BOS - May 4, 2004

BOS - May 4, 2004

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Board of Selectmen
May 4, 2004

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizens Forum

7:15 pm
4. Annual Town Meeting with Town Moderator and Town Clerk

5. 800 NW Main Street Land RFP – Sign Easement and approve sending

6. Town Use - Memorial Day Parade, Douglas ECC PTO

7. Minutes: April 6, 2004; April 7, 2004

8:00 pm
8. Sign Waiver – Douglas House of Pizza

9. Administrators Report

10. Old / New Business

11. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
May 18th.
Pole Petition
June 1st. Review Annual Appointments
June 15th Make Annual Appointments
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2004
Approved June 1, 2004

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Town Engineer William Cundiff, Town Moderator Jerome Jussaume, Town Clerk Christine Furno, Kathy Ells, Joseph Bassim, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Elections and Town Meeting:
Shirley Mosczynski reminded the listening public that Elections are on May 11th, at the Municipal Center Gym from 8 am to 8 pm and the Annual Town Meeting is May 17th, at the High School Auditorium at 7 pm.
• Certificate of Appreciation from Department of Justice: Shirley Mosczynski read from a letter to Police Chief Patrick Foley, from the U.S. Department of Justice, dated March 31, 2004 commending Police Officer Aaron McLaughlin for completing the National Drug Threat Survey 2003. The Douglas Police Department also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Justice.

3. Citizens Forum:
No citizens came forward.

4. Annual Town Meeting with Town Moderator and Town Clerk:
In the agenda packet is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Suzanne Kane, dated April 29, 2004, re: Item 4 – Annual Town Meeting; Warrant for Annual Town Meeting, Monday, May 17, 2004; Douglas School District Facilities Use Application; and Presenter’s and motions table. Handed out at meeting, an email to Suzanne Kane, from Town Counsel, dated May 4, 2004, re: Motions; updated table of presenter’s and motions; a memo to Michael Guzinski, from Rich Mathieu, dated May 4, 2004, re: FY05 Fin Comm Recommendations; updated BY05 Budget summary; a draft copy of the FinCom Information Flyer; an email to Jane Burle, from Leslie Navaroli, dated October 27, 2003, re: Personnel Board Requests; and FY05 Personnel Compensation Plan. Town Moderator Jerome Jussaume and Town Clerk Christine Furno came before the Board. Jerome Jussaume stated he first felt it’s an extensive Warrant, but upon further reflection he feels there is nothing they haven’t seen before and they should be able to do it in one night. He stated that on the safe side, by Town Bylaw if the articles can not be finished in one night, they proceed to the next evening. He suggested talking to the School to make sure the auditorium would be available the next evening. Christine Furno stated she was contacted by a resident who is hard of hearing and would like accommodations for the hearing impaired. Suzanne Kane stated she and Christine Furno had previous conversations with School Principal Mary Stone who had confirmed there was something in place at the School. Shirley Mosczynski asked Suzanne Kane to call the School. Jerome Jussaume stated it was nice to receive all the information in a timely manner.
• Budget: Michael Guzinski reported to the Board that there were two changes in the budget. One was a clerical error, a $1,500 request for the Housing Authority was included in the budget but not in the subtotal. The second was because FinCom recommended the Blackstone Valley Vocational High Schools (Valley Tech) budget be level funded to FY04 levels. Michael Guzinski stated that FinCom has asked to get the Board of Selectmen’s concurrence on the FinCom recommendation before Town Meeting. Shirley Mosczynski stated she attended the Valley Tech Budget Hearing. She stated there were a number of people with concerns about their budget asking for more information. Shirley Mosczynski stated that most Town representatives asked Valley Tech to level fund. Blackstone, Millville, Milford, and Grafton were among the other communities asking questions, they asked Valley Tech to go back and take another look at their budget. Shirley Mosczynski also made it clear that no one there was critical of Valley Tech’s program; the problem is the funding from the communities and the formula used. She believes Valley Tech is looking into it but it won’t be done for FY05. Rich Preston asked if they were still looking for more cuts from the Schools and why the Douglas Schools increase assessment went from 12% to 7.72% and Valley Tech’s went from 10% to 0%. Michael Guzinski stated he feels the Finance Committee’s thinking is that the amount and percentage is over net-school spending; it’s much higher then Douglas Schools. That along with the knowledge that other communities are asking Valley Tech to level fund. It’s not a dollar or percentage issue but over Net School Spending. Rich Preston stated it was his understanding that last year Valley Tech didn’t ask for much. Michael Guzinski believes that is correct; he believes Valley Tech’s budget was general across the board; last year they used a lot of in-house revenues which were not available this year. Paula Brouillette stated there have been a lot of conversations about what to change the budget to; there are 13 communities involved, it’s really whether the 13 communities all approve the budget or not. If not, it will then go back to Valley Tech to re-review their budget. Michael Guzinski stated that if the Town approves $1 less then their requested budget they will have to go back and review it; this is just getting the message out. Rich Preston stated he can understand the need to send a message but he does not think it is reasonable to drop their assessment to 0 considering we have 7.72 in our school system; maybe something in between would be more equitable. He stated they can still send a message that they are looking for fiscal responsibility and Valley Tech usually does, but he does not support dropping it down to 0. Rich Preston confirmed that this is not a definitive number. He asked what the Valley Tech’s time line was. Michael Guzinski stated that sometime in the fall Douglas would have to have a Special Town Meeting to appropriate the funds. He did speak with Town Counsel about it. Michael Guzinski reported that right now they are showing a surplus with FinCom’s recommendations. They are keeping in the “worse case” scenario. Ron Forget made a motion to approve the budget as amended. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye. Michael Guzinski stated that the joint approval between the Board of Selectmen and FinCom will show on the Information Flyer under one column.
• Personnel Changes: Michael Guzinski stated he spoke with Personnel Chairman Leslie Navaroli about the changes they put forward in the Compensation Plan. Michael Guzinski went over the changes which included the addition of Assessors’ Administrative Clerk, Assessor Lister and a new grade under Public Works. Michael Guzinski stated Leslie Navaroli will make the changes clear at Town Meeting.
• Article Presenters: Paula Brouillette will present Article 7 – Recurring Business, Rich Preston will present Article 15 – Taking of Easements – Douglas Reconstruction of Route 16, and Shirley Mosczynski will present Article 27 – Inter-Municipal Agreement.

