BOS - September 16, 2003

BOS - September 16, 2003

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Board of Selectmen
September 16, 2003

7:00 pm

1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizens Forum

7:10 pm
4. Board of Assessors
• Unknown Owners
• Supplemental Tax Assessment

7:30 pm
5. Carla Cataldo - Grant Writer

7:45 pm
6. Chapter 61 – Susan Mosczynski

8:00 pm
7. One Day Application for Liquor - Bailey’s

8. Town Use • Girl Scouts
• Octoberfest

9. Minutes: August 5, 2003 – Regular Session
Sept. 2, 2003 – Reg. Session / Executive Search Workshop

10. Search Committee Appointment, review

11. Administrative Report

12. Old / New Business

13. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
• October 7, 2003
– Dog Hearing (?)
• Fuel Storage Application – Interface Fabrics Group
Douglas Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2003
Approved October 21, 2003


Madame Chairman Shirley M. Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward A. Therrien, Ron Forget, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony and Administrative Secretary Jane Brule.
Other staff and citizens in attendance: Police Chief Patrick Foley, James Sughrue, Ida Ouillette, Jack Blatchford, Carla Cataldo, Linda Dempsey, Tony Hayes, Mike Boothby, Tony St. Pierre, T&G reporter Steve Foskett
Non-resident-(business owner): Linda Dube

2. Chairman’s Announcements:» Shirley Mosczynski reminded all of Octoberfest on October 4th. Volunteers still needed especially in the ticket booth and the dunk tank.
» Town Reports are out, thanks to Suzanne Kane, Administrative Assistant. Nice job!

3. Citizens Forum:
» No citizens came forward.

4. Board of Assessors – James Sughrue, Ida Ouillette, Jack Blatchford:
» Discussion-regarding “Unknown Owners”- Ken Mahoney appreciates the Assessors work on this project. Ida said it is very time consuming and they are trying to fit it in between routine office work, even though it is at the top of their list to get back on tax roll. Paula asked with time being an element, is it worthwhile to spend more hours on this research? Ida commented that Beth MacKay is quite an asset to the office and has the experience in deed research. The process is simple and will talk to her regarding time in the future. Questions regarding cost, how far back to go, area of square feet/acres, compare the value on all back taxes to cost of doing the project, market value vs. assessed value, wooded parcels and time. Ida could not touch market value, but could get an estimate. Jack Blatchford suggests prioritizing parcels and to check landlocked. Rich applauded the effort to research and is in favor of the process either way, starting with one and tracking time etc. Ron and Paula agreed. Paula mentioned economic development value-future development or collect revenues. Ida said if we were able to take the time to find them and sell them the Town could make money. Shirley encouraged the assessors to go ahead and start with one big parcel first and the area on Rte. 16, maybe we can get funding to help with this project. Ida agreed and will come back to the Board with their findings.
» Supplemental Tax Assessment-Takes affect immediately. Jim Sughrue specified the need for training before we step into this. Ida stressed the need for attending these workshops in order to figure out the process and assess the impact.
Ron Forget made a motion to take the advice of the Board of Assessors and send in the form to Boston to reject the assessment. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. Al – aye.

5. Carla Cataldo – Grant Writer: Carla has spent 3 months on the PWED, it has been submitted and hopefully we will hear good news. Ken mentioned she also helped with E.O. 418 (REQUEST FOR HOUSING CERTIFICATION). Rich thanked Carla for her work, knowing what a struggle it is to get grant, and asked her to give a sketch of what she would do for us. She started when Proposition 2 ½ came in, stating that small towns can’t afford planners, they don’t have the time and effort and there are many forms to fill out. Cost effective to get money from the State in the Blackstone Valley Corridor. You must stay on top, private research; need more skill to get monies and constantly going to workshops. Ken mentioned 418 needs updating every year taking inventory of every building and filling out forms. We do not have the staff here to do it and a knowledgeable person is needed. Carla stated not being a member of the community a defined plan is needed and it takes a lot of thought and planning. Rich suggested having the information and documentation needed so forms can be prepared and filled out properly for us before hand to save time.
» The three month contract is up and Carla has spoken to the Skate Park Committee on a proposal Oct 17th, for one or two days on a promotional grant.

6. Chapter 61 – Susan Mosczynski: Shirley M. Mosczynski relinquished the chair to Vice-Chairman Richard E. Preston, and excused herself from the room. He then showed a map of the area. Ken mentioned that we don’t have recommendations from all committees yet. There is a memo from the Planning Board to purchase for resale; Open Space Committee has nothing yet, same with the Board of Assessors regarding roll back taxes. Mapping is inadequate. Ron thought it unusual that Conservation is not interested. Only a portion of the property is able to be developed.
Linda Dempsey (representing Susan Mosczynski) had signed plan- one house lot at $90,000. Rich stated the board had 120 days to decide and recommended to be put on the agenda in two weeks. Will check with Planning Board of their intent as well as the Assessors office. Open Space meeting is this Thursday September 18th; next Board of Selectmen meeting is October 7th. Ron suggested the Town to buy and put into a non-profit organization. Take off tax rolls 3.25 acres and 1.25 after zoning. Buff recommended finding out these facts and put on the next agenda. All agreed.
Shirley came back into the room at 8:10 pm.

7. One Day Application for Liquor License-at Bailey’s – Tony Hayes & Mike Boothby: Discussion to approve food and refreshments (beer and wine) to be served outdoors in the parking lot from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 4th (same day as Octoberfest). Tony St. Pierre (Octoberfest chair) objects stating there is nothing positive with this.
» Ron asked Tony Hayes and Mike Boothby what the difference is between having it outside vs inside. Tony said it would enhance the activities being outside. Mike Boothby said it would be better publicity for them, with exposure to the people they are not just a bar. Rich Preston said it is a tough choice and not unreasonable as Octoberfest in Germany is usually a “beer fest”. Intake from Police Chief Patrick Foley who talked to both parties-the small area in question is easy to control, maintain, and employees will be there to monitor both-one way in and one way out. Patrons will be given wristbands checked by the staff, no to-go cups, no glass allowed outside. The Chief also commented that there is more of an advantage observing those drinking outside and no second chance of an incident happening. Tony St. Pierre went on in great length approving the idea of an outside café but opposