough, Mark Mungeam, William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), Ann Marie Flanagan (Administrative Secretary)
ABSENT: David St. George and Roy Swenson

Application for a Scenic Road Special Permit
5 Oak Street
• The applicant would like to build a home and needs to gain access to his property through the existing stonewall. He proposes to make an opening in the wall that would cause the least amount of disturbance as possible.
• Leon Mosczynski, Tree Warden for the Town of Douglas, stated that the applicant chose a good place in the wall to create an opening. He has no objections to the proposal.
• Brown asked for the width of the opening.
• McCallum stated that it would be 20-feet.
• Vanden Berg suggested the applicant read all the conditions of the special permit for his reference.
• Zisk stated that the highway department should verify any drainage issues.
• Cundiff stated that the proposal looks good.
• A MOTION to close the Public Hearing was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.
• A MOTION to grant/approve the Special Permit was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

• Randy Smith stated that he would like to switch a building permit from lot 5 to lot 6. The owners have authorized this action. Once the sidewalks are in, if accepted, all the lots in Phase II will need to be released, including lot 5.
• Cundiff stated that the site looks very good. The developer must make it a priority to keep up the loam and stabilization of the ground as the sidewalk installation proceeds. The catch basins are very dirty as the loam and seed travels down.
• Zisk stated that he has no issues with this request. He is pleased with the condition of the site.
• Cundiff suggested the following for future similar projects: Catch basin grates should be cascade or vein grates and at the bottom of the cul-de-sac, the street should level out so that there is no slope at the end.
• A MOTION to exchange lot 5 for lot 6 (36 Crescent Street) was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.
• Cundiff stated that this project has a potential title glitch.
• Mungeam stated that care must be taken on such projects to keep accurate track of lots.

William Joseph & John Tedeschi
• Bill Joseph stated that he is currently replacing some damaged trees, mylars have been sent to the Town Engineer, and street signs were ordered yesterday.
• Cundiff stated that his concerns are with the filtration system. Water comes out of the grate from the catch basin.
• Scott Medeiros stated that this information is not correct. He has video coverage of the side and information pertaining to this issue that suggests otherwise. Modifications to the catch basins have been made to improve the drainage. He explained how the drainage systems work and stated that he had video footage of the drainage in a storm that confirms this.
• Cundiff stated that he videotaped the drainage in the spring and there was water coming out of the grate.
• Bill Joseph stated that it is his intention to get to the town meeting and asked for suggestions on what the next step would be.
• Scott Medeiros stated that they will get together will Cundiff and Zisk to discuss this issue.
• Marks stated that he has been out in the rain and has not seen any overflow of water, but he will continue to monitor.
• Zisk stated that although for the majority of the time it was functioning properly, when it was full the water was bleeding out onto the road.
• Mungeam stated that he would like to see a 3-ring binder notebook of all the forms, etc. like the one Zisk made.

Kevin Bliss
• Kevin Bliss stated that Scott Medeiros is doing the last of the as-builts.
• Vanden Berg asked about the situation with mailbox units.
• Bliss stated that the residents each have individual mailboxes.
• Zisk stated that everything is outstanding regarding the 3-ring binder notebook for forms.
• Cundiff stated that he has been monitoring the site and everything looks good.
• Bliss stated that he hopes to be on the town meeting in October 2007.

Adam Bonaventura
• Zisk stated that there are sink holes in the detention pond. The certificate of compliance from the Conservation Commission lists issues needed for a complete wetland replication.
• Cundiff stated that there is a fence at the wetland crossing. He is concerned that the project has been dormant for such a long time.
• Brown stated that a full year must pass to get a certificate of compliance for wetland replication.
• Bonaventura stated that he would get it done.
• Chesebrough stated that a letter/request is sent to the Board of Selectman by October 1, 2007.