5. 800 NW Main Street Land RFP – Sign Easement and Approve Sending:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Suzanne Kane, dated April 29, 2004, re: Item 5-800 Northwest Main St. RFP, and a letter to the Michael Guzinski, from Town Counsel, dated April 23, 2004, re: Right-of-Way Easement Agreement to Beagle Club. Bill Cundiff came before the Board. At their last meeting he passed out a draft RFP entitled, “Town of Douglas Request for Proposals for Sale of Property at 800 Northwest Main Street, Douglas, MA” and had asked the Board to review and give feedback. He stated that he did receive some feedback. Bill Cundiff went on to say that Andrews had done the survey. He stated there were some modifications to the land abutting Smiths and they lost about an acre of land which resulted in a change to alternate 2. Bill Cundiff stated he will have the final RFP done this week. He wants to advertise for one month and is requesting bids to be due June 3rd. He stated he is adding a line for administrative charges between 20 and 25 dollars to recover the cost of providing the RFP. On Bid Values, Bill Cundiff stated alternative 1’s minimum bid value is $400,000, which is $80,000 per lot. He stated there is room for increasing. Alternative 2’s minimum bid value is $1,100,000, which is $73,000 per lot. Bill Cundiff stated this is less flexible due to roadway costs. He stated on the frontage lots he imposed some restrictions for the purpose of maintaining a scenic vista, it’s going to put a restraint on what they will get for bids. Rich Preston complemented Bill Cundiff for using what they have. He asked if after loosing the acre, does that change the buildable acres? To which Bill Cundiff answered no. He asked for confirmation that Alternative 1 is approximately 10 plus acres and Alternative 2 is approximately 33 ½ acres. Rich Preston stated he appreciates the 100’ buffer for the front lots and asked if there is one included on the access road. Bill Cundiff stated he included what he calls a 50’ construction grading easement. Rich Preston asked if in Alternative 2 there are lots facing the 15’ construction road. Bill Cundiff answered yes. Rich Preston asked if he didn’t feel an additional buffer was necessary. Bill Cundiff answered no; the rear lots have constraints due to wetlands, they have to move forward so if they have a 50’ buffer they would not be buildable. Bill Cundiff also stated he is proposing a 60’ roadway, not a 50’ roadway. Ron Forget asked if that doesn’t raise a legal issue when that’s not required for anyone else. Bill Cundiff stated it’s up to the builder, what he gave is a scenario. Bill Cundiff stated he is conforming to zoning, these are added requirements. Michael Guzinski summarized what Bill Cundiff was saying, explaining this allows the Town to make a decision which is best for the Town. Ron Forget asked if Bill Cundiff put the RFP together on his own or if he enlisted the help from anyone else. Bill Cundiff stated he spoke with Master Plan, Board of Selectmen, etc. Also developers have reviewed and contributed. Shirley Mosczynski thanked Bill Cundiff for keeping the Board informed. Bill Cundiff informed the Board that he received the Easement for the Beagle Club which will be added to the RFP once the blanks are filled in. Shirley Mosczynski stated she will find out what that information is. Bill Cundiff stated that if there are any changes he can add as an addendum. Rich Preston observed that there is no place for the Beagle Club to sign the easement. Bill Cundiff stated he will ask Town Counsel, it is his understanding that the person getting the easement does not have to sign. Rich Preston stated he understands, but feels it would be in the best interest of the Town to have someone from the Beagle Club sign showing they understand. Rich Preston also asked if they would be improving the road. Bill Cundiff stated that if the developers go with Alternative 2, the easement would be over the paved roadway, he stated he does not see it as an issue. Rich Preston stated he wants to make sure the Easement document will not force the Town to make improvements. Bill Cundiff stated he will have Steve Zisk take pictures for a point of reference. Paula Brouillette asked about the minimum bid and if Bill Cundiff has any comments on them. Bill Cundiff stated he pulled those numbers just to write the proposal but feels they will fetch more. Bill Cundiff recounted, he will contact Town Counsel about the Easement and asked for approval of the RFP with amendments of the fees schedule layout of Alternative 2. Paula Brouillette made a motion to authorize Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski to execute the RFP entitled, “Town of Douglas Request for Proposals for Sale of Property at 800 Northwest Main Street, Douglas, MA” with amendments and including the Right-of-Easement Agreement between the Town of Douglas, and the Southern Massachusetts Beagle Club. Rich Preston seconded the motion. Edward Therrien abstained. All other members – aye.
• Rt. 16 Right of Way Easements: Bill Cundiff stated he still needs three Right of Way Easements for the Rt. 16 project. Edward Therrien stated he will see Bill Cundiff tomorrow about talking to the residents.

