BOS - June 8, 2004 Workshop

BOS - June 8, 2004 Workshop

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
Joint Workshop
Library Board of Trustees & Library Building Committee
Meeting Minutes June 8, 2004
Approved August 3, 2004

1. Call to order:

Madam Chair Shirley M. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.
In attendance: Rich Preston, Paula Brouillette, Dave Furno, Executive Administrator Michael J. Guzinski, and Administrative Secretary Jane L. Brule.
Other staff and citizens in attendance: Library Director Ann Carlsson, Library Trustee Chair Elliott Chesebrough Library Trustees Tim Martin, Library Building Committee Chair Merritt Tetreault, Library Building Committee members Barbara Gjeltema, Betty Holden and T&G reporter Steve Foskett.

 Update on Library Building Project Discussion
Shirley M. Mosczynski thanked all for coming and wanted update from the February meeting.
Ellie Chesebrough, Ann Carlsson and Barbara Gjeltema attended a workshop in Southbridge on April 13, 2004 to get cost estimate and information regarding state grant funds. Ellie suggested expanding gradually and Pete suggested to reduce by 10% and finish project up front. ZBA acted in favor of the project. Shirley asked the committee to please send a copy of the minutes from future meetings to the Board of Selectmen so they know what’s going on.

 Land/Property- Paula asked if land issues were resolved and if not that should be a goal before Town Meeting. Bill Cundiff-Town Engineer and Adelle Reynolds-Building Inspector concerned with parking. Ann stated they should get an architect for parking after the building is done. Surrounding businesses regarding parking-John Petraglia, UniBank, and Webster Credit Union. Barbara Gjeltema said if the Board of Selectmen take rite of first refusal on the Douglas House of Pizza that would be a property gain. If Mr. Patel sells his property that would also solve parking problems.

 Town Vote-Mike urged the board to act A.S.A.P. as this could be a 5-6 month campaign to sell at Spring 2005 Town meeting, or do a ballot vote. He stated he could ask members of the Blackstone Building Committee to meet with them as they just finished their library.

 Appointments-All applications okay with the committee and will be appointed at the next agenda on June 15, 2004. Paula stated there has been talk of a permanent building committee and this could be the first large project. The two openings could be held until Fall maybe for that committee. Pete stated that at least 2 people on the committee are unable to attend and leaves 8 that have to go all the time. Suggested sending a letter to those asking if they want to remain on the committee. The committee is also not limited to 12 members.

Funding Issues- Paula stated the design should be decided on and plan what it would take to get to the grant and funding stage. Both Paula and Shirley agreed they should get the committee active again. Pete stated the first paragraph (in the handout “Raise Necessary Funds for Project”) is the most important and then you can move on. Ellie stated the Capital Committee budget did not include the Library in their plan. Shirley said there’s a hold on all capital projects because of the budget. Paula commented that all FY05 projects were to be held off until the Fall and to include larger projects to get an over ride.

Possibility of the Town to get a loan from USDA and the committee could work with Mike and Rich Mathieu our town accountant. Diane King with the USDA stated the Town could enter an application for a loan for the balance of the project. This could be part of the sell for an over ride. Additional costs need to be included. The 2.5 million over ride is for the cost of the project and does not include interest on the loan, furniture or landscaping. Rich asked if getting the 1.8 million dollar grant prohibits from seeking other grants. “No”. Pete stated that if the Town passes this 1.5 million will be used for the extras.

 Video-Ellie asked Rich Preston to serve on the committee to narrate and video the inside of the library as it exists now. Pete stated that Ann should narrate the video as she knows what needs to be done. Mike commented that volunteers are needed to do this on their own time and using a Town employee would be using Town funds. Rich stated the intent of the video is very important-who’s your audience and what’s your message.

