BOS - September 7, 2004

BOS - September 7, 2004

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Board of Selectmen
September 7, 2004

6:00 pm

1. Call to Order – Executive Session

7:00 pm
2. Call to Order – Regular Session

3. Chairman’s Announcements

4. Citizen’s Forum

5. Audit – Select Firm

7:15 pm
6. Sign Permit Appeal – Douglas Family Fun Run

7:30 pm
7. Sign Permit Appeal – Douglas High School PTO

7:45 pm
8. Sign Permit Appeal – K2 Automotive

8:00 pm
9. Chief Gonynor – update and information

8:30 pm
10. Octoberfest Appointment

11. Rezoning Petition – Forward to Planning

12. Open Warrant for STM

13. Town Use:
• Villas at Eagle View
• Douglas Family Fun Run

14. Sign Certificate for Boston Post Cane

15. Administrators Report

16. Old / New Business

17. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
Sept. 21st:
3 Dog Hearings
Thomas McEnaney – Kopelman and Paige
Donation of Bench from Uxbridge Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2004
Approved October 5, 2004

2. Call to Order-Regular Session:

Madam Chairman Shirley M. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
In attendance: Edward A. Therrien, David A. Furno, Paula Brouillette, Richard E. Preston, Executive Administrator Michael J. Guzinski and Administrative Secretary Jane L. Brule.
Other staff and citizens in attendance: Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds, Fire Chief Donald Gonynor, Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson, Debbie Burns, Shannon Burns, Pam Lavallee and Kevin Stolte.

3. Chairman’s Announcements: Chairman Shirley M. Mosczynski announced that the Town of Sutton celebrating their 300th Anniversary is having a parade this Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 1:00 pm and encouraged all to attend.

4. Citizen’s Forum: No citizens came forward.

5. Audit: Michael J. Guzinski received two draft proposals to do an audit of the School Department. He recommended going with Powers & Sullivan as Mr. Powers will do a pre-engagement meeting to sit with the Board himself at no cost in mid October and Mike has had previous experience working with them. Their quote of twelve thousand dollars would have to go through the Finance Committee as the amount that was approved is two thousand dollars more. If the Board decided to go with Melanson, Heath & Company even though the quote was the approved amount of ten thousand dollars, an associate of the firm would be the person handling the audit.
Mike’s response to Paula’s concern regarding the involvement of the School Committee
was that all are welcome to any meeting. He will forward correspondence, updates, and any decisions made to the school as they come in. Shirley’s concern is how the School Committee will address the recommendations after the audit is done.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to go with the recommendation of the Town Administrator to do an audit as discussed. David A. Furno seconded the motion. All-aye.

6. Sign Permit Appeal-Douglas Family Fun Run-(Taken out of order due to time frame).
Debbie Burns representative for the “Douglas Family Fun Run” came before the board to have their request appealed to hang a banner on the side of Gregory’s Restaurant on Main Street that was previously denied by the Building Commissioner. Debbie and Shannon Burns showed the banner to the Board after Debbie expressed her reasons for the appeal.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to approve the application for appeal. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All-aye.
7. Sign Permit Appeal-Douglas High School PTO
Pam Lavallee treasurer and representative of the PTO came before the board to have their request appealed that was previously denied by the Building Commissioner to have a
message board sign on the right hand side at the bottom of the high school drive.
Pam Lavallee answered the question raised by David A. Furno and Edward A. Therrien that there would be total visibility to the line of traffic on Davis Street.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to approve the application for appeal. Edward A. Therrien seconded the motion. All-aye.

8. Sign Permit Appeal-K2 Automotive
Kevin Stolte owner of K2 Automotive on 3 Glenn Street came before the board to have his request appealed to hang a banner on the building for the grand opening open house on Saturday. September 18, 2004. The banner will be taken down on Sunday, the day after the event.
Edward A. Therrien made a motion-okay to put up the banner. Richard E. Preston seconded the motion. All-aye.
Mr. Therrien mentioned that there is a glare from the sun reflecting from the vehicles parked on the Route 16 side of the building into the house across the street. Adelle Reynolds commented that Mr. Stolte should try and communicate with the owner of the house to try to correct the situation. Mr. Stolte also mentioned that he tried to park the vehicles at an angle to prevent this, but will certainly talk with the owner to try to correct the situation.
Sign Bylaw-Adelle Reynolds suggested the Board revisit the Sign Bylaw and recommended a possible change. The appeals aren’t unreasonable. She suggested doing a policy rather than a Bylaw for temporary vs. permanent sign. This would help in making things less time consuming for Adelle Reynolds and the Board of Selectmen.

