BOS - April 15, 2003

BOS - April 15, 2003

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Board of Selectmen
April 15, 2003

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Master Plan Implementation Committee - Appointment

7:30 pm
5. Economic Development - Discussion

6. School Budget - Discussion

7. Election Warrant - Approve

8. Warrant Articles – Review and Insert

9. Goals and Objectives - Overview

10. Minutes: March 25, 2003 Budget Workshop
April 1, 2003 Budget Workshop
April 1, 2003 Regular Session

11. Administrators Report

12. Old / New Business

13. Adjournment
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2003
Approved May 20, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Ron Forget was excused.

Also in attendance: Fire Chief Don Gonynor, Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Economic Development Chair Hal Davis, EDC members Carol Hutnack Gogolinski, David Branagan, Cliff Van Reed, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
Shirley Mosczynski announced that she had gone to the Milford Regional Hospital Ground Breaking ceremony for a $45 million, 54,500 square foot addition and renovation project.

3. Citizens Forum:
This item was passed over.

4. Master Plan Implementation Committee – Appointment:
In the agenda packet is a letter to the Board of Selectmen from Master Plan Implementation Committee Chair, Paul Peterson, dated April 2, 2003; Application for Boards and Commissions for Robert B. Werme Jr. for the Master Plan Implementation Committee, dated April 2, 2003; email correspondence between Suzanne Kane and Paul Peterson. Rich Preston made a motion to appoint Robert B. Werme Jr. to the Master Plan Implementation Committee for a term ending June 30, 2003. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

5. Economic Development – Discussion:
Economic Development Commission Chair Hal Davis, and EDC members Carol Hutnack Gogolinski, David Branagan, and Cliff Van Reed came before the board to give an update on their progress. Hal Davis stated they are currently involved in 5 areas. The first area is the Carter Burgess study; Phase I which is economic development, the second phase of the study is going forward and should be complete in 6 weeks to 2 months. The second area is to retain an individual to do an ECD Web page which will be part of the Town Web site. They hope to have it in operation by mid summer. The third area is a Public Work Economic Development (PWED) application for the Cliff Street Property. Area four is to arrange a tour for central brokers and developers of Douglas. The tour would include key areas and lunch. Mr. Davis stated that he has done this informally before. Area five is zoning and re-zoning which involves work with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals on changes. They may ask Carter Burgess to look at the changes for a contractor’s point of view. Rich Preston stated that now is the time to do that; the Bylaws are in the final draft phase. Paula Brouillette thanked the Commission for all their work. She asked about the property on the 146 side; what’s the perception on commercial and industrial prospects. Hal Davis stated it should be exposed as much as possible to see if anyone is interested. Shirley Mosczynski stated that side is what prompted sewer update. Hal Davis stated there is no invested interest from one side to the other; they are going with what is of interest to the developers. Paula Brouillette explained about the communities that have been getting together and talking about 146. She wondered if he had any thought of how to look at this land in cooperation with other Towns; how to maximize the area given there are lots of boundary lines. Hal Davis suggested doing common promotion and marketing. He also stated that property tax interferes; the tax dollar stops at the Town line. Shirley Mosczynski assured the EDC that these meetings are not intended to take the job away from the EDC. Hal Davis replied that he did not feel that way. Concerning the link for the Douglas Web site, Rich Preston asked if they could put something up sooner stating the Town Web site is up now. Hal Davis guessed that maybe by May or June. Ken Mahony stated they could put a link on the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) Web site; they have the money. Paula Brouillette asked if the second phase is the development of a business park. Hal Davis answered it is a preliminary plan of a park to speed up the process for a developer to see if they could use the property. Hal Davis offered to come back the end of June for an update to the Board.

