BOS - May 20, 2003

BOS - May 20, 2003

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Agenda
May 20, 2003

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizens Forum

7:15 pm
4. Fire Department Appointment – Chief Gonynor

5. FY04 Budget

6. Veterans Director

7. Conducting Public Meetings Presentation - Shirley Mosczynski

8. Goals and Objectives

9. Minutes: April 15, 2003

10. Administrators Report

11. Old / New Business

12. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items to date:
• June 3rd:
Tim Harrison (7:30) and review Annual Appointments
• June 17th : EDC Update
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2003
Approved August 5, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other Staff and Citizens in attendance: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Fire Chief Donald Gonynor, Kent Vinson, John Furno, and Christine Furno.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Shirley Mosczynski gave her condolences to the Martinsen family at the passing of former Selectmen Edward M. Martinsen.
• Shirley Mosczynski announced the Memorial Day Parade will be Sunday, May 25th at 1:00 pm.
• Shirley Mosczynski announced that the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission will be having a 40th Anniversary Celebration, June 19th at the Pleasant Valley Country Club, in Sutton.
• Shirley Mosczynski announced that the Douglas Board of Health will be holding an Emergency Medical Plan Meeting. Rich Preston stated he will attend.

3. Citizens Forum:
No citizen came forward.

4. Fire Department Appointment – Chief Gonynor:
In the agenda packet is a letter to Ken Mahony, from Chief Gonynor, dated May 1, 2003, re: Deputy Chief Appointment. Chief Gonynor has a vacancy for the position of Deputy Chief in his department due to the retirement of Michael Cahill. He had two Captains apply for the position. Both were given a written test and were interviewed by three Chiefs from neighboring towns. Although the results were almost equal, their recommendation to Chief Gonynor was to appoint Captain John Furno. Chief Gonynor concurred. Chief Gonynor explained that one of the duties of Deputy Chief is to run the operations of the Fire Department in his absence. Edward Therrien made a motion to approve the appointment of Captain John Furno to position of Deputy Chief. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

5. FY04 Budget:
In the agenda packet is a memo to the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee, from Ken Mahony, dated May 12, 2003, re: FY04 Budget; Draft Recommendations of FY2004 budget, Option 1, dated May 12, 2003; Draft Recommendations of FY2004 budget, Option 2, dated May 12, 2003; and a memo to the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated May 12, 2003, re: $25,000 Capital Items Request. Rich Mathieu came to the Board to explain that they would have a balanced budget if they use one of the two options presented in the agenda. Ken Mahony suggested they use option 1 and Rich Mathieu concurred. Shirley Mosczynski said they were still waiting for information from the School and asked if they have it yet. Rich Mathieu stated they do. Paula Brouillette asked if option 2 pays off the entire Capital Project, and what is the rational for going for bonds. Ken Mahony explained. Rich Mathieu reported that April cash receipts came in today. Rich Preston asked if they could borrow money and carry the debt over to FY05. Ken Mahony said that if it was close in FY05, they have FY06. Paula Brouillette commented on the Schools $180,000 funding increase in operational costs and asked what the implications are if next year the budget is the same; wouldn’t they need $180,000 again? Even if they could cover ½ with new growth, it’s a dangerous president to walk down. Paula Brouillette asked if there was any recommendation to cut $180,000. Ken Mahony suggested passing it over to the school. He stated they have been told there is another Early Retirement option coming through and Connie Verge has a number of personnel that would take advantage of it. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. Mahony if he thought anyone on the Municipal side would take advantage of it. Ken Mahony stated he didn’t know where they would come from. Rich Mathieu suggested they start planning now. Rich Preston asked Paula Brouillette if her calculations included salary increases and noted some of the salaries will be dictated by contracts. Ken Mahony reported that Personnel Chair Leslie Navaroli came in to talk to him about items she was not clear on. He stated he thinks she understands now, she developed the rates, and there was one error they discovered that will need to be fixed. Shirley Mosczynski asked where they stand with Blackstone Valley Vocational High School, in regards to them changing their formula as stated at the Finance Committee meeting. Rich Mathieu stated that they went with their best guess; what is in the budget is what they originally submitted. Shirley Mosczynski asked to clarify her understanding that July 1st is supposed to be the final budget? Ken Mahony stated it only has to be balanced by that date; they set the tax rate. They recognize the problem and are taking steps to correct it. Shirley Mosczynski stated she thinks they should submit a budget to the Finance Committee and say, “this is it”. Ken Mahony stated that on that basis, he recommends option 1. Paula Brouillette asked in regards to the $144,000 reduction from Chapter 70; has the School reduced their budget by this amount. She does not feel comfortable with this and feels there should be an agreement on that number. Ken Mahony stated that he had spoken to Connie Verge about this and told her the Town would not eat it, she agreed and said she would come up with other figures which he has not seen yet. Rich Preston mentioned a memo of understanding and asked if it was a true memo or a verbal. Ken Mahony stated the memo came from the joint meeting and was written by Rich Mathieu. Rich Mathieu handed out copies of the memo, dated April 16, 2003, re: Follow-up to April 11 meeting, to the Board. Ken Mahony suggested they adopt the budget with the $144,000 taken out; then if any more Chapter 70 money comes in, the School can use it. Rich Preston made a motion to adopt option 1 for the FY04 budget as presented, subject to changes upon definitive numbers from the State. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye. Shirley Mosczynski directed Ken Mahony to give the budget to the Finance Committee and the School Committee.

