BOS - September 2, 2003

BOS - September 2, 2003

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Board of Selectmen
September 2, 2003

7:00 pm

1. Call to order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizens Forum

7:15 pm
4. Cemetery – John and Natalie Snay and John Manning

5. Manchaug Street – Corrective Acceptance of Deed

6. School Road Plan

7. Minutes – June 17, 2003 Executive Session

8. Administrators Report

9. Old / New Business

10. Workshop – Executive Administrator Search

11. Adjournment
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes / Workshop Executive Search
September 2, 2003
Approved September 16, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other Staff and Citizens: Assistant Assessor Ida Ouillette, Cemetery Commission Chair John Manning, John and Natalie Snay, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
Shirley Mosczynski announced that this years Octoberfest would be Saturday, October 4th from 9 am to 4 pm. If anyone is interested in volunteering they can contact Committee members.

3. Citizens Forum:
No citizens came forward.

4. Cemetery – John and Natalie Snay with John Manning:
In the agenda is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Mr. and Mrs. John Snay, 20 Cook St., dated August 9, 2003, re: Cemetery; a letter to Mrs. Joyce Newell, from the Board of Selectmen, dated June 28, 1990; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Mrs. J. Newell, 20 Cook Street, dated June 21, 1990; a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from J. Newell, dated May 25, 1991; a letter to Mr. and Mrs. John Snay, from Administrative Secretary Jane Brule, dated August 19, 2003; a letter to Mr. and Mrs. John Snay, from Jane Brule, dated August 20, 2003; and 23 Pictures of the cemetery wall. John and Natalie Snay, 20 Cook Street and Cemetery Commission Chair John Manning came before the Board. John Manning reported that there is a 20 to 30 foot section of wall that is falling into their yard. He feels it needs to be taken down and re-built. He feels the trees along that section also need to be taken out. The roots are pushing the wall out. He feels this section of wall is dangerous and should be repaired immediately. Mr. Snay concurs with Mr. Manning, stating that any repairs would be in vain if stumps are not also removed. Mr. Snay stated that this is not something that just happened; this goes back to 1990 as shown in the letter included in the agenda which was written by Mrs. Snay’s mother; he stated this is a liability to them when they have company. Rich Preston asked if there was any action following the letter from 1990. John Manning stated that a small section of wall was repaired. Mr. Snay stated that they have paid out of pocket to have approximately 2 cubic feet of fallen rock removed from their yard. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she visited the site this morning and she believes it is a problem. She then asked John Manning if he had someone to recommend doing the work. John Manning would have to look into it. Rich Preston commented that it was a shame this problem went on for so long, he feels it should have been taken care of sooner and then asked Mr. Mahony for his opinion. Mr. Mahony asked Edward Therrien if the Highway Department could take the trees down. Edward Therrien stated he would look at the trees. Mr. Snay commended John Manning for his response to their complaint. Ken Mahony stated the easiest way to fix the problem would be to just pull the wall down and put up a fence. Mr. Snay explained that can not be done because the wall is a retaining wall and must be replaced. Shirley Mosczynski added that there are other issues besides the wall. John Manning concurred stating the iron fence is rotting. Shirley Mosczynski also mentioned that grass is growing over stones. She stated she would like to see a plan showing what is going to be done. Edward Therrien stated the trees should also be taken down so that they do not come down on the Snay’s house. Ken Mahony asked if the Tree Warden could look at the trees. Shirley Mosczynski stated that the Tree Warden was with her that morning, but does not think this falls under his jurisdiction. Rich Preston suggested taking down the trees as soon as possible, then take down the part of the wall that is falling, then plan to replace it. Mr. Snay stated that the wall needs to be replaced immediately; if not there will be wash out. Ken Mahony stated he just received information on a Community Development Grant which offers funds to improve community facilities in rural areas, there is also an Association of Cemetery Artist that he will check on. Shirley Mosczynski would like this item put on the next agenda for follow-up. Edward Therrien and Ken Mahony will look at the site tomorrow.

5. Manchaug Street – Corrective Acceptance of Deed:
In the agenda packet is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Town Counsel, dated August 25, 2003, re: Acceptance of Corrective Deed from Renaud, Trustee (Manchaug Road); a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Assistant Assessor Ida Ouillette, dated July 28, 2003, re: Manchaug Street – Corrective Acceptance of Deed; and signature pages of the deed. In her letter to the Board, Attorney Jeanne McKnight stated she feels the deed acceptance forms are correct and do not need to be revised. Shirley Mosczynski asked Assistant Assessor Ida Ouillette if she had any comments. Ida Ouillette stated that, “if Town Counsel says it’s ok, let it go”. Ken Mahony stated he looked at the bill from Kopelman and Paige and there were no charges for this item. The Board took no action, the deed stays as originally voted.