6. School Budget – Discussion:
Town Accountant Rich Mathieu handed out a worksheet entitled “Comparison of FY04 Expense Budget Projection to FY04 Revenue Forecast” and figures for “Free Cash – Available for FY03 Usage”. Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony if he had invited anyone from the School and he answered that he had not but he asked Rich Mathieu to come and go over the entire budget. Rich Mathieu stated he came up with the figures not using any stabilization fund or over ride. He explained that the first page includes a proposed budget from the school; when the State releases their numbers the School will have a better idea on what they will need. He stated the free cash on the second page is higher and will buy the Town 12 months. Paula Brouillette thanked everyone, stating it’s been a long time working on this budget. Rich Mathieu stated the State is not doing anyone any favors this year. Shirley Mosczynski reported she, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, School Superintendent Connie Verge, Finance Committee Chair Pam Holmes, and School Committee Chair John Durkin met to discuss the overall situation of the budget; to try to get everyone working together wanting what’s good for the schools and keeping all employees employed. Ken Mahony stated the meeting went on for three hours. Rich Preston asked if there was a time line from the Senate for the numbers. Ken Mahony said he was given the 24th of April. He said State Rep. Paul Kujawski said they may come out with some in May and the State will probably veto it; then the real cuts start. Rich Preston asked what the Payment of Capital Authorization from the Free Cash sheet was. Ken Mahony stated it was from this years roof repairs, etc. He stated that this is our sponge; they don’t have to use it. Ken Mahony also stated they are not using all of free cash; they are leaving some. Paula Brouillette said they need to look at a policy for use of free cash. This figure represents two years of free cash. Ken Mahony commended the departments for keeping their expenses down and Rich Preston stated he appreciates everyone’s work. Shirley Mosczynski suggested a joint meeting with the School and Finance Committee when there are more figures. Paula Brouillette asked if Black Stone Valley Regional High School was still budgeting their request. Rich Mathieu stated it will be 30% or $300,000 over net school spending; a reduction due to fewer students. Ken Mahony suggested delaying the Annual Town meeting until June 23rd, stating it would get them closer to real numbers. Shirley Mosczynski stated they should go ahead with the non-financial part of the Town Meeting. Rich Preston stated he had no objections. Paula Brouillette was concerned about the “what if’s”. Rich Preston made a motion to move the Financial part of the Town Meeting to June 23, 2003. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

7. Election Warrant – Approve:
Taken after item 4 due to available time. In the agenda packet is a copy of the Warrant for Annual Town Election, Tuesday, May 13, 2003. Shirley Mosczynski read the Warrant as presented. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the Warrant for the Douglas Annual Town Election, Tuesday, May 13, 2003 as presented. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Board signed the warrant.

