BOS - August 5, 2003

BOS - August 5, 2003

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Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Agenda
August 5, 2003

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizens Forum

7:10 pm
4. Downtown Improvement Update – Bill Cundiff

5. Appointments – Cultural Council
- Skate Park Committee

6. Cable – Approve Renewal Letter

7. Minutes:
• December 4, 2002 – Affordable Housing
• May 20, 2003 – Regular Session
• May 27, 2003 – Workshop/Personnel Board
• June 3, 2003 – Regular Session
• June 17, 2003 – Regular Session
• June 17, 2003 – Executive Session
• July 1, 2003 – Regular Session
• July 22, 2003 – Regular Session ( July 15th no quorum)

9. Administrators Report

10. Old / New Business

11. Workshop – Municipal Building Review

12. Adjournment
Future Agenda: August 12th – Budget Wrokshop
August 19th – Chapter 61A / Anderson
- Safety Committee Report / School Road
September – Assessors’ Report / Unknown Owners
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2003
Approved September 16, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Ron Forget, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Town Engineer Bill Cundiff, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Boston Post Cane:
Shirley Mosczynski announced that she gave the Boston Post Cane to Ardis Parker on Wednesday, August 6, 2003 at the Nursing Facility she resides in. Ms Parker is 100 years old. Shirley Mosczynski also asked the listening public if anyone had knowledge of the whereabouts of the original cane, to please contact the Selectmen’s office.
• Master Plan Meeting with Marc Bobrowski: Shirley Mosczynski announced that the Master Plan Implementation Committee would be holding an informational meeting with Attorney Marc Bobrowski tomorrow on the re-codification of the Zoning Bylaws. A draft copy of the Bylaws is available in Selectmen’s Office.

3. Citizens Forum:
No citizens came forward.

4. Downtown Improvement Update – Bill Cundiff:
Town Engineer Bill Cundiff came before the board to discuss the second phase of the Downtown Improvements. Bill Cundiff went over the proposed improvements shown on maps. Proposed improvements included adding an 8 foot isle for parking, and replacing all painted crosswalks with brick crosswalks. Rich Preston stated the proposed improvements were great, not only esthetically pleasing, but for practical purposes as well. Bill Cundiff stated that where the width is not there for parking, parking was eliminated. There were also proposed design changes along Main Street at the intersections of West and North Street. Rich Preston stated these are important issues, not only for sight line, but there is a practical reason for the bump outs. For one thing they protect pedestrians. Edward Therrien wanted to know what to do with snow if we have these bump outs. Bill Cundiff explained that Rockdale did have an initial problem, but its working fine now. Shirley Mosczynski asked how the trees would be planted, asking if they would use iron grates as in Boston. Bill Cundiff explained it would depend on the cost. Bill Cundiff explained that this phase only takes it to conception level; they still need to write the bid documents. Bill Cundiff went on to show the proposed improvements for the Mumford River Walk. He stated the nicest part is the waterfall at the Cook Street Bridge; not many people know about it because they can’t see it. He stated the biggest issue is obtaining easements from property owners. He stated the walk would start at the Alternatives and end at Soldiers Field; the trail being similar to the trail on Linwood Ave in Northbridge. Bill Cundiff went on to report that the third component is statistical information. Surveys were sent out to Downtown businesses. He stated they are looking at a ‘Farmers Market’ type scenario. Bill Cundiff stated that Weston & Sampson is supposed to contact Bill Cundiff if there are any grants we could apply for, stating the offer was addressed in a letter the Selectmen received. Shirley Mosczynski stated she had not seen the letter so Bill Cundiff made copies for the Board. Bill Cundiff stated the estimates for the Downtown improvements are $800,000, not including putting utilities underground; that would be about $700,000; only bringing the underground to two feet of each property and with customers picking up the cost for connection. Bringing the underground to the buildings would bring the cost up to about $2,000,000. Alternatives to raising those funds would be to impose a 2% monthly surcharge on users. Ron Forget stated they should give the people a reason to enjoy the river. Rich Preston stated that in terms of providing goods and services, the possibilities are wide open; there are great opportunities here. Bill Cundiff ended by reporting the estimated costs for the River Walk is $261,000. Rich Preston thanked him for all his work, and stated he would hate to see the ball drop; he then asked what Bill Cundiff feels are the important next steps. Bill Cundiff stated timing is everything; if they are going to make improvements, do them at one time; they need to be aggressive. He stated that maybe Carla Cataldo, the Grant Writer, can look into grants. At the Boards approval, Bill Cundiff will talk to Carla Cataldo and coordinate her coming in as soon as she has looked at the information.

