BOS - February 26, 2008

BOS - February 26, 2008

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Board of Selectmen
February 26, 2008

7:00 pm

• Call to Order

• Chairman’s Announcements

• Citizen’s Forum

7:05 pm
1. Police – Appointment

2. Blackstone Valley Infrastructure Mapping & Development Project – Joseph Deliso

3. Board of Health – Recycling Resolution

4. Snow & Ice Deficit Spending Approval

5. Letter from DCR

6. WRTA Appointment

7. Minutes: May 1, 2007; June 5, 2007; June 5, 2007 Executive Session; June 19, 2007

8. Administrators Report

9. Old / New Business

10. Executive Session

11. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:

February 27th:
Workshop – Government Study

March 4th: ConCom Water Restrictions Update; Executive Session – Collective Bargaining

March 11th: Budget Workshop

TBD: Skate Park Update; Fraud Policy; Personnel Policy; Finance Policy; Water/Sewer
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2008
Approved October 7, 2008

Call to Order:
Chair Mike Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the Resource Room at the Municipal Center
In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Absent Vice Chair John Bombara.
Other Staff and Citizens: Police Chief Foley, Officer Anthony Yannino-family and numerous members of the Douglas Police Department, Town Clerk Christine Furno, Historical Commission Chair David Kmetz, President of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Joseph Deliso.
T&G Reporter Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson

Chair Announcements: None

Citizens Forum: No one came forward.

1. Police Department Appointment (Handout): Chief Foley & Officer Yannino came forward. Chief Foley Officer Yannino has been part time in the department a few years, here to be appointed as a full time officer to replace an officer who recently left and next on the list to be promoted. Unique situation requesting a motion from the Board he be appointed as a full time officer and ask our Town Clerk swear him in at the same time, as he’s now enrolled in daytime academy and usually sworn in the afternoon after being appointed Tuesday evening.
Motion- Mitch Cohen Appoint Anthony J. Yannino as a full time Police Officer. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.

2. Blackstone Valley Infrastructure Mapping & Development Project (Handout): Joseph Deliso came forward. Douglas is a Town that shows leadership and well represented on this committee and area for Economic Development. This reach out represents the Chambers Economic Development Committee to make sure you have an understanding and work of this project and committee and what we’re trying to establish that began months ago with discussion to help advance the concept of Regional Economic Development (11 Towns in the Blackstone Valley). One of our charters is to promote healthy wise Economic Development advancement in the area, the first to make an impact is our infrastructure; see where sewer, water, power, rails, roads, zoning, target opportunities are, and at what point will they come. CMRPC embraced working with and finding a way to help do this, went to Boston and got funding to support this. The Towns are not in a position to support their own funding. The 4 Town effort has gotten press in Boston and ultimately looking to focus our energies on the revenue side of budgets. Working with Planners and DPWs, given the first cut regional map of the infrastructure as they understand it today with target areas and agreed to develop a preliminary budget to see what kind of monies it would take to actually build such an infrastructure to what Towns are envisioning in the valley. Paula Brouillette Intent to update at a Board of Selectmen meeting with the 11 Towns in April or May. Try and get as consolidated an overview as we can about the infrastructure monies necessary to lay the framework for Economic Development and how to get State level attention and hopefully some funds to add to the infrastructure.

3. Board of Health – Recycling Resolution (Handout): Mike Huges read the resolution requesting the Board of Selectmen consider supporting paper recycling for the Town of Douglas.
Motion- Scott Medeiros Adopt the Resolution in Support of the Mass Recycles Paper! Campaign as read. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

4. Highway – Snow & Ice Deficit Spending (Handout): Mike Guzinski Memo received from Hwy Supt John Furno, dated February 21, 2008, requesting permission an additional $100,000 be approved by this Board, FinCom approved last night. As of today, the past storm costs approximately $27,000, have $77,000 in outstanding bills that can not be paid. Hoping this will be the last request for the season, doesn’t look like there will be any State reimbursements.
Motion- Scott Medeiros Approve $100,000. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

5. Letter from DCR (Handout/Exhibit A): Read by Mike Hughes. Mike Guzinski will request a clarified map and updated verbiage that properly reflects the property they’re talking about for the next meeting when updated information is received.

