BOS - Septmber 25, 2007 Workshop

BOS - Septmber 25, 2007 Workshop

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
Workshop - Executive Administrator Goals/Objectives
September 25, 2007
Approved June 3, 2008

Call to Order:
Chairman Mike Hughes called the workshop meeting to order at 6:35 pm.
In attendance: Vice Chair John Bombara, Mitch Cohen, Scott Medeiros, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane, Paula Brouillette arrived at 6:42 pm.

Mike Guzinski reviewed the following:
- STM Tuesday, November 27, 2007:
Formally set. Will put in agenda packet next week.
- SBA Reimbursement Forms: Request the Board vote to have the Chair sign tonight.
Motion- Mitch Cohen We authorize the Chair to sign the Massachusetts School Building Authority Reimbursement letter forms. Seconded- Scott Medeiros. All - aye.
- Union Representative: Received notification regarding setting up the first meeting for union negotiations next week. Volunteers needed to sit in on negotiations, will try to set them up back to back:
Department Heads (5 employees)-Mitch Cohen. Clerical (25 employees)-John Bombara.
- Strategic Planning Committee: Received call from School Supt (Nancy Lane) to set up meetings. Mike Will be on the Committee. Next agenda look for a Board member to also serve on the Committee.

Paula Brouillette joined the workshop.

- Chapter 43D Meeting: Tomorrow night at 7 pm to pull together the next stage of the process. Cathryn (Permit Coordinator) is moving along well. Meeting with Atty Costa as part of this project and fine tuning the necessary bylaw changes for the Planning Board to address zoning changes (a priority item) to meet town meeting deadline.
- Kopelman & Paige COA Issue: Carefully reviewed the appointment processes, State Law and our local Bylaws. Bottom line is there are no provisions for the Board to have any powers to remove a member of the COA. It’s a one year appointment ending June 30th. May be something the Board may want to look at and have something in the bylaws.
Discussion followed: Mike Guzinski to contact the Senior Director, not much the Board can do. Invite that person to a meeting (probably executive session) has been instructed to supply substantiated evidence/specific concerns. Send a letter from the Board stating “We’ve been asked by the Board that she serves on, to remove her for a number of reasons they’ve indicated, and would like to have some correspondence from her (in writing) to describe her opinions/concerns/problems of why they want her removed so fair consideration can be made.” Wait until we get a response then forward to COA.
Mike to look into that bylaw.

- MORE Annual Meeting: Mike to attend this Friday. One topic will be Lottery Aid.

- Executive Administrator Goals/Objectives (Handout): Mike Hughes Requested Mike Guzinski review his Short and Long terms Goals of June 2006. Mike Guzinski As discussed with prior boards, a large part of his job really isn’t listed that are all very time consuming, such as trying to make everything running smoothly, keep people working together, try to keep the Board informed on what’s going on, preparing for meetings, and working with all Department Heads to make sure the communication is there. In the midst of that, try to set goals to really look long term, try to plan how the Town evolves and changes, prepare and deal pro-active with issues ahead as much as possible. These goals/objectives give us targets to shoot for and move forward on projects as the Board sees as priorities, and every year for the Board to update those based on policies of the Board and their views and opinions. The Five Short Term and Three Long Term Goals/Objectives of 6-27-06 were generated as a basis for future goal/objectives and add new ones as Board members feel necessary. Questions/Answers followed.
Mike Guzinski stated he was okay going through the contract process now, technically supposed to have defined the set of goals and objectives by middle of May. Was approved the end of June last year.
-Review Objectives in the spring.
-Highway & Public Safety Committee: Board Discussion. Develop a process/set up a structure on how to develop a 5/15/20 year road plan and growth of the Town, involve Planning Board, proposed 40B & 43D. Put a list together of roads needing improvements, give to Boards involved and when a developer comes forward work with them to have that road improved. Traffic & safety responsibility?
-Government Study: Mike Guzinski A broad document, has a lot in it, and will be a good thing for the Community long term. In general, trying to streamline the government, what the Town is ready for, what changes are recommended, and the chance of them passing. Bylaw, Charter Committee or Commission changes may take a couple years but they’ll be concrete. Strongest opinion is the Board needs to be united to go forward and make it happen, need a solid consensus on going to face opposition because people don’t like change. Mike Hughes Some of that becomes a short term goal. Need your help and support, and continue to work with the Board to be successful.
-40B: Mike Hughes Same goes for the 40B becoming a short term goal. Make sure we “get all our ducks in a row”, able to follow through and make the timelines we’ve agreed to make. Get an expedited process in place and benefit the Town.
-Developing Financial Policies: Mike Hughes Looking at some of the budget struggles we had last year and certainly knowing we’re going to face similar struggles this coming fiscal year. A short term goal in my opinion, is for Mike to work hard to present a budget that doesn’t use Free Cash. Potentially ties into what the Government Study is recommending in terms of streamlining government. Going to be faced with making some difficult fiscal choices this coming fiscal year. Paula Brouillette Questioned what level to keep stabilization fund at, and if at that level and have free cash what to do with it. Mike Hughes Need to address sooner than later, have Mike give some guidance come budget season. Mitch Cohen Old policies need to be converted/updated/even scanned so we know they exist some place.