6. Town Use – Memorial Day Parade, Douglas ECC PTO:
In the agenda packet is an Application For Use Of Town Property for the Veterans Service, for a Parade on May 30, 2004; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from George Griffin, Commander VFW Post 7554, dated April 23, 2004, re: VFW Memorial Day parade; Douglas Memorial Day Parade Program and Route; and an Application For Use of Town Property for Douglas ECC PTO, for May 28, 2004, for the basketball court at the Municipal Center. Taken out of order after item 3 due to time. Cathy Ells from the Douglas ECC PTO came before the Board. She stated the PTO wants to have a petting zoo for the kindergarten class. Shirley Mosczynski read the restrictions from Lt. Gilbert which included, “grass area behind Police Parking lot to be used, children will travel through gym to area”. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property by the Douglas ECC PTO for May 28, 2004 as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Shirley Mosczynski read the letter from VFW Commander George Griffin asking the Board of Selectmen to join them in the Memorial Day observance and parade. She thanked Mr. Griffin for his invitation and encouraged the Board members to participate. Ron Forget made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property for the VFW Post 7554 for May 30, 2004 as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. Rich Preston stated that in the past they have stopped traffic during the observances at the cemetery’s and memorials, last year they let the traffic through and it was very disruptive. He would like to make sure traffic is stopped this year and asked Michael Guzinski to talk to Chief Foley. On the vote, All – aye.

7. Minutes: April 6, 2004:
• April 6, 2004:
Ron Forget made a motion to approve the minutes of April 6, 2004 as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.
• April 7, 2004: Shirley Mosczynski included minutes from April 7, 2004 because this is Ron Forget last meeting and he, Shirley Mosczynski, and Edward Therrien were the only members present at this meeting. Ron Forget made a motion to approve the minutes of April 7, 2004. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Paula Brouillette and Rich Preston abstained. All other members – aye.

