BOS - August 12, 2003 Budget Workshop

BOS - August 12, 2003 Budget Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Budget Workshop
August 12, 2003
Approved October 7, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm. In attendance: Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens in attendance: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Town Treasurer Sharon Brotherton, Finance Committee Chair Pamela Holmes, Finance Committee Members Joel Smith, Jerome Kocur, and Annmarie Nixon, and Personnel Board Chair Leslie Navaroli.

2. USDA Grant Funding:
Town Treasurer Sharon Brotherton and Town Accountant Rich Mathieu came before the Board. Sharon Brotherton had USDA Grant Funding for the Main St. / Rt. 16 project. Rich Mathieu stated that this was accepted last year. Shirley Mosczynski commended Sharon Brotherton and Rich Mathieu for all the time they spent on this. Ron Forget made a motion to approve the Grant for $206,500 as presented. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

3. Budget Workshop:
• Compensation Schedule:

Passed out prior to meeting was the compensation schedule. Not everyone had them so Suzanne Kane left the meeting to make copies; there was discussion while she was gone. When she returned Personnel Committee Chair Leslie Navaroli was explaining that she tried to use a formula in coming up with the COLA. The grievance seems to be due to the non-teacher and School Officials which fall under the School contract; question if they need to set a parameter. Shirley Mosczynski asked if Leslie Navaroli was planning to look at other statistics. Leslie Navaroli stated they would not; this compensation schedule has brought the Town current; the COLA should help them keep up so no full study should be needed again. Finance Committee Chair Pam Holmes asked if we are consistent in the job market for our jobs; which Leslie Navaroli answered in the affirmative. Pam Holmes stated that Committee member Gary Bolen suggested any future contracts read, ‘that if certain things do not line up – no increase’. Ron Forget stated he is interested in seeing all the Boards do their jobs, as far as the Budget, and then pull it all together at the end. Leslie Navaroli replied that if they want to see each Board do what they are supposed to do – let them, but also give them the responsibility for it. If the Board sets a rate then the Selectmen should not over ride it.

• Capital Projects:
There was discussion about Capital projects and prioritizing. Leslie Navaroli asked if the Town should also be putting money aside. Shirley Mosczynski explained the Stabilization Fund which is already set up.

• Purpose for Workshop:
Concerning the reasons for having the Budget Workshop; Shirley Mosczynski stated she thinks it is important to keep in touch every so often with the other Boards. Leslie Navaroli stated she feels this is the ‘fix all’. Stating conflict comes in when you feel you are left out or find things out in hindsight. By involving everyone, there is a cohesive effort when it goes to Town floor. Ron Forget stated there needs to be an understanding of what functions there are. His understanding is that the Finance Committee is not supposed to develop the Budget. He feels there was too much confusion because everyone wanted a printout. Pam Holmes explained that the Finance Committee works under State Statue. She stated the Finance Committee does need to see figures so that they can recommend a budget. Rich Preston stated that some excellent points were made, this is a good meeting and it’s an education process for him and others. He agrees with Ron Forget, stating they need to be definitive in their rolls in the budget process. He is not against developing Budget 101. Pam Holmes stated she found a memo for the budget process which was developed two years ago. Rich Mathieu stated that Ken Mahony’s memo had the same intentions. Shirley Mosczynski suggested taking a look at both memos and tweaking them. Rich Mathieu suggested that a member of the Selectmen, Finance Committee, and Personnel sit with Ken Mahony and develop a time line. He suggested the same thing with the COLA, stating there are broader questions as to what a COLA is. Pam Holmes stated that the Town of Douglas is a business and we have employees that deserve to be trained. Shirley Mosczynski stated the Town Clerk has recently completed a course and is now certified. Ron Forget stated that the only people who do not have an opportunity for training is Municipal Employees. Shirley Mosczynski stated they need recommendations on this issue. Leslie Navaroli asked how the budget process works; she was concerned that some budgets were not given to the Selectmen as presented. Shirley Mosczynski explained that there were budget cuts made prior to them seeing it. Leslie Navaroli sated she would like to see all budgets left as submitted before any cuts are made. Rich Preston felt last years process had parallel budgets and he did not feel it was a flawed process. Pam Holmes stated that is the way it should happen, then they come together; that did not happen last year. Rich Preston stated they need to come to the Town with one budget. Leslie Navaroli stated they need to clarify what their rolls are in the process. There was a consensus of the Boards to have Leslie Navaroli, Pam Holmes, Paula Brouillette or Shirley Mosczynski, and Rich Mathieu meet to set up a schedule for the budget process. Consensus of all Boards to schedule the next workshop meeting for Tuesday September 23rd. Ron Forget made a motion to accept the last paragraph in Ken Mahony’s FY05 Budget memo, dated July 28, 2003 which reads: “Another modification that I am requesting is that any question, suggestion, and/or requests be made either by email, mail, or at one of the biweekly meetings. This will allow all persons to see the same thing. If a question can be answered quickly, it will be responded to immediately and copied to all participants as they might have the same questions or some input”; as an understanding that this is what they will live to. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Ron Forget modified his motion to make it the policy of the Board of Selectmen that all budget requests, communications, modifications, or relevant information is in writing. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

4. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

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