Library director, trustees and building committee members left at 8:15 pm,

FY05 Budget: An extra $90 thousand in surplus funds will be found out from the Governor’s office later in the month. Senator Moore’s office may possibly address the regional vocational budget.
Mass. Highway: Cities and towns may be able to get 87 octane fuel for $1.76 from depots in Oxford and/or Uxbridge. Need to speak to “Buff” by June 15th.
Vacation request: Mike went over his vacation schedule.

Executive Administrator Goals and Objectives as listed on memo from Mike:
High Priority Goals and Objectives
1a. Establishment of Home Rule Charter:Rich stated this is a political issue and having it is a major chore. Should get General By-laws workable. Mike stated doing research regarding the establishment of laws and the options and a basic review of the general organizational structure.
1c. Hiring of a “good” Planner/Grant Writer pays for themselves especially beneficial in the Community Development department.
2. Paula stated that The Town Administrator is not addressed at all in the General By-laws. Rich stated we should get the By-Laws straightened out first and act with general laws for possibility of Charter Commission. Shirley stated this language should be included in the establishment of the Home Rule Charter. Rich suggested looking at the General Code Publishers Report.
3 & 5. The development of a 5 year financial plan must have the school come into the picture, along with the need for Capital Projects and work with Capital Committee 5 year plan and improve the relationship with School Committee/Administration. Paula stated the Capital Committee has intentions of getting active with the School again. Shirley stated Town Accountant Rich Mathieu has been the financial connection between the School and Town. Mike stated the School really doesn’t have a financial person and maybe they need a business manager.
Shirley and Paula spoke about the deficiencies in the audit the past two years. Need to request them in writing if no response after two time of asking, and Rich to keep a paper trail of all memos cc:Mike, Connie, and School Committee Chair. Shirley suggested the need for an early meeting with the school regarding the budget and that things can not continue this way.
4. All agreed on the preparation and presentation of quarterly financial updates to Selectmen.
6. A workshop was suggested regarding town building/spaces unused and their future.
No answer from school regarding the space here at the Municipal Center. Suggestion of the old Elementary School being housing for the elderly.
7. All agreed the need to improve relationship with School Committee/Administration

Secondary Goals and Objectives
1. All agreed we must be pro-active regarding dangerous roads and intersections. Rich suggested that more speed signs should be placed on Rt. 16 and Safety Committee should be made aware. Also the visibility of a cruiser may help.
3. All agreed to update and improve Personnel Bylaws.
4. Mike will check with MMA for Selectmen’s Policies to update and throw out old book. Rich stated the Policies go back 5-10 years and should be reviewed. The updated book should be available at all meetings and review, make changes, adopt at the reorganization meeting annually.
5. All agreed this should be #8 in High Priority Goals. Paula suggested setting up stabilization for Chapter 61 at Town Meeting for funds. Rich suggested a land banking policy and future boards should continue with the stabilization fund.
6. Mike to work with Community Development Be pro-active regarding Chapter 40B applications and be pro-active instead of waiting for development to come in. The development of special projects-50% affordable and 50% elderly and/or in-law apartments help with our numbers. Who’s responsible for affordable housing audit?
7. Review of unknown property owners is being handled by Beth Mackay in the Assessors office.

Paula asked if we’re lined up with Economic Development direction and do cost benefit analysis of the following. Example-PWED on Cliff Street, the Four Towns-146 and Guilford. Occasionally meet with them to see where they’re going. Rich stated looking at the whole town and Mike attend a meeting to be the liaison with the Board of Selectmen.

Board of Selectmen to review the Carter Burgess Report.

Mike to revise goals and objectives list. #1 goal should be to establish and maintain day to day administration of town government.
The revision of Goals and Objectives will be on the June 15th agenda.

Mike updated the Board regarding Straight Ahead Ministries-Citizens may attend the next Selectmen’s meeting. This project does not require an ok from the Board, but must pass with Planning Board, Conservation and ZBA. Paula asked if this would be a financial issue for the town, paying taxes or being responsible for the schooling for 25 kids,

Adjournment: Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 10:07 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted:

Jane L. Brule
Administrative Secretary
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