5. Appointments:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Marleen Bacon, Cultural Council Chair, dated July 22, 2003, re: Appointments; Application for Boards and Commissions, from Anne Burgess, 8 ‘C’ Street, dated June 25, 2003, for cultural Council; Application for Boards and Commissions, from Alysa Green 25 Marilyn Drive., dated July 2, 2003, for Cultural Council; and an Application for Boards and Commissions from Pamela Mort 217 S.E. Main Street, dated July 21, 2003, for Skate Park Committee.
Taken out of order after Item 3 due to time.
• Cultural Council: Ron Forget made a motion to approve the appointment of Anne Burgess and Alysa Green to the Cultural Council for a term ending June 30, 2006. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Skate Park: Ron Forget made a motion to approve the appointment of Pamela Mort to the Skate Park Committee for a term ending June 30, 2004. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All –aye.

6. Cable – Approve Renewal Letter:
In the agenda is an email to Suzanne Kane, from Thomas Devlin, dated July 23, 2003, re: Cable License Extension Request; a letter to Robert Spain, Charter Communications, from Thomas Devlin, Cable Advisory Chair, dated July 23, 2003, re: Douglas Cable Television License Renewal Negotiations. Rich Preston reported that the Cable Advisory Board is working hard to re-negotiate the cable contract. They asked Charter for a first draft of the contract, which they received and it’s close to what they want. They are looking at extending the negotiations 90 days but feel they can finish sooner. Ken Mahony suggested that Charter request the extension and the Selectmen accept it. Ken Mahony will call Town Counsel and put it on the next agenda. Rich Preston suggested calling Tom Devlin also.

7. Minutes:
• December 4, 2003 – Affordable Housing:
Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of December 4, 2003 – Affordable Housing as written. Ron Forget seconded the motion. Paula Brouillette abstained. All others – aye.
• May 2, 2003 – Regular Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of May 2, 2003 – Regular Session as written. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Ron Forget abstained. All others – aye.
• May 27, 2003 – Workshop / Personnel Board: Ron Forget made a motion to approve the minutes of May 27, 2003 – Workshop / Personnel Board as written. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.
• June 3, 2003 – Regular Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of June 3, 2003 – Regular Session as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. Ron Forget abstained. All other members – aye.
• June 17, 2003 – Regular Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of June 17, 2003 – Regular Session as amended. Ron Forget seconded the motion. Edward Therrien abstained. All other members –aye.
• June 17, 2003 – Executive Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve but not release the minutes of June 17, 2003 – Executive Session. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. Edward Therrien abstained. All others – aye. Ken Mahony stated he would put a response in a one page letter to the Board. Consensus of the Board to vote on releasing after receiving Mr. Mahony’s response.
• July 1, 2003 – Regular Session: Rich Preston made a motion to approve the minutes of July 1, 2003 – Regular Session. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. Ron Forget abstained. All others – aye.
• July 22, 2003 – Regular Session: These minutes were not in the agenda so they will be held over to next meeting.

9. Administrators Report:
Handed out prior to the meeting is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated August 4, 2003, re: Questions from last meeting. Ken Mahony reported to the Board that he will hand out answers to their questions on Thursday. He stated that he brought the Expense Warrants into the meeting for signatures and will continue this practice.
• Asbestos: Ken Mahony reported that the asbestos work will be complete tomorrow with air testing on Friday.
• Connector Rd.: Ken Mahony reported that an overlay will be done before School starts.
• Mass Highway: Ken Mahony reported that Mass Highway is considering if they will let the Town divide the Rt. 16 project. Paula Brouillette asked what the status is on the project; is it any different than the last reporting? Ken Mahony answered, ‘No’.
• Water Main: Ken Mahony reported that Water / Sewer has authorized the work to be done along Main Street from Franklin Street to Hunt’s Pond.
• 40 B’s: Ken Mahony reported that he has spoken to Paul Cusson on his 40B project today. He is going to file single family plans in a couple of weeks. He will try working with the Housing Authority. Ken Mahony stated he should have a sketch of the proposed project in his office tomorrow afternoon.
• 61 A – Anderson: Ken Mahony stated that he agrees with Ida Ouillette that the Board need not take action on the 61 A conversion request of James Anderson because the land was not re-classified as 61 A. He has asked Town Counsel for an opinion and they agree. Ken Mahony asked for their opinion in writing; he will give to the Board once he has it.
• Fiscal Relief to Municipalities: Ken Mahony reported that a ‘Help Bill’ was signed by the State to help Municipalities.
There was discussion about Ken Mahony’s memo from August 4, 2003.
• Letter from Chief Gonynor: The Board of Selectmen had received a letter from Fire Chief Don Gonynor, dated July 31, 2003, re: Ladder Truck Repairs. There was discussion and concern that this account is already expended and it is only July. Ken Mahony reminded the Board that he had cut the budget. The Board discussed the Chiefs request stating the other alternative would be to expend his budget then come to the Finance Committee. There was a consensus of the Board on this. Paula Brouillette had concerns stating, if the maintenance budget has been cut this amount and it’s already expended, this sets up a red flag. Shirley Mosczynski asked it the Board wishes were to have Chief Don Gonynor use his budget and ‘hold’ on any other maintenance. Ron Forget answered, ‘Yes, as long as it doesn’t hurt’. Ken Mahony will talk to Chief Gonynor. There was a consensus of the Board on this.