8. Warrant Articles – Review and Insert:
In the agenda packet is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated April 8, 2003, re: 2003 Annual Town Meting Warrant Articles; Annual Town Meeting Article List; and a copy of each article.
• Article 15 - Accept G.L. Fire Prevention: Fire Chief Don Gonynor was present to speak on this article. Chief Gonynor explained MGL Chapter 148, § 26E Residential buildings or structures; installation of smoke detectors, MGL Chapter 148, § 26F – Residential buildings or structures; equipping with smoke detectors upon sale or transfer, MGL Chapter 148, § 26G – Buildings or additions; automatic suppressant or sprinkler systems; MGL Chapter 148, § 26H – Lodging or boarding houses; automatic sprinkler systems; and MGL Chapter 148, § 26I – Multiple dwelling units; new construction; automatic sprinkler systems. He stated that there has been talk that the National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) 1 fire code standards would be used starting January 2004 and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR’s) would be thrown out. Rich Preston said the article needs to show that it amends the Bylaw.
• Article 16 - Accept G.L. – Power of Fire Chief: Fire Chief Don Gonynor also spoke on this article. He stated that even after adopting this article, the Board of Selectmen would still run the Town. Ken Mahony stated that in his opinion the Fire Chief should be appointed for as long as he does his job; he apposes the Strong Chief in both Fire and Police. He does not believe in having three personnel people working in Town. He suggested that when Chief Gonynor’s appointment is up, the Board should appoint him like they did Town Engineer Bill Cundiff or the Town Accountant Rich Mathieu. He stated that if they would do that; he would appose the Article, but if they want to do it every year, he will support it. Chief Gonynor stated the Town has never adopted either a Strong Chief or a Weak Chief. Edward Therrien stated he would like the whole Board to act on this, and suggested waiting until all members were present. Chief Gonynor asked that at least some sections of Chapter 42 be adopted. Edward Therrien then stated he thinks Chief Gonynor’s appointment should be a three year appointment. Rich Preston stated they have to put the Article on the Warrant as long as the department has submitted it. Shirley Mosczynski asked Chief Gonynor if he feels there should be more investigation on this matter. Chief Gonynor stated he can work with Mr. Mahony.
• Article 1 - Mass Electric Easement: Paula Brouillette asked if this was the only easement the Board had to deal with on the High School. Ken Mahony answered yes; it has to be done at the Annual Town Meeting not a Special Town Meeting. They have a license, now they have to do this.
• Article 2: Condemnation: There was a question about the blanks in the Article. Ken Mahony explained this is for the Rt. 16 widening project. The State got the money from the Federal Government. Engineering came in with a 20% design. They then found they needed construction easements and one taking. They need 1,000 sq feet of this land. One option was to take a rock wall and move it, which was estimated at $280,000. They looked at a different way to handle; acquire one un-buildable lot. The Town will have to pay for the lot but they will not have to touch the wall or have it maintained. This will be in budget with the State if they don’t touch the wall. Mr. Mahony explained that they are in the process of getting the numbers for this article. Appraisers are working on the amounts.
• Article 3 - Douglas Land Corp.: Ken Mahony explained that this is land on Rt. 16. They still have to pull a car out. Shirley Mosczynski asked whose flat beds are now parked on the property. Edward Therrien thinks they belong to the person next door to the property; he will check on it. Shirley Mosczynski stated this is under litigation and the vehicles need to be removed.
• Article 4 – Fire Dept. Air Pack Recharger: Ken Mahony explained that the air packs died; they will be transferring from available funds. Paula Brouillette stated she does not want to see Capital Items like this as stand alone articles, it should be under the Capital Improvement budget funded in FY04. Ken Mahony stated he will pull the article. Rich Preston asked Mr. Mahony to make sure it was ok with Chief Gonynor to pull the article.
• Article 5 – Ranger T.I.F.: Ken Mahony explained that this T.I.F. has already been approved by the Board.
• Article 6 – E.O.A. Application: Ken Mahony explained that this is for the T.I.F. He has not brought the E.O.A. Application to the Board yet.
• Article 7 – Camar T.I.F.: Ken Mahony explained that this T.I.F. has already been approved by the Board.
• Article 8A – Senior Work Off Program Amount Increase: Ken Mahony explained that this is from the Assessors Office. Paula Brouillette stated the article should read amending “General Bylaws”, it should be in the article and should be standard practice.
• Article 8B – Elderly – Clause 41C Exemption Options: Ken Mahony explained that this is from the Assessors Office.
•Article 9 – Wetland Bylaw: Ken Mahony explained that the Conservation Commission missed their meeting because of the storm. They did not have it reviewed by Town Counsel. He does not have the bylaw yet.
• Article 10 – Oak Street – Scenic Road: No discussion on this article. Paula Brouillette asked that the Selectmen’s Office copy information on both sides of the paper.
• Article 11 – Hobby Kennel Bylaw Change: Paula Brouillette asked to know who has submitted the articles. Mr. Mahony explained that Animal Control Officer Jay O’Connor and Town Clerk Christine Furno worked on this together.
• Article 12 – Tucker Landing – Public Way: This item was presented to the Board at a Public Hearing at which they accepted the road, now it has to go before the Town.
• Article 13 – Gift of Land – Parcel 107-4: Ken Mahony stated this land is below Cliff Street. Shirley Mosczynski asked if Mr. Mahony could get a title search before Town Meeting; she has a concern if we don’t get a clear title. She stressed that Mr. Mahony needs to make sure there is not 21E, oil or hazardous material; she remembers there was some contamination in that area. Ken Mahony stated he took this to the attorney and it was written by the attorney. Paula Brouillette asked if a title search should be done first. Ken Mahony explained that once passed by the Town, the Board can accept it or not. Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony to check on the 21E.
• Article 14 – Kennel License Fee Bylaw Change: Ken Mahony explained that Animal Control Officer Jay O’Connor and Town Clerk Christine Furno worked on this together.
• Article 17 – None: Ken Mahony explained that he removed this article.
• Article 18 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §3 Loitering: Ken Mahony explained that all the Bylaw changes were prompted by the Selectmen’s request for Departments to review the Bylaws. These are clean up articles.
• Article 19 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §5 Obstructing Visibility: Same as above.
• Article 20 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §8 Public Drinking: Same as above.
• Article 21 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §8 Profanity: Same as above.
• Article 22 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §16 Inconsistency Penalty / Fines.: Same as above.
• Article 23 – Bylaw Change – Police Dept. Article 3, §2 Parade Permit: Same as above.
• Article 24 – Personnel Bylaw Classification & Update: No discussion.
• Article 25 – School Department Municipal Medicaid: This article was submitted by the School department. Ken Mahony explained that the attorney said there are only two ways to do this. The amount was $31,000 for FY03.
• Article 26 – Health Dept. – Transfer of Funds: No discussion.
• Article 27 – FY04 Transfer Station Enterprise Fund: The article written states “Free Cash”, Ken Mahony stated they do not have free cash.
• Article 28 – Transfer from Overlay BOH: Ken Mahony stated he thinks this should be transferred to Assessors, he will get back to them.
• Article 29 – Prior Year Bills: Ken Mahony stated that these are bills from FY02.
• Article 30 – Withdrawn.
• Article 31 – Planning Board & Engineering G.L. 44, §53E, • Article 32 – Conservation G.L. 44, §53E, and • Article 33 – Zoning G.L. 44, §53E: Rich Preston stated he had thought 53E’s were already set up but it was going into the General Fund so they can hold it. He asked if there was any oversight over these committees. Ken Mahony stated the Treasurer oversees these accounts.
• Article 34 – Recurring Business: Ken Mahony stated that these are boiler plate article that come up every year.
• Article 35 – Funding for Rt. 16 Taking: Ken Mahony stated he is waiting for the appraisal numbers from the engineer before this one is written.
• Article 36 – Blackstone Valley Regional Appropriation: Paula Brouillette asked what the process would be if their recommended number is other than what is recommended by the Blackstone Valley Regional High School. Ken Mahony stated the Finance Committee would recommend it. Shirley Mosczynski asked him to double check.
• Article 37 – Municipal Tax Amnesty Program: Ken Mahony explained that he had put this article in and he will authorize the Board to take it out. He feels we owe it to our citizen. Rich Preston asked if it has a definitive window of when it ends. Ken Mahony stated December ’03. Rich Mathieu suggested 50%. Paula Brouillette stated she would like to see more analysis on this. Ken Mahony stated he would get it.
• Article 38 – FY04 Water / Sewer Enterprise Fund: There was no discussion on this article.
• Article 39 – Capital Improvement: The only change on this is to change the date range from FY03-08 to FY04-09.
• Article 40 – Bylaw Change – Video: Rich Preston submitted this article. He feels it would be beneficial to the Public. He recommended a change in the wording.
• Article 41 through Article 44: These are all financial. It was noted that Article 44 – FY04 Transfer Station Enterprise Fund was the same as Article 27 – Transfer Station Enterprise Fund. Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony to double check on this stating Article 27 seems to be more complete.
• Article 45 – Capital Improvement Committee Bylaw Change (reduction): This article was put in by Mitch Cohen, Capital Improvement Chair.
• End FY04 Items: This item was put in by Rich Mathieu.
Shirley Mosczynski stated that the articles need to be cleaned up.

