BOS - March 25, 2003 Budget Workshop

BOS - March 25, 2003 Budget Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Budget Workshop
March 25, 2003
Approved April 15, 2003

1. Call to order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens in attendance: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Finance Committee Chair Pam Holmes, Mitch Cohen, and T&G reporter Steve Foskett.

2. Budget Overview:
Rich Mathieu passed out a packet entitled FY04 General Fund Expenditure Budget, dated March 25, 2003. He explained that the Town has a $1,747,119.69 operating deficit. Blackstone Vocational High School has not presented a budget yet. Paula Brouillette noted that the March 3rd summary is different. Rich Mathieu stated the reason is because of revised Cherry Sheet differences. Ken Mahony explained that the third page entitled Town of Douglas – Revenue Breakdown of the hand out was done after a request from Paula Brouillette. Rich Mathieu stated that choice out is a figure on the Cherry Sheet that reduces the Cherry Sheet. They took choice out from this page. If they were to put it in with the Health Insurance line; the Town would be in the black by $800,000. Mr. Mathieu stated that this is the third or fourth year trying to maintain a flat budget; this year is less then flat. Ken Mahony stated they have spoken to all the departments explaining there may be more cuts. He does not think it will be 20% as the state proposes. He said the Departments know they may have to take another 5% cut. Mr. Mahony stated they have the Town budget in a holding pattern; they have to sit and see what revenues will be. We are 1.7 million short; there is no way to raise that from taxes except at some level of an over ride, again stating there is no way to get 1.7 million out of the budget. Shirley Mosczynski asked if he was saying that he has asked everyone to cut 5% and Mr. Mahony stated that he has only asked them to prepare for that.