-Tax Title properties Paula Brouillette: How do we move those back to tax generating properties.

- Web Site: Paula Brouillette Commented to Mitch and Mike G it looks great. Would like to get to a point where all of our forms that any resident could request, be available on the web and able to pay online. Mitch Cohen The hardest part is collecting all the forms and implementing them.

- Plan for Affordable Housing Paula Brouillette: As a Board of Selectmen we should how many we need to get to the 10% limit, right now we don’t have a plan. Mitch Cohen our Housing Authority gets numerous applications every month from Douglas residents trying to move back. This would address the 40B as well as others. Right now at 5 or 6 %. Paula Brouillette We should be working more with developers to have more affordable housing in our community.
-Water/Sewer Scott Medeiros: In relation to affordable housing, the biggest problem is infrastructure-Water/Sewer and their Enterprise Fund. Have land available but not where we have infrastructure. Paula Brouillette Commented on the amount of money they have in Free Cash, almost their whole budget. Scott Medeiros That money should be for the upkeep of their systems. Should inquire if they have a plan for future expansion of their systems and what that is.

-Delegation of Staff Paula Brouillette: Mike Guzinski needs to delegate some of these things down, to have the opportunity to work on some of these things that only he can work on.

-4 Town Group Paula Brouillette: On the cusp of getting money from the state. Hal Davis (EDC Chair) has become more involved. Mike Guzinski Agreed his involvement should decrease significantly and play more of a supportive role when needed, and certainly for the managers there’s still a desire to work cooperatively together and eager to keep going on what’s been accomplished. Mitch Cohen So much has changed politically in the surrounding towns.
-Web Page continued: Mike Guzinski Focus last year was getting the web page for the Selectmen and then help other departments getting their sites up.
-Link for Selectmen Scott Medeiros: Have had people ask if there’s a place/link for them to contact or ask questions instead of bothering Selectmen at home. Mitch Cohen Could set something up that’s form based, but have a limited amount of email addresses.
Paula Brouillette Mike Belleville who is on Capital works for Verizon, stated they’re looking for towns to set up their FIOS product, and offering cable and internet. Should consider looking that. If the 4 Towns want it, maybe we can get up on the list. Mitch Cohen A good idea to send Verizon a letter and find out what their plans are for running FIOS into the Town, and their options for consumers.

-Quality of Line Issues/Pole Petitions & Abutters: Mike Guzinski sent an email to Mike Petrerson (nationalgrid) and will follow up with him. Will condense these issues, put in writing, have the Board review, then discuss and adopt it. These will be incorporated into the on going goals.

Adjournment- Scott Medeiros motion to adjourn at 8:17 pm. Seconded- John Bombara. All - aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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