BOS - February 25, 2003 Workshop

BOS - February 25, 2003 Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Goals and Objectives
Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2003
Approved March 18, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. In attendance: Edward Therrien, Ron Forget, Rich Preston, Paula Brouillette, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

2. Approval of Minutes:
Shirley Mosczynski reminded the Board that there were two sets of Executive Session Minutes which needed to be approved.
• December 17, 2002 – Executive Session and February 3, 2003 – Executive Session: Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve and release the Executive Session minutes of December 17, 2002, and February 3, 2003 as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

3. Goals and Objectives:
Shirley Mosczynski started out by asking Ken Mahony if he had any questions about his evaluation or the letter from the Selectmen. Mr. Mahony had none.

The Board used the Executive Administrator – 2003 Annual Goals spread sheet compiled by Paula Brouillette, dated February 9, 2003 (included with minutes). Rich Preston asked if the goals run for the calendar year or with Mr. Mahony’s review cycle. Mr. Mahony suggested using the calendar year. The consensus of the Board was also to use the calendar year for planning goals, which is different than Mr. Mahony’s review cycle. Paula Brouillette explained the Executive Administrator – 2003 Annual Goals spreadsheet, explaining the left side is on-going/operational items and the right side is specific goals that may or may not go to the next year. She explained that these goals were taken from old Selectmen Meeting Minutes over the past 6 months.

• Present FY04 Road Plan: Edward Therrien had given a list to the Board for proposed work plan. This item is still in the annual goals for discussion on going forward; example: the North Street bridge. Ken Mahony talked about a road plan and how far the Board would like him to go with it. One suggestion was to give a list of roads that need work so Mr. Mahony can look at it in the spring. Ron Forget asked if the list of goals have been approved yet, he stated that looking at some of the goals; he does not feel they are prioritized. Rich Preston suggested going through the list, have the person who made the proposal explain why so they can better understand it, then prioritize them. Paula Brouillette stated that the plan from Edward Therrien was a short term solution, they still need to plan for future growth.

• Town Planner Recommendation: Shirley Mosczynski brought this item up. There was a question as to whether one was needed; it was brought up some time ago because there are problems. Ken Mahony stated that he would like to talk to Planning Board Chair Dick Vanden Berg first to see how they would use one before he make a recommendation. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she is just looking for a recommendation from Mr. Mahony. Rich Preston suggested looking at what a Planner does and compare it to the process we have in place now. See if it’s something we need. Ron Forget asked how this person would work into/with Economic Development Commission. Ken Mahony stated he would come back with a recommendation.

• Proposed “Unknown owner” land process: Ken Mahony stated that Conservation Agent Steve Zisk is making maps. Mr. Mahony will send them to a Peter Fester of Connecticut, to see what he can do with them. He explained that there are two types; unknown property and unpaid tax land. Shirley Mosczynski stated that this is in process. Ron Forget commented on a meeting with Mark Bobrowski, Mr. Bobrowski stated the Town should be pro-active on 40B, which is not on the goal list. Paula Brouillette stated that she would have no objection to add 40B. Shirley Mosczynski stated it’s on the end of the list under Affordable Housing recommendation.

• Conduct joint meeting with BOS/EDC: Shirley Mosczynski said she spoke with Economic Development Commission Chair Hal Davis to invite him to come talk to the Board, she told him that Mr. Mahony would call him. Shirley Mosczynski stated she thinks the Board should meet with them quarterly. Paula Brouillette stated she thinks there is a list of Committees/Boards they should meet with. She stated it could be part of the operational update. Ken Mahony said he did not think the Board understands EDC, stating it’s a process and he does not feel that he can do the increase tax base. Mr. Mahony feels that the Board has given him the responsibility with out the authority. He stated that EDC is not doing anything; stating that if people come in with questions, they should come see him. Paula Brouillette stated that is why it is a great goal; stating Mr. Mahony is the voice of the Board, to say what they want to put in place and Mr. Mahony can give them input on what to put in place. Rich Preston stated the goals need to be reasonable and obtainable; the Board needs to give Mr. Mahony “what” to do. Paula Brouillette stated that is where the “Develop Administrative Organization chart” item comes in. She said they appoint Boards and then never see them again. Paula Brouillette said that if the Board is serious about EDC they need to figure out steps to get there. Rich Preston stated they need to be more focused with Mr. Mahony. Paula Brouillette stated the reason EDC is on the goals list is because the last time EDC met with the Selectmen they were working on phase II. She feels the Board needs to understand where they are now, whether they have an up-date or any other information. Ron Forget stated that he would like to see EDC on Mr. Mahony’s Project Update.

• Grant Writer Recommendation: Mr. Mahony stated that he will have this recommendation in a couple of weeks, stating it’s needed for the website and state assistance.