6. School Road Plan:
Ken Mahony reported that he has set up a meeting for Thursday at 3 pm here. Connie Verge will get back to him if there is a problem with this schedule.

7. Minutes – June 17, 2003 – Executive Session:
In the agenda is a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Suzanne Kane, dated August 28, 2003, re: Executive Session Minutes; the Minutes of June 17, 2003 – Executive Session; and a memo to the Board of Selectmen, from Ken Mahony, dated August 6, 2003, re: Complaint re hiring by School Committee. Ken Mahony stated that he will give a copy of his memo to the School Superintendent. Rich Preston made a motion to release the minutes of June 17, 2003 – Executive Session. Ron Forget seconded the motion. All – aye.

8. Administrative Report:
Ken Mahony had no report.

9. Old / New Business:
• Road Plan:
Paula Brouillette asked when the Board would get a copy of the Road Plan. Ken Mahony stated that they would probably start working on it tomorrow. He hopes to have it by the 16th to mid week. He stated he needs help on the private ways which are not shown on the map. He would like a listing of all those roads; he would like to know where they are, who is responsible for them, and if there is insurance on them. Shirley Mosczynski asked if Ken Mahony will have it ready for the 16th. Ken Mahony stated that much is on the map, he just needs to put it in writing.
• STM Articles: Shirley Mosczynski reminded the Board that there were Articles left off the STM Warrant of June 23rd, they need to know when they will have the next Special Town Meeting. Shirley Mosczynski also stated that out there is the Zoning Bylaw changes.

• Cemetery Item:
Paula Brouillette stated that a long term fix for future cemetery needs could be incorporated into the Capital Plan. She stated this also fits into a DPW and should be considered. They can either handle problems in a crises mode or plan.
• 4 Town Meeting: Paula Brouillette updated the Board on the progress of the 4 Town Meetings. They are planning to put on a 4 Town Selectmen Meeting in the late fall to go over the 146 area, possibly inviting Planning Boards and Economic Development Commissions. She will keep the Board updated. Paula Brouillette also reported that the 4 Town Meeting will take place here, Friday at 10 am.
• Financial Plan: Paula Brouillette reported that she set up a meeting with Rich Mathieu for Thursday at 1:30 pm. They will be putting together a draft document for the School to see if they need an operational override. They will also work on a draft document for department heads.
• Grant Writer: Shirley Mosczynski reported that she spoke with a gentleman about Grant Administration for Community Opportunity Growth. She will be meeting with him to get more information then will ask him to meet with the Board to see what he can do for the Town. Consensus of the Board to go forward on this. Ron Forget asked how this fits in with Grant Writer Carla Cataldo. Ken Mahony explained that Ms Cataldo is almost done and there is no reason to go on with this.

7:35 pm
10. Workshop – Executive Administrator Search:

In the agenda packet is a newspaper advertisement from a previous search; the Town of Douglas Job Description – Executive Administrator; Employment Agreement between the Town of Douglas and Kenneth R. Mahony, dated November 27, 2001; Qualification spreadsheet from a previous search; Meeting Minutes from April 17, 2001 from the Executive Administrator Search Committee; and Meeting Minutes from April 30, 2001 Executive Search Committee. Ken Mahony asked to be excused and was. Shirley Mosczynski began by stating the Board could not vote on the Early Retirement until October 1, 2003; Ken Mahony gave his 90 day notice and they need to look at how to proceed. She pointed out that there are a couple of Management Consulting Firms in the MMA Beacon as well as a Municipal Consulting Service. Shirley Mosczynski asked if any changes should be made to the ad. There was discussion as to whether they were getting ahead of them selves. Rich Preston stated they needed to know what they wanted before they could advertise. Paula Brouillette agreed, but cautioned, ‘time is of the essence’. She suggested at least getting an ad into the Beacon. Suzanne Kane explained that they could get an ad on the MMA’s website immediately. There was discussion on changes to be made to the ad. Suzanne Kane will find out the deadline for the Globe. Consensus of the Board was to put the amended ad into the Beacon as soon as possible and in the Globe for September 28th. Consensus to have deadline for receiving resumes as October 24th. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the ad as amended. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Suzanne Kane will put the amended copy of the ad in the Boards mail slots. There was discussion on the packet that is sent out to the candidates. Rich Preston suggested sending a letter with the packet stating reference will be checked. Shirley Mosczynski suggested the Board go over the job description so the Search Committee will know what to look for, they also need to come up with a number of committee members. The Board went over the job description and made some changes. They decided to bring any other changes to the next workshop. Ron Forget suggested that each Board member bring a name for nomination to the next meeting; rather then hold another workshop, stating this item should only take about 15 minutes. Consensus of the Board was to select a Search Committee consisting of 5 to 7 people; each member would submit names and job description changes to be distributed in their mail slots prior to their next meeting; then go over for a few minutes at their next meeting.

11. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:10 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

Suzanne Kane, Administrative Assistant
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