10. Old / New Business:
• Tax Work Off Program:
Rich Preston stated that Assistant Assessor Ida Ouillette had mentioned that there were wording issues in the Senior Tax Work Off Program. He asked if it was resolved yet. Ken Mahony stated he would talk to Ida Ouillette when she came back.
• Policy for Website: Shirley Mosczynski asked what the status is on this item. Ken Mahony stated that Rich Mathieu and Mitch Cohen were supposed to do this; he will check with Rich Mathieu.
• Linden Street: Shirley Mosczynski asked if there was anything new with Linden Street. Ken Mahony stated they are trying to locate the owner; he thinks he should know something tomorrow.
• Tax Title – gift of land: Shirley Mosczynski asked the status of this item. Ken Mahony stated he was on the phone with Counsel today. He is waiting for a report from Edwin Taipale.
• Road Plans: Shirley Mosczynski asked when the Board would receive the Road Plans. Ken Mahony stated they would be in their box tomorrow.
• FY05 Budget Memo from Ken Mahony: Shirley Mosczynski asked the Board to bring Ken Mahony’s FY05 Budget memo with them to the Budget Workshop. Shirley Mosczynski also asked Ken Mahony to invite Rich Mathieu.

New Business:
• TIF memo from Ida Ouillette:
Paula Brouillette stated the Board received a memo from Ida Ouillette who is waiting for the signed copies of the TIF agreements passed at Town Meeting. Ken Mahony stated he received a packet but they can not be found; he believes they are with Economic Development. Ken Mahony is working on getting them. Rich Preston feels that the Board of Selectmen should be the last signatory. Ken Mahony agreed. Paula Brouillette asked why it didn’t happen that way and Ken Mahony explained that he followed the process he was told to.
• 1/4ly Accounting Summary: Paula Brouillette handed out an example of the information she is looking for in respect to the Quarterly Financial Updates. She will go over with Rich Mathieu.
Paula Brouillette then stated she will not be able to attend the Budget Workshop.
• E418 PWED: Shirley Mosczynski asked Ken Mahony if he is working on the PWED. Ken Mahony answered yes; stating he believes he can get a waiver for two years.

11. Workshop – Municipal Building Review:
Taken out of order, after item 9 – Administrators report. In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated July 30, 2003, re: Municipal Building Review. Rich Preston gave background on this item by reading his first memo from August 2000. He stated he is looking for current and future office needs. Ken Mahony stated that he also did an organizational chart as he sees it in 5 years. He stated the School has indicated that they will remain upstairs until the new Elementary School is built; which could be in about 5 years. Rich Preston stated that was good information to know; they can now plan on that space for additional Municipal space. He stated you don’t need a survey to see that the Municipal Offices need more space; what is needed is how we can best address providing this space now as well as in the future. He feels it impedes the efficiency of the departments – working in confined space. Rich Preston stated he feels we need to utilize the space available sooner then later. Ken Mahony stated that we’re not all that crowded in all the spaces; maybe one department can move now and more later. He stated he can not see where the Town can come up with additional resources for this. Paula Brouillette stated she has not seen a 5 year plan; look at what we need, balance it against what we can do. She stated, based on the information given, we can’t do it. Rich Preston stated the Selectmen should have a symbiotic relationship with the Schools in respect to space needs. He stated the Master Plan Committee is looking for Municipal Space; funding it as funding becomes available. If in 5 to 10 years we need more space for Municipal needs, we have a plan, if not find another use for it; we are not looking for numbers now. Ron Forget feels that Ken Mahony’s presentation is ‘right on the money’; he also agrees with Rich Preston and continued by saying they need to be financially responsible; if people need to be cramped for a couple of years – so be it. Paula Brouillette stated they need to know what the best use for a building is. Rich Preston again stated that the School is a critical part of this discussion and proposed a workshop with the School. Ron Forget suggested sending a letter to the School to let them know of the Selectmen’s plans; and find out what the Schools needs are. Rich Preston would like to have a discussion with the School and offered to prepare a letter for the School which he will bring to the next meeting. There was a consensus of the Board on this. Ron Forget stated they should also let the School know the Municipal office needs this building. Paula Brouillette stated concerning SBAB reimbursements; any new Schools will NOT be reimbursed in the next three years, this is one more piece they need to look at.

12 Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:15 pm. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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