BOS - June 18, 2007 c. 43D Expedited Permitting Workshop

BOS - June 18, 2007 c. 43D Expedited Permitting Workshop

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
Chapter 43D Expedited Permitting
Joint Meeting Minutes – June 18, 2007
Approved March 4, 2008

Call to Order:
Chairman Mike Hughes called the joint meeting to order at 7:05 pm.
In attendance: John Bombara-Vice Chair, Paula Brouillette, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Michael Guzinski-Executive Administrator
Others: Bill Cundiff-Town Engineer, Carol Gogolinski-Economic Development, Brandi Van Roo-Conservation, Eben Chesebrough-Planning Board, Jim Malley-Board of Health, Colin Haire-ZBA, Hal Davis-Economic Development & ZBA, Atty Adam Costa-with the firm of Blatman, Bobrowski & Mead retained as counsel in respect for Chapter 43D for the Town.

Mike G The Town received a $150,000 grant for Expedited Permitting under Chapter 43D thanks primarily to the tireless efforts of Hal Davis. As part of that there is a process to go through in the next four months to set this up. Turned the meeting over to Atty Costa who was requested to do due an over view of the process and what it means to the Town, Boards and Committees.
Atty Costa (Handouts-Draft Agenda, Schedule, Summaries, Statutes, Regulations, Frequently asked Questions)Two Time Periods-120 Days or four month period which will start shortly upon recent of the grant funds awarded (expected to be wired to the Treasurer the last week in June). Once received the Town has 120 days to implement an Expedited Permitting program with respect to the two sites designated by the Town as PDS (Priority Development Site) designated by Town Meeting. Either industrially or commercially zoned and eligible for the development or redevelopment of at least 50 thousand square feet worth of commercial or industrial space, which the Town has already done.
Second time period-180 day period in which the applicant may come in, go through the entire permitting process for one of these PDS.
Our job, during this 120 day initial period to create a program that would allow an applicant to come in within that 180 day time period and from start to finish go through the entire permitting process until a particular site is permitted. Believe the most important part of tonight is questions, comments and concerns. We have been retained to assist the Town in creating this Expedited Permitting Program, find a way for the Town to find applicants and get these PDS Sites developed within the 180 day time period. Hal trying to attract new tax growth and potential employment for the Town. And it was Carol Goglinski that originated the idea. Bill reviewed the “Time Example for Existing Process” spread sheet he prepared.
Discussion: Arrange joint meetings between boards and cover several processes, consider site walks, possible revision of guidelines, project management coordinator, check list for the applicant(s) and what can be done ahead of time in preparation, soft ware consultant, explore Hal Davis as the contact to continue on in the future and the Permit Coordinator be his assistant , have a shared Permit Coordinator with other towns in the 4-Town Group in regards to the area near Lackey Dam, have Mike G contact Uxbridge Town Manager Jill Myers whose town has also been approved for 43D along with other area towns in coordination and communication, building permits/ procedures, better definition of what an acceptable submission is, designate a Board member.
Mike G As part of the grant, the contact/coordinator would be a part time salary/wage person working with several contact people within the Town.
Atty Costa reviewed/answered questions on the “Schedule for the 120 Day Phase-In Period” and “Expedited Local Permitting Chapter 43D Facts”. Technical review team is essentially a Board/Committee made up of individuals designated from all Boards and Committees for purposes of coordination and communication, allows information to be disseminated back to the individual Boards so everyone knows where we’re at in the process. In the grant proposal it was specified they are undertaking these tasks with the supervision and guidance provided by this firm as the Boards’ legal consultants. We expect the Boards to sit down and look at all their permitting procedures, revise and implement them, guided by my office. If there are certain obstacles the Boards are aware of with developers running into causing delays with the permitting process, to be made aware. Permit Coordinator will be responsible for working together with the Boards and Committees and the point of contact for other Municipalities in the area, letting them know where our process is at, coordinate efforts,develop the guidance documents and if questions be routed through the individual member of the Board.
Re-tenanting: Every time a new tenant comes in, the entire process would have to be run again, contrary to expedited permitting.
Consensus: Mike G Send a memo to Committee Chairs by the end of this week, asking them to appoint a person to the advisory board or recommending a member of their Board.
Mike G will be working with Adam and Hal to make sure the process moves forward. Brandi suggested setting aside a block of time, if needed, at the end of future agendas.
Mike H Thanked Adam and all for attending. All but the Board of Selectmen and Executive Administrator left at approximately 9:00 pm.