7:56 DISCUSSION: Meeting Minutes June 26, 2007
• Minutes of meeting were reviewed.
• A MOTION to approve minutes as written was made by Brown; seconded by Marks. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

7:58 DISCUSSION: Meeting Minutes July 10, 2007
• Minutes of meeting were reviewed and amended.
• A MOTION to approve minutes as amended was made by Brown; seconded by Marks. AYE: 4, NAY: 0, ABSTAIN: 1. MOTION CARRIED.

• Cundiff distributed a handout regarding Stonegate at Douglas Bonding Estimate.
• A MOTION to accept this document as correct was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

• Cundiff stated that on September 25, 2007 during the regular meeting hours, the CMRPC will be putting on a presentation in the resource room on data collected for the Route 16 Corridor Study. Also on October 23, 2007 there will be another presentation held in the Douglas High School cafeteria to gain public input.

Application for an Accessory Apartment Special Permit
44 Downs Road
• Hue Tieu stated that his accessory apartment has been in his house for 7 years but he was unable to renew the permit on time.
• Zisk stated that the applicant lost the opportunity to renew the application and has to apply for a new permit under a public hearing.
• Cundiff stated that several reminders were sent for accessory apartment renewals. This permit has expired.
• Hue Tieu stated that the renewal date was January 2007 and it has lapsed for 6 months.
• Zisk stated that Adelle Reynolds, Building Commissioner and Zoning Enforcement Agent began fining individuals for outstanding fines for use of an accessory apartment with an expired permit. This issue must be addressed.
• Tammy Tieu (applicant’s wife) stated that she received a letter stating the fine was $200.00 per day.
• Chesebrough suggested a letter be sent to Adelle Reynolds asking for a waiver of all but the $200.00 that has been paid by the applicant.
• Mungeam and Brown agreed.
• By CONSENSUS, the Planning Board agreed to send a letter to Adelle Reynolds to respectively request that the $200.00 fine already paid by the applicant would completely cover the delay.
• Mungeam asked if there is a connection from the accessory apartment to the house.
• Hue Tieu responded no.
• Cundiff stated that the applicant could either request a waiver from the requirement or install a door.
• Vanden Berg stated that there has to be a connection to the apartment; there must be access.
• Chesebrough stated that for emergency purposes, it would be in the best interest of the applicant to install a door.
• Vanden Berg suggested that the Public Hearing be continued and that the applicant provide a new plan that shows a door in addition to installing the door.
• Hue Tieu asked if showing the plan with a door would be enough for approval.
• Brown stated that the plan is not enough; there must be an actual door.
• A MOTION to continue the Public Hearing on August 14, 2007 at 8:30 pm was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Application for an Earth Removal Special Permit
Located at 35 (Lot #1B) & 39 (Lot #2B) Glenn Street
• Bill Pybas of Guaranteed Builders & Developers was present to discuss this application. Pybas stated that he has a letter from the Water and Sewer Department stating they had no problem with the project.
• Mungeam stated that the town groundwater should be protected at all costs. (Brown agreed.) The site could be graded differently to address the problem.
• The Board members reviewed the waivers and commented on any issues there were with each one.
• Pybas stated that he would modify the second waiver to Mungeam’s requirements.
• A MOTION to continue the Public Hearing on August 28, 2007 at 7:30 pm was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Crescent Lane, Planning Board File #1442
• Walter Noonan of Guerriere & Halnon stated that the plan was signed last time. The owners have since decided to revise the lot lines. They have now adjusted the property lines and need approval of the changes made.
• A MOTION to endorse the ANR Plan as presented was made by Marks; seconded by Chesebrough. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

9:18 DISCUSSION: Rules & Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land
• The Planning Board discussed the final edits. The next discussion will be addressing the issue of the dead end road distance starting with 1000 feet.
• Cundiff stated that he would compile all the comments and distribute to everyone. There may not be a complete set of all the forms. There may be lingering safety committee issues.

At 9:40 pm, a MOTION to adjourn the meeting was made by Marks; seconded by

Respectfully submitted,
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Ann Marie Flanagan
Administrative Secretary
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