6. Veterans Director:
In the agenda packet is a letter to Northbridge Town Manager William F. Williams, from Kenneth J. Trajanowski, dated April 14, 2003; résumé of Kenneth J. Trajanowski; Certificate of Proficiency for Kenneth Trajanowski, from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Department of Labor and Training; fax to Ken Mahony, from William Williams, dated April 14, 2003; letter to Ken Mahony, from Uxbridge Town Manager Allan Klepper, date May 9, 2003; letter to Allan Klepper, from Veterans Service Officer A.J. Mastroianni, dated April 30, 2003; letter to Ken Trajanowski, from William Williams, dated May 8, 2003; and an agreement between the Towns of Northbridge, Uxbridge, and Douglas, for a Veterans’ Service Agent. Ken Mahony reported that the three Towns entered into an agreement with Kenneth Trajanowski. He will bring Mr. Trajanowski to the first meeting in June to meet the Board. He also plans to bring him around to meet all the department heads.

7. Conducting Public Meetings Presentation - Shirley Mosczynski:
In the agenda packet is MIIA tool kit “Conducting Public Meetings” - Summary of Video Tape, Open Meeting Law, Executive Session, Public Meeting / Open Meeting Law Resource, and Reporting claims or potential claims to MIIA. Shirley Mosczynski had seen the video for the MIIA Loss Control Credit Program and was going to make a presentation to the Board; however she decided that the whole Board should view it at their next meeting.

