8/18/2008 - Meeting Minutes

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8/18/2008 - Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm.

Acting Chairwoman Linda Brown, Leon Mosczynski, Ralph Dudley, Brandi Van Roo, Angela Saunders (Associate Member), Stephen Zisk (Planning/Conservation Agent), William Cundiff (Town Engineer) and Maria Chesley (Administrative Secretary). Absent were Chairwoman Marylynne Dube, Vice Chairman Michael Yacino and David Windoloski.

1. Scheduled Site Walks – Tuesday, August 19, 2008 beginning at 5:15pm
a. J. Fresh, 9 Newport Drive
b. N. Smith, 75 Northwest Main Street
c. R. Hanson, 113 Ledgestone Road
d. S. Bagdis, 90 Peters Cove Road

2. NOI: Manchaug Dam. The Commission received a copy of a Notice of Intent filing for an Operations & Maintenance Plan for Manchaug Reservoir in Sutton. Zisk said that they need to keep a certain flow in order to keep the Water/Sewer Department functioning. The public hearing is scheduled for 9/3/08 at 7:00pm. Members of the Douglas Commission will attend this meeting.

3. Mobil Pipeline. Zisk informed the Commission that Mobil finished the work and did an excellent job. Mobil also loamed and seeded.

4. Signed:
a. Order of Conditions: Joseph Fitzpatrick, 36 Davis Street
b. Order of Conditions: Outlaw Two, LLC, 34 Peters Cove Road
c. Order of Conditions: Scott Valis, 13 Yew Street
d. Negative Determination of Applicability: Leon Sochia, IV, 11 Cook Street

34 Davis Street
The Commission received a letter from Bruce Williams of Guerriere & Halnon dated 8/15/08 requesting a continuance of this hearing in order to respond to the Agent’s review comments. A MOTION was made by Mosczynski to continue this Public Hearing on Monday, September 15, 2008 at 7:30pm, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 7:17pm, a MOTION was made by Van Roo to recess until 7:30pm, seconded by Dudley. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 7:30pm, a MOTION was made by Van Roo to return to the meeting, seconded by Mosczynski. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

318 Northwest Main Street
Present was the Applicant Karen Sherlock and her representative Paul Hutnak of Heritage Design Group. Hutnak said that they mitigated possible impacts to resource areas. Sherlock received Board of Health approval and will be meeting with the Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday night (Variance for setbacks). Hutnak said that he was confident that ZBA will approve Sherlock’s Variance. A MOTION was made by Dudley to close the Public Hearing and issue an Order of Conditions, seconded by Van Roo. VOTE UNANIMOUS. The Order of Conditions was signed.

179 Wallis Road
Present was the Applicant Harriet Van Dyke and her representative David Lavallee of Andrews Survey. The proposed work consists of the installation of a 15-foot by 4-foot aluminum dock with posts to be located in the southeast corner to the Whitin Reservoir. Zisk said that there will not be any excavation being done and the aluminum dock is lightweight. A MOTION was made by Van Roo to close the Public Meeting and issue a Negative Determination of Applicability, seconded by Mosczynski. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

88 West Street
Present on behalf of the Applicant was Erin Gallogly of Marc Nyberg Associates.
Also present were abutters Jonathan Given of 92 West Street, David & Kathleen Molvar of 90 West Street and Paul & Susan Chilton of 96 West Street. Gallogly submitted Board of Health plans and received Board approval for a single-family home with one bedroom, septic system and well. Cundiff said that he received the calculations today at 4:00pm and did not have time to review them in time for tonight’s meeting. Cundiff said that scouring is mainly the abutters concern and suggested rip rapping the lawn area to prevent erosion from occurring. Gallogly will revise the plan to show the rip rap. Van Roo asked about the area that is 50-feet within the buffer zone and Gallogly said that the limit of disturbance will be restored after the house is built, plantings are in and a proposed stockade fence.
Zisk said that he is waiting for final plans and Board approvals.

Abutter Jonathan Given asked about the location of the rip rap and the fence and Gallogly said at the gully of the drainage swale. Given also asked how many year storm standard was used and Cundiff said it could be two, ten or a twenty year storm but said that he is having a problem with the Applicants engineer giving information that is asked for. Gallogly said the watershed area would be designed like a storm water swale. Cundiff asked Gallogly to install a drainage culvert, submit the calculations on the elevations and decrease the storage capacity. Given asked if the Board of Health recommendations were enforced and Brown said no. Given asked if the house plans had changed and Gallogly said that the house is 36-feet by 24-feet, which would be the maximum size. Van Roo first asked for the rationale for no net impact (house) within 50-foot buffer for the 850 square feet of impervious surface and suggested forming a rain garden after construction is done. Gallogly said she would put this in writing.
Abutter Paul Chilton asked if this project would cause more of a disturbance to the wetlands. Van Roo and Saunders explained that disturbance is allowed if mitigated in other ways. Abutter David Molvar asked if he could review the plans and Zisk said yes and that they will be in our office. Cundiff also asked Gallogly for construction debris information. Zisk suggested moving everything further away from the wetland areas. A MOTION was made by Van Roo to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, September 15, 2008, at 7:45pm, seconded by Mosczynski. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

“North Village”, North Street
Abutter Stephen Zisk recused himself from this Hearing and left the room. Present on behalf of the Applicant was Paul Hutnak of Heritage Design Group and Art Allen of EcoTec, Inc. Also present was John Slocum and Frank Silun
of Brown Road. Hutnak said that he received the MEPA Certificate and a letter from Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program. Hutnak said that three culverts were added and 60% of the site would be kept as conservation land. Hutnak will be providing stormwater calculations to Cundiff and Cundiff said that he received the Field Data Forms and the Conservation Restriction. Abutter John Slocum said he received the report on Friday and regarding Phase II retention ponds asked if they could move all the runoff to the other side. Abutter Frank Silun asked if the water runs to the west and Hutnak said yes and there is infiltration through that area. Slocum said that since the loggers did some work, Silun’s property has had a lot of water problems. Brown said that the old crossing logs are now broken down. Art Allen said that the crossing was filled with organic debris and the plan was to pull out the logs but it may upset the site. Brown said that BSC Group should be hired and Van Roo said that she wanted to do a site walk. Hutnak said that the ANRAD was done four years ago. Allen said that he re-checked and re-flagged the area and there were no changes. A MOTION was made by Van Roo to continue the Public Hearing on Monday, September 15, 2008, at 8:00pm, seconded by Dudley. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

At 9:16pm, a MOTION was made by Van Roo to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dudley. VOTE UNANIMOUS.

Respectfully submitted,
Community Development Dept.

Maria D. Chesley
Administrative Secretary
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