• Develop Administrative Organization chart: Paula Brouillette brought up the Personnel Appointments; they need to be more organized. She said they need to look at what the Board is looking for from the committees. She asked Mr. Mahony to put together an organizational chart. Ron Forget stated that he has a problem with Selectmen sitting on other committees, and gave Shirley Mosczynski and Rich Preston sitting on Master Plan and Capital as an example. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she does not see a problem, Master Plan and Capital give recommendations, ZBA takes action. Rich Preston stated that the Selectmen do not understand the role and responsibilities of all Boards and Committees. He suggested the Board should also be careful of appointments. Rich Preston disagrees with Ron Forget, stating sometimes there are conflicts, but mostly they are a communication link between the two. Ron Forget stated that is the responsibility of the Board, to report back to the Selectmen. Shirley Mosczynski and Paula Brouillette agree with Rich Preston. Ken Mahony stated that in some communities each Selectman acts as a liaison to a certain number of committees and brings back information to the Selectmen. Mr. Mahony then asked if he can do two organizational charts, one showing how we operate, and one showing how we can operate; stating it may be May 30th before it’s done.

• Site Plan review recommendation: There was a question if this item should be with ZBA. Planning wanted it but they are very busy right now. Paula Brouillette suggested that maybe this item gets blended up with the organizational chart.

• Recommendations for Douglas Web Site: Consensus of the Board to remove this item.

• Prepare 5 year Capital Action Plan: Consensus of the Board that this item should be on the list.

• Present/Update 5 year Financial Plan: Consensus of the Board that this item should be on the list. Shirley Mosczynski stated this item was started with past Executive Administrator Mike Balch.

• Present initial research on transition to DPW: Paula Brouillette stated that Ken Mahony was going to get some information for the Board on this item. Ken Mahony stated that he has not been able to find any information. He said he could outline the implications and what it will do. He will not say that it is a plan of action and agrees with Edward Therrien that there is not enough money. Shirley Mosczynski stated initially the item is for research. Rich Preston asked why a DPW is needed and asked for information stating why we would need one. Paula Brouillette gave an example of the Martin Road project; it will go nowhere with out a DPW, stating we can not get grant money with out a DPW. Rich Preston stated those are the type of things he would like to see, “the whys”. Paula Brouillette stated that maybe a DPW is something we say is 5 years down the road, suggesting a time line be created. Ron Forget stated he looks at it like two towns with the same school administrator; down the road you need more staffing and until we have the money it can’t be done. Ken Mahony stated he will provide the advantages and the disadvantages. Shirley Mosczynski agreed that is what they need from him. Ken Mahony stated that there may be duplication, but no redundancies.

• Apply for grants for Downtown Improvements: It was stated that this falls within the Grant Writer. Paula Brouillette stated that the Downtown Improvement Committee is doing the second half of their study and that’s how this came up; assuming there will be some outcome from it. Ken Mahony suggested taking “grants” out and leaving “Downtown Improvements”.

• Recommendation / Review personnel management: Paula Brouillette stated this is the same as the organizational chart, we don’t have a personnel book, but need one. Rich Preston stated it needs to be streamlined. Paula Brouillette suggested the first step; determine how we relate to personnel. Ken Mahony stated he will not do this alone; we have a personnel committee.

• Municipal Building Review and recommendation: Shirley Mosczynski pointed out that at the Selectmen’s last meeting, the date for completion on this item was changed to March 18, 2003. Rich Preston suggested review on adapting Town Building for municipal use, stating each department also needs to be assessed of their needs.

• Financial Organization review and recommendations: This item came about due to discussion of a financial director. The Board would like review and recommendation.

• DPW recommendation: Ken Mahony stated he would like to omit this item.

• Update on School Contract negotiation: Consensus to keep this item. Paula Brouillette stated she would like to be included on this item this time.

• Increase Commercial Tax Base from current level: Paula Brouillette shared some figures with the Board. Douglas evaluation is 540 million, 20 million is commercial property. If you want the commercial tax base level to increase to 10%, you would have to add 25 million of commercial property. She thinks Master Plan also came up with these numbers. She feels it’s an aggressive target. Ron Forget stated there is no way we can get this and it scares him. Paula Brouillette stated she is only asking what it will take to achieve a 10% increase to the commercial / industrial tax level; what plans need to be put in place to make this happen and what does it mean to increase our base. Ken Mahony said if it is stated as a goal; it’s a good proposal to use for EDC. He said the rule of thumb for Douglas is 35% for non-residential. He also stated it will not be done in a week, there are water and sewer problems that have to be addressed. Paula Brouillette suggested changing proposal to “plan” for increase. Rich Preston stated that the figures Paula Brouillette presented are eye opening, and then stated that the way our zoning is, we will never get there.

Concerning the items on the left side of the spread sheet, Paula Brouillette suggested Ken Mahony put together a check list. Ken Mahony stated he has no problem doing them but stated he is only one person and is doing his own typing. Paula Brouillette said she would like to see the financials and suggested some tasks be delegated. Rich Preston stated that on December 2003, Ken Mahony will have a review, and wondered what Mr. Mahony will bring to the Board. He asked if the Board is being too vague with their goals and objectives. Rich Preston also stated he does not feel there is a consensus of the Board to give Ken Mahony direction on EDC, or a specific charge. Paula Brouillette stated they need more discussion as a Board to figure out what they want to have Ken Mahony do.

4. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 10:01 pm. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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