BOS - January 29, 2004 Workshop

BOS - January 29, 2004 Workshop

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Douglas Board of Selectman
January 29, 2004
Douglas Intermediate Middle School
Approved February 17, 2004

Attendees: Paula Brouillette, Ron Forget, Shirley Moscyznski, and Rich Preston

Also Attending: Ann Brunson, Shirley Downs, Rich Mathieu, Tom Navaroli, Sandy Raines, Connie Verge

Meeting came to order at 7:20PM

This meeting is joint between Douglas BOS and School Committee.

Municipal Medicaid

Mrs. Verge stated that the Medicaid receipts to date are $44,000 with more to be collected in Mar '04. The School Committee would like any future article to have the wording as they have proposed. The article as requested for the fall '03 STM had wording as recommended by town counsel. Rich Mathieu asked if the total current receipts were for the current year or accumulated over a period of time. Mrs. Verge noted that it didn't matter. Reimbursement paperwork is filed by Umass at an administrative rate of 4-7%. Mrs. Verge noted that she had been told by previous town officials that reimbursements went into a revolver.

Schedule 19

Rich Mathieu presented a copy of the historical Schedule 19 (1998 thru 2004). Shirley Downs questioned the administrative percentage charged to the school system. Rich Mathieu responded that the school generated more than 50% of the budget, so that the 50% of the town administrative costs were not exorbitant. Shirley Downs requested a listing of the Douglas School employees who receive health insurance thru the town.

Action: Rich Mathieu to provide back up documents for all appropriate items on the Schedule 19 report.

Student Activity Revolvers

Rich Mathieu stated that the interest in the accounts has been calculated. The accounts are now managed per instruction of the town auditing firm.

Municipal representative to School Union Negotiations

Motion made by Ron Forget, seconded by Rich Preston to appoint Rich Mathieu as Douglas Municipal representative to the Douglas School Union Negotiations. Passed unanimously

Motion made by Ron Forget, seconded by Rich Preston to adjourn at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted;

Paula Brouillette
Suzanne Kane
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