9. Goals and Objectives – Overview:
In the agenda packet is the Executive Administrators – 2003 Annual Goals, as of March 5, 2003; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated April 3, 2003, re: 1st Quarter 2003 update, Goals and Objectives; and a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated April 8, 2003, re: Recommendation regarding the position of Town Planner. Taken out of order after item 7 due to time.
• Quarterly Financial Update: Ken Mahony stated the quarterly updates are done through February. Town Treasurer Sharon Brotherton is out, they will be completed once she is back. Paula Brouillette had a question on the excise tax; she asked if the revenue is what they expected. Rich Mathieu stated the commitment is there, collecting depends on the economy; the big commitment did come in.
• Maintain Annual Calendar of Town Business: Shirley Mosczynski commented on the Calendar that Suzanne Kane put together and asked the Board to give any suggestions to her.
• Town Planner Recommendation: Shirley Mosczynski thanked Mr. Mahony for his comments and asked that this item be kept on the burner. Ken Mahony stated that he received a packet from Town Engineer Bill Cundiff on the Aquifer Protection which he as given to the Board for their review and will placed on the next agenda. Paula Brouillette stated that item is part of a multi year plan and recommended its inclusion of the 5 year budget plan.
• Proposed “Unknown Owner” Land: Ken Mahony reported that he has discovered a local person who is willing to do this. He has spoken to Town Counsel to see if we can meet requirements, stating there will be no payment unless something is produced. Shirley Mosczynski stated they need to make sure that is what they want before continuing. Paula Brouillette asked how much acreage is involved. Ken Mahony is not sure but stated there is a list. Paula Brouillette stated it is good to get a feel of what this will do for the Town as far as revenues; it could be a significant amount of money. She suggested having Ken Mahony look into how much land and how much money it could bring in for the next meeting. Ken Mahony stated he would do it, but he would like more time. Rich Preston agreed to have them looked at; stating some could be put in a Municipal Land Bank for future use. Paula Brouillette stated she is looking at property that has no owner and no taxes are being paid, property that has zero value. Rich Preston suggested they also clear up other unknown lots.
• Municipal Buildings: Rich Preston noted that in his letter, Mr. Mahony stated he would take the summer to do a space review; he asked if it will really take that long. Mr. Mahony stated his time and staff time are swamped. Rich Preston stated that he does not want to see the buildings sit idle and offered his time. Ken Mahony stated that he feels he has met this goal and is now going into the next step. Rich Preston stated he feels Mr. Mahony is on target as far as time, but again does not want to see the buildings sit. Paula Brouillette stated she does not feel this goal is complete; she feels it should be part of the 5 year plan to see how we are going to use the buildings. She feels Mr. Mahony has only done one step of the goal. Ken Mahony stated that if they think his job is one that he can schedule one hour here and there, they do not understand his job. Shirley Mosczynski asked that some time be scheduled at their next meeting to go over the goals and objectives. Ken Mahony asked that he be allowed to manage his time. It was decided to place this item on the agenda for the second meeting in May. On the buildings, Paula Brouillette stated the Board needs to give direction as to what they want the buildings to be used for; stating she has found some funding sources for the Old Elementary School. Rich Preston stated they need to know what the space requirements are for the buildings current and future use. Paula Brouillette stated she thinks some of that has already been done; she has sat with Mr. Mahony and gone over floor plans of the buildings. Rich Preston stated he is looking for refined space needs and Paula Brouillette stated she is looking for a gross estimate.
• Fy04 Road Plan: Ken Mahony reported that he is working on this item.
• Grant Writer: Ken Mahony stated he has selected a Grant Writer and she is under contract. Shirley Mosczynski stated she does not know who the person is. Ken Mahony reported that her name is Carla Cataldo; she is under retainer for a few days working on the Skate Park, and the PWED. Shirley Mosczynski asked for a memo from Mr. Mahony stating who she is. Ken Mahony stated he spoke about it at a past meeting. Shirley Mosczynski stated they have nothing in writing. Paula Brouillette stated she would like to know what areas they are looking to go after. Ken Mahony stated the first is to look at boiler plates, the second is to get Carla Cataldo’s knowledge of Community Development; he is looking for infrastructure grants. Paula Brouillette asked for a list of what they will be going after. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. Mahony to keep the Board updated in writing.