8. Goals and Objectives:
Ken Mahony stated the standard business items are not an issue and he feels they are on target.
• Municipal Building Review: Rich Preston stated he would like to help get the Municipal Building Space Review item done earlier; what ever it will take to accelerate it. Ken Mahony said he had planned on talking about it at the Department Head meeting on Thursday. Rich Preston stated they need the department’s individual current needs and individual future needs; also the Schools Kindergarten through Pre-K needs. Ken Mahony reported that he was told today that the School will be coming to the Town in two years for a new Elementary School. Rich Preston asked to keep this item on the table; even if it means bringing in the Department Heads. Shirley Mosczynski agreed she would also like to see the School involved; they are also using this building. Paula Brouillette also agreed she feels this item must be a priority and asked for dates. Ken Mahony stated that he has been busy with the budget, saying they need to be patient. He was thinking it would be done in June.
• Road Plan: Ken Mahony stated that he would like to issue “go aheads” for Chapter 90 funds before the pricing goes up. He will have the Road Plan ready the first week in July.
• Unknown Owners: Paula Brouillette asked if there was anything they could be doing in parallel for this item while waiting for Ken Mahony’s contact. Ken Mahony reported that he has been in contact with a Douglas resident who is interested in researching unknown owners; the problem is how to compensate her. Paula Brouillette stated they need to know what the process is they are going to go through in order to maximize their time. Ken Mahony stated they must first do an in depth title search. Paula Brouillette stated there was no need to go into detail here and asked that he please put it in writing. Shirley Mosczynski stated the Assessors gave a format; she will look it up. She suggested that maybe they should have a meeting with the Assessors; until then Ken Mahony should go forward. She will try to get the information by July 1st to meet on July 15th.
• Municipal Building Review revisited: Rich Preston stated that July is too long for the Building review; he is willing to help. Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony if he could have it by June 15th to which Mr. Mahony answered no. Rich Preston offered to do the review. Ken Mahony stated he will bring it up at the Department Head Meeting. Rich Preston stated that this is an item that could have been done right along. Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony to shoot for June 17th.
• Down Town Improvement: Ken Mahony reported that Bill Cundiff has the final study.
• Grant Writer: Rich Preston asked about the Grant Writer. Ken Mahony reported that she will be in next Wednesday to start work on the PWED. Rich Preston stated it needs to be clear what she can do for us and how Town entities can use this resource; something in writing that makes it clear but simple. By consensus of the Board, they will review Goals and Objectives the second meeting of each month.

9. Minutes: April 15, 2003:
Rich Preston approved the minutes of April 15, 2003 as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

10. Administrators Report:
Ken Mahony reported that the 8 Linden Street property has come up again. He is trying to find out how to get access to the property to do a 21E. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. Mahony to look into it and when he has a plan to report back to the Board.

11. Old / New Business:
• Funding for Re-codification:
Rich Preston asked for the status of the funding for the re-codification of the Bylaws which went to the Finance Committee as a Reserve Fund Transfer. Ken Mahony reported that the Finance Committee has not acted on it yet.
• Policy for Website: Ken Mahony reported that Rich Mathieu and Mitch Cohen are working on this item.
• Letter to School Committee: Paula Brouillette amended and passed out a copy of the letter Ken Mahony drafted to the School Committee about FY 2002 Foundation reporting errors. Paula Brouillette made a motion to send out the letter as amended. No second. Rich Preston agreed that the amendments were good. He stated he heard that the School Committee saw their last meeting and that there may be ill feelings. He is not sure if it would be more beneficial to have a face to face meeting with the School Committee. Ken Mahony stated he would like to see a meeting and would like to see it done through the Chairman. Rich Preston asked if the meeting should be formal or informal and suggested holding off on the letter. Shirley Mosczynski suggested eliminating the last sentence and replace it with “we look forward to meeting with you on this or any other issue”. Rich Preston made a motion to send out the letter as further amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Board / Committee members not attending meetings: The Board asked Ken Mahony if they have any alternatives to members not attending meetings. Mr. Mahony is having Town Counsel look into it.
• Motions for Town Meeting: Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony to have the motions ready by June 3rd. Ken Mahony stated he would like to have them done by tomorrow.
• Snow Account Overage: Shirley Mosczynski stated that the Snow Account Overage never came before the Board for approval and asked to have it for their next meeting.
• FY05 Planning Process: Paula Brouillette stated that she found Finance Committee policies that were adopted. She recommends that the Finance Team use this in parallel with the budgeting process. She also suggested revisiting the policies for the budget. Shirley Mosczynski feels that is a good idea. Ken Mahony would like to get the policies Paula Brouillette has to everyone on the Finance Team prior to meeting. Paula Brouillette will get together for Ken Mahony to get out by June 3rd.

12. Adjournment:
Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 8:55 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All –aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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