Board of Selectmen-Other Business:
Mike G-Liquor License Hearings tomorrow night:
Should the Board find there are reasons for sanctions at the end of those hearings, ABCC website stated that it’s worth noting that local licensing authorities are not authorized to accept fines in lieu of suspensions. The only avenue for sanctions is suspensions of licenses and ultimately should the violation be serious enough actual revocations. License holder that has sanctions against him has the option to petition ABCC to transfer that suspension into a fine, that’s between the license holder and ABCC.

ZBA Appointments: Mike G At the last Board of Selectmen meeting there was a blanket vote of all appointments and a few acceptions. After reviewing the tape, there’s some ambiguity, the Board had asked for 4 applicants not all 6, and looked like the Board did appoint those 2 members. Need clarification to move forward.
Discussion: John In the Tribune that all were re-appointed and it was a “Blanket Vote”, 4 new applicants and the 2 for re-appointment. Mitch After reviewing the tapes and conversation with Colin (ZBA Chair), drew a conclusion we had not re-appointed him yet. There is no policy in place that someone who is up for re-appointment or re-election that it’s not automatic. Scott Believe we did appoint them. Went through the tape on the web-site with Mike G, from Suzanne pointing out specifically what she requested. There was a blanket that anyone indicated “yes” were to be re-appointed. There never was discussion that occurred specific to excluding those members of the ZBA. It was to interview to fill the vacancies that were existing.
Mike H It was mentioned that we put into the policies for the Board of Selectmen that if we do have multiple applicants that we interview them. It needs to be more clear and precise if we have multiple applicants, recommendations of the boards and interviewing. To make this clean, resolve tomorrow night.
Mike G Clarification comes from the Board and you have two choices:Take a vote on your interpretation of what happened at your last meeting or wait until tomorrow night, listen to everyone and address it at that point. It doesn’t happen very often that you have a lot of applicants than there are positions.

Administrative Assistant for the Building Inspector: (Jane Lanpher retiring June 30th.) Scott Personally think to take advantage of the slow time, real estate is not moving, building is substantially down, in the Building Department and step back from rushing into a hire to fill that position on a short term. We don’t know what we’re going to do moving forward based on re-structuring or re-figuration of the administrative staff in that area. Faced with budget cuts in the near future. Re-align hours when the inspector is in the office, regionalize the Building Inspectors position with other towns. John In agreement with Scott, we lost $100,000 last year in new growth, down 50% in the last 5 years. It’s been a year and nothing’s been done. Mitch My opinion is not to go that route. Mike H Speaking from a managerial position, feel uncomfortable to cut a position without clearly defining what the consequences would be and what the transition is to fill responsibilities that that person is essential to cover. Because we hire someone today doesn’t preclude us from making changes in the future.
Motion – John Bombara that we post pone this until we can get the facts, all look at this and get this done.
Paula Applaud efforts and thoughts are in the right place. Have to look at how we can change our fiscal situation and how to move forward. Need to know what the impact is on customer service and what in house resources can be used. Six days from now is a very short sided decision. Scott Should have brought this up one meeting ago. Sounds like the majority is not in favor of this, request very strongly we take a look at the opportunity to save money in that area whether lack of hiring a secretary or other costs savings, we put it on another agenda, and discuss that based on there isn’t a lot going on. I want it to be duly noted that in the best interest of the taxpayers, everybody, and the future of Douglas we need to look at these things whether it’s from a reduction of hours in the office or other ways, there needs to be consideration where savings can be achieved.
Paula If we’re going to balance the budget in ’09 we need to be looking at what we’d do to balance that budget without using one time revenues. Looking at all areas is the focus we should have and alternatives ought to be a goal Mike (Guzinski) has. Mike H In agreement with not wanting to exhaust our stabilization and continue to use one time revenues, as well as everyone here on the Board. The question is how do we get there.
Mike G Recommend the Board consider authorizing him to set up a Fiscal year ’09 Budget Group. Start meeting as soon as possible at different times and try to get schedules together. Would like to be in a position by December, will not have exact accurate figures, but have a good idea what our budget’s going to look like based on our known revenues and what consequences will be having the least negative impact on the citizens of the community. Need to look on the Municipal as well as School side and let them know to prepare for that. Request the Board consider that, once acted on, ask the Board to appoint two of its’ members, FinCom to appoint two of its’ members, along with myself, Town Accountant and School Officials where prudent. Help lay the ground work before we get to FinCom.

Motion- Paula Brouillette authorize Mike Guzinski to proceed with the hiring of the Building Inspector Administrative Assistant, as well as establish an FY09 Revenue Budget Group to consist of members of the Board of Selectmen, FinCom, Town Accountant, Executive Administrator and other officials as necessary to start evaluating our ’09 budget situation which we know will not be an easy one. Seconded- Mitch Cohen. All - aye. Nay-John Bombara.
Motion Passed 4 – 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Alger
Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Kane
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