3. Budget Review by Departments:
• General Fund - Selectmen:
Shirley Mosczynski had questions on the full-time wages. Ken Mahony stated that all amounts budgeted were with a one step increase and no cost of living (COLA). Paula Brouillette asked about salary changes that are over 2.75%. Rich Mathieu stated that they could be contracts. Under Town Counsel Expenses, Ken Mahony stated that we have been doing very well and he feels we can make the reduction on this line item. On Liability Insurance, Ken Mahony stated he anticipates the premium will go up 1% due to all the movies the boards will watch in order to receive credits.
• Finance Committee: On the Reserve Fund, Ken Mahony had suggested the increase in the Reserve Fund.
• Accountant: Rich Mathieu explained that Debby Harris has been put in for a two step increase. Ken Mahony explained that she has worked out substantially well and she took a big cut to come here.
• Assessors: Rich Mathieu explained that the part-time person will get a multi step increase due to an increase in hours. The Wages – Other line is the stipend for the Assessors. Paula Brouillette asked if some of the salary increase was due to the revaluation. Rich Mathieu stated that as far as he knows it is not. Ken Mahony explained that they are using Lister/Measurer Pat Curtis a lot more. Rich Mathieu explained that her salary requirement for FY04 is under the Overtime Line. He explained that although it is not a true “overtime” expense he is trying to keep each salary requirement as an individual line item. Shirley Mosczynski asked what the Contractual Services line is for. Rich Mathieu explained it is for software, a copier and reassessment software.
• Assessors – Revaluation: Ken Mahony stated he would like to see this amount go up by 1/3 each year. Rich Mathieu stated that would be a good policy.
• Treasures: Rich Mathieu stated the salary for the Treasurer is an agreement with the Board and due to certification of the Treasurer. There was a question about the actual expenditure of Office Supplies, Rich Mathieu stated that he needs to do some internal GL transfers and this may be one, he will talk to the Treasurer.
• Tax Titles: Ken Mahony stated there is a change in Attorney’s; he’s not sure what difference that will make.
• Technology: Rich Preston asked why the reduction in this budget. Rich Mathieu explained that the salary was for John Ducharme. Now that Rich Mathieu is managing the computers that line is not needed. He stated they were able to do some good pre-purchasing and the change to Charter gave some savings. They will not need a server for the website. He does plan to do ongoing maintenance and upgrading of PC’s.
• Town Clerk: Ken Mahony stated this is another adjustment of 1/3rd. The Other Pay line is for the Registrars. Shirley Mosczynski asked why the increase in the Miscellaneous line. Rich Mathieu explained that it is for additional voting booths. Per MGL, we are required to have a certain number of booths per voting public.
• Tax Collector: Rich Mathieu explained that the Other Pay line is for Former Town Collector Ann Burgess who comes in for help and support. He explained the Contractual Service line is for Unibank; he thinks it is for the lockbox, as well as Kelly & Ryan Deputy Collectors and CDS. The miscellaneous line is for office and copier supplies.
• Tax Taking: Rich Mathieu explained that the Miscellaneous line is for Tax Titles.
• Community Development: Rich Mathieu explained that wages are all one step increases. Paula Brouillette questioned the Contractual Service line. Rich Mathieu stated he would have to get back to her; he does not have their details. Ken Mahony stated he feels it may be to bring in an engineer if needed.
• Planning: There was a question as to why there is expenditure in the Advertising line yet there is nothing budgeted for that line. Rich Mathieu will have to get back to them.
• Conservation: This budget is remaining the same.
• ZBA: Shirley Mosczynski asked what the Contractual Service line is for. Rich Mathieu stated he has not received the detail from Community Development. Ken Mahony stated it’s to hire Engineers for site plan reviews. Rich Mathieu stated he will get back to them.
• Master Plan: Ken Mahony stated that $12,000 was encumbered for Mark Bobrowski.
• Conservation Wetland Protection: Ken Mahony stated he thinks things are re-classified some where else.
• Open Space: Rich Mathieu stated the Contractual Service line was changed to Miscellaneous.
• Town Buildings: Rich Mathieu stated the salary line is a one step increase. Ken Mahony stated this account bothers him – there is so much that needs doing; hazardous waste down stairs, chimneys need to be re-capped, etc. We have not been able to do comprehensive work. Rich Mathieu pointed out that some of the Contractual Services have been shifted over to the Miscellaneous line.
• Moderator: This account stays the same.
• Octoberfest / Celebration: This account stays the same.
• Memorial Day: Rich Mathieu stated that some money was encumbered from Veterans Director for flags. He is not really sure who is responsible for this account.
• Sealer Weights & Measures: Ken Mahony stated that contracting this out is working quite well.
• Police: Rich Mathieu stated the Police have a 6% contractual increase. Ken Mahony stated the part-time police compensation scale will be on the warrant this year. He stated the Chief has lost a few people. Rich Mathieu explained that he put the police salaries in as a lump sum figure. Paula Brouillette asked where we are on the Police cruiser lease. No one was sure.
• Fire: Ken Mahony stated the only change is the money to recharge the air-packs, he is hoping it will be from free cash and he has not put it into the budget. Shirley Mosczynski asked what is in the Equipment/Capital Item line. Rich Mathieu stated he will get back to her with the details.
• Ambulance: Ken Mahony stated they put in one additional part-time person in this account. The number of ambulance calls has increased and we are using the second ambulance more than we had wanted to; this increases the budget by 26,500. Rich Mathieu stated he will update the budget books on Friday. Paula Brouillette requested that they look at Ambulance Receipts and Expenditures also. Rich Mathieu stated that is a policy the Town should continue. Paula Brouillette stated they need to look at the impact to purchasing equipment.
• Building Inspector: Rich Mathieu reported that one person in the department has a two step increase budgeted.
• Tree Department: This account stays the same.
• Board of Health: Ken Mahony stated that the BOH feels that if there are any cuts; they can not operate on a personnel stand point. He stated the nurse is doing a great job. The majority of the Miscellaneous line is mosquito control and sub-division reviews. They drop pellets in the basins and would like to do a second spraying.
• Nursing Service: There is no increase in step or COLA.
• Animal Inspector: This account stays the same.
• Council On Aging: Rich Mathieu reported that there is a one step increase in the Wages line. Ken Mahony stated that there will be an adjustment to it. Shirley Mosczynski questioned the reduction in the Miscellaneous line for FY04. Rich Mathieu stated that Alyssa Graveson spent a lot of time to produce her breakdown. There was a question why the Directors Wages only went up $30. Rich Mathieu explained that she was not being paid by the schedule that was set up. He will get back to them on it.
• Veterans: Ken Mahony reported that the Vet’s Director had resigned. They would be interviewing new applicants.

4. Adjournment:
Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 7:30 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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