8. Sign Waiver – Douglas House of Pizza:
In the agenda is a letter to Joseph Bassim, from Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds, dated April 12, 2004, re: Sign Permit Application; Sign Application Permit for Joe Bassim, d/b/a Douglas House of Pizza; and a drawing of the proposed awning for the Douglas House of Pizza. Joseph Bassim, owner of Douglas House of Pizza came before the Board. Mr. Bassim first apologized for not making the last meeting, he had an emergency. Mr. Bassim stated the awning would be a big boost to this business. He stated he has been in business for 5 years and there are many people who do not see his sign and so do not know he is there. Ron Forget asked how much bigger his sign is then what the bylaws allow. Rich Preston stated he feels it’s 33% bigger. Ron Forget asked how Mr. Bassim came up with this size. Mr. Bassim stated he would like people to see it from all sides. Ron Forget stated he feels it’s probably a little too big and the guy down the street will want one bigger. Mr. Bassim stated he has come before the Selectmen because he wants to follow the laws, he feels it will make the building look better. Rich Preston stated that this is the third time the Board has had to look at an appeal; he feels the Sign Bylaw should be looked at again. He also stated that he remembers the Sign Bylaws limit of 24’ is for bill boards; he does not think the intent of the awning goes against the Bylaw. Paula Brouillette stated she has the same concern as Rich Preston; the current Bylaws do not seem to be adequate. Rich Preston stated the Bylaws are in place but they seem to be the ones making all the decisions. Rich Preston stated the awning serves a multi purpose, it provides cover as well as advertising and he does not think the Bylaw covers awnings. Rich Preston stated he has no objections to Mr. Bassims request. Edward Therrien stated he has no objections. Rich Preston made a motion to approve granting the Sign Application for Joseph Bassim, d/b/a Douglas House of Pizza as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

9. Administrators Report:
• State Land Pilot Program:
Michael Guzinski reported that his time so far has been devoted to the budget and Town Meeting. He reminded the Board that they had expressed concerns at their last meeting about the State Pilot (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) Program for State land. They had asked Mr. Guzinski to send a letter to State Representative Paul Kujawski and Senator Richard Moore. Mr. Guzinski reported that he received a letter back from Representative Paul Kujawski, dated April 27, 2004 which was courtesy copied to the Board. In his letter Mr. Kujawski asked for the Boards patience and support while they wait for the funding. Michael Guzinski stated that the last he knew was $12,000 above what they originally thought devoted to the Pilot Program.
• General Obligation Bond: Michael Guzinski reported that the Town Treasurer Sharon Brotherton has been working on the $4,850,000 General Obligation Bonds and they are ready for the Selectmen’s approval. Sharon Brotherton included the three page vote. (Attached to the minutes.). Michael Guzinski stated there were four bidders, the lowest being Advest, Inc. He stated he would like to commend the Treasurer for her work on this item. Shirley Mosczynski read the motion entitled Town of Douglas, Massachusetts Certificate Relating to Certain Minutes of a Meting of the Board of Selectmen. Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the $4,850,000 General Obligation Bonds as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

10. Old / New Business:
• Selectmen’s Information:
Shirley Mosczynski reminded the Board that copies of documentation for the Selectmen will be in a file bin on top of the files. They should be reviewed and initialed by each Board member. Copies will only be made if they want them thus cutting down on paper.
• Reorganization Meeting: Shirley Mosczynski reminded the Board that there would be a reorganization meeting, May 12th at 7:00 pm, after the elections.
• Future Agenda Items: Shirley Mosczynski read the future agenda items at the bottom of the agenda.

Paula Brouillette stated that CMRPC has a Transportation Improvement List (TIP). She stated the Town of Douglas has no items on that list. She has mentioned the need for sidewalks on the North Street Bridge before and suggested exploring how to get it on the TIP list. She stated that perhaps there are more projects and so she asks for consensus of the Board to pursue this item. Edward Therrien stated the sidewalk on Main Street that ends at Franklin Street also needs to be extended up to the development. Shirley Mosczynski agreed it should be done and suggested having Michael Guzinski look into it. Rich Preston stated he would be supportive. Edward Therrien also agreed. Consensus of the Board of Selectmen to have Michael Guzinski look into getting projects, especially the North Street Bridge sidewalks, onto the TIP list.
• Ron Forget: Shirley Mosczynski thanked Ron Forget for his time spent on the Board of Selectmen and wished him well.

11. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted;

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