10. Minutes:
• March 25, 2003 - Budget Workshop:
Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the minutes of March 25, 2003 – Budget Workshop. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.
• April 1, 2003 – Budget Workshop: Paula Brouillette made a motion to approve the minutes of April 1, 2003 – Budget Workshop. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Rich Preston abstained (he was not present for that part of the meeting) all others – aye.
• April 1, 2003 – Regular Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of April 1, 2003 as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

11. Administrators Report:
• Granutec trailer:
Ken Mahony reported that there will be a meeting with Granutec on Monday at 10:00 am.
• ELC Windows: Ken Mahony reported that the window work will begin on Monday in the Early Learning Center.
• Gilford Sign: Ken Mahony stated that Building Inspector Adelle Reynolds came to him because there is no appeal or review process outlined in the Sign Bylaws. Gilford of Maine wants to put up a new sign that is non-conforming; Adelle Reynolds does not have the authority to act on the expansion so she would like the Board to handle the appeal. Rich Preston agreed that in this situation she doesn’t have authority; stating is could just be a matter of a simple wording change in the Bylaw. He asked Ken Mahony to check with Town Council.

12. Old / New Business:
• Policy for Website:
Shirley Mosczynski reminded Ken Mahony about the policy for the Town Website.
• Board / Committee Meeting Attendance: Shirley Mosczynski noted that they had received a request for assistance from a Board with a member who was not attending meetings. She would like the Board to pursue establishing a policy. Ken Mahony stated he will present some alternatives. Paula Brouillette stated they should look at it as criteria for the annual appointments.
• School Government Week: Rich Preston reported that the schools had “in class” studies last week; this week Town Officials will be visiting. Thursday is the Town Government Fair. Residents are welcome.
• Safety Committee: Ken Mahony stated he has the minutes done.
• MIIA Video: Shirley Mosczynski reported that part of the MIIA Loss Control program is that one of the Board must view a video and present it to the Board. She stated she would view the video.
• Information Flyer: Paula Brouillette stated that the residents that live on the Town line can not get the information flyer from bulk mailing. She asked that Mr. Mahoney look into getting a list of the residents. Suzanne Kane stated it would be easier to get a list of the address rather than the residents, then a data base could be created with minimal maintenance.

13. Adjournment:
Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 10:30 pm. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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