9. Fire Chief Donald Gonynor-Fire Protection Safety/ISO Improvement
Chief Gonynor gave the board handouts regarding H.4550/FIRE SAFETY LEGISLATION and an evaluation/improvement report from ISO (Insurance Services Office, Inc.). He went through the ISO report explaining the credits and improvements suggested.
H.4450-AN ACT RELATIVE TO FIRE SAFETY IN THE COMMONWEALTH-Enhanced Sprinkler Requirements. Paula raised concern that churches (houses of worship) and educational buildings are considered exempt. Chief Gonynor suggested that when the Liquor Licenses come up for renewal the Fire Department should also be involved to make sure the establishments are safe and in compliance with all regulations.
New Truck-Talk regarding a bond issue the next five years. The truck would be customized for Douglas drivers.
Old Fire Station-Financially is not practical to do with the cost of updating the building and paying to man the station.
Add full timer-ALS (advanced life support) is requiring that a full time person be added to the department next year.
The shifts are being divided by the Chief and two other EMT’s Lt. Kent Vinson and Pauline LeBrecque so that 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday are covered. The Chief suggested starting funding for a full time person now.
Discussion-regarding purchasing a new ambulance vs. fixing the old one.

10. Octoberfest Appointment-Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the application to appoint JoAnn Griffin to the Octoberfest Committee (Douglas Festival Committee). Richard E. Preston seconded the motion. All-aye.
Richard E. Preston questioned the name of the committee-Octoberfest vs. Douglas Festival Committee, what name is it officially, when and who changed it?

11. Rezoning Petition- Reference made to Article 3 in the warrant for the Special Town Meeting on Monday, October 25, 2004.
Rezoning Petition-Motion made by Paula Brouillette to forward the Petition to the Planning Board. Richard E. Preston seconded the motion. All-aye.

12. Open Warrant for Special Town Meeting
Mike made an announcement to close the warrant on October 1, 2004 for the special town meeting on Monday, October 25, 2004 and handed out a Planning Schedule to the Board. Among the items to be discussed: several financial issues regarding the rezoning petition, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational High School as well as Capital issues. Mike will contact the Town Moderator-Jerome Jussaume as well as the school.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to hold the STM on Monday, October 25, 2004.
Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All-aye.

Richard E. Preston made a motion to open the warrant for the STM. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All-aye.

13. Town Use:
Villas at Eagle View-Request by Jean Woodford for permission to use the Resource Room either September 30th or October 14th, 2004 at 7:30 PM to meet with approximately 40-50 residents from Eagle View. The second date was chosen by the board.
The section to be filled out and signed by the Chief of Police was not done.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to approve the application subject to comments and restrictions by Police Chief Patrick Foley. David A. Furno seconded the motion. All-aye.

Douglas Family Fun Run-Request by Debbie Burns for permission to hold a five (5) mile road race beginning at the Post Office on Main Street to West Street on Sunday, September 26, 2004, starting at 11:15 AM to benefit the building of a town track.
Richard E. Preston made a motion to approve the application as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All-aye.

14. Boston Post Cane Certificate
A certificate for holding the honorary position of Eldest Resident in Douglas, Massachusetts was signed by the Board of Selectmen. Madam Chairman Shirley M. Mosczynski will present the certificate and a cane to Ms. Philomene M. Yacino residing at St. Camillus Nursing Home in Northbridge, Massachusetts on Friday, September 25, 2004 at 2:00 PM. The family has been notified so they may attend the presentation.

15. Administrator’s Report
Occupancy Permit Adelle Reynolds sent an Occupancy Permit dated August 27, 2004 to Consigli Construction Co. of Milford, Massachusetts in reference to the new Douglas High
School located at 33 Davis Street.

North Street Bridge-Mike informed the Board of Selectmen about the Traffic Study of the North Street Bridge that is in the “Read Folder” in the Selectmen’s office. The bridge is structurally in excellent condition.

There is concern for pedestrian safety as well as traffic safety and a suggestion is in the report to separate the sidewalk and the bridge, which could be a 3-5 year project.

Repaving of West Street-Mr. Therrien informed the Board that the project is already bid out and should be done in the next two weeks. The Highway Department will use their money and it will be replaced with the state money when that comes in.

16. Old/New Business-NONE

Four Town Meeting-Paula Brouillette mentioned the 4-Town Meeting to be held on Friday, September 10, 2004 at 10:00 AM at the Uxbridge Town Hall. Jane L. Brule will post the meeting with the Town Clerk tomorrow, Wednesday, September 8, 2004.
The group is working on a grant for the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor. Paula recommended Mike and herself as representatives from Douglas.

17. Adjournment-Paula Brouillette made a motion to adjourn at 8:25 PM. Richard E. Preston seconded the motion. All-aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Brule
Administrative Secretary
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