6. WRTA Appointment (Handout): Mike Guzinski For several years we have not had a Douglas representative. Asked Senior Center Director, Alyssa Graveson to sit on that Board and maintain updated information. No residency requirement.
Motion- Scott Medeiros Appoint Alyssa Graveson to the Worcester Regional Transit Authority Board for a one year term expiring June 30, 2008, and appoint Patrice Rousseau as an alternate to the Worcester Regional Transit Authority Board for the same period. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye.

7. Minutes:
- May 1, 2007 (with Finance & School Committee):
Motion- Paula Brouillette Approve the meeting minutes of May 1, 2007 as presented. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye. Abstain- Scott Medeiros.
- June 5, 2007: Motion- Paula Brouillette Approve the meeting minutes of June 5, 2007 as presented. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All – aye.
- June 5, 2007 Executive Session: Motion- Mitch Cohen Approve and retain the Executive Session meeting minutes of June 5, 2007. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All – aye.
-June 19, 2007: Motion- Mitch Cohen Approve the meeting minutes of June 19, 2007 as presented. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All – aye.

8. Administrators Report: Mike Guzinski
- Letter from Sgt. Nick Miglionico (Handout):
Officers Aaron McLaughlin, Gregory Gilbert and Michael Martinsen were recognized, honored with 107 other officers from around the State, and presented with a Drive for Life Award from MADD for their efforts to stop impaired driving and their number of OUI arrests in 2007.
- FY 09 Budget: Hope to have breakdowns for the Board to review March 11th. Fire and Police Chiefs, School Business Manager and School Supt requested meeting with the Board. Intend to present their formal budget to the School Committee March 19th.
- Assessors Overlay Account (Handout): Request the Board authorize a letter be sent to the Board to formally move the process that has been done every couple of years in the past to be used for Capital items at Town Meeting. Assessors will work with Town Accountant on a figure.
Motion- Mitch Cohen Send a letter to the Assessors. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All - aye.
- Keyless Entry System: American Alarm is installing the hardware for the two front doors in the building and the door to the cable room. Should be up and running this time next week.

9. Old / New Business:
Old Mike Hughes- Government Study Workshop
rescheduled to Wednesday, March 5th at 6 pm.
New Paula Brouillette-Aquifer Study: Talked about moving this forward at several meetings. Preliminary conversations with Mike Guzinski, Bill Cundiff and Expedited Permit Coordinator Cathryn Welch, reasonable to put all significant current in house information together with outside resources to have an updated aquifer map looking at the protection of our future water and sewer well sites for fall STM. The 3000 homes in Douglas that Water/Sewer supplies 1000 with water, 2000 are private wells. Future discussion recommend funding 2/3 of the cost of the study by our Capital Plan, and 1/3 by an appropriate use of Water/Sewer Reserved Funds. Most of the regulation is on public water supply. Opportunity on GIS mapping to be tracking failure of wells and contamination. Scott Medeiros Aquifer Study of the Town, typically does not take into account the quality of your water.
Consensus of the Board: Support the aquifer study.

10. Executive Session: Motion- Mitch Cohen to go into Executive Session at 7:55 pm for the purposes of Real Estate and Litigation and to leave Executive Session for the purpose of adjournment. Seconded-Paula Brouillette. Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen – Aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Mike Hughes – aye, Scott Medeiros – aye.

The meeting was moved to the Selectmen’s Office.

Motion- Mitch Cohen To come out of Executive Session at 8:30 pm for the purpose of adjournment. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. Roll Call Vote: Mitch Cohen – Aye, Paula Brouillette – aye, Mike Hughes – aye, Scott Medeiros – aye.

11. Adjournment: Motion- Mitch Cohen made a motion at 8:30 pm to adjourn. Seconded- Paula Brouillette. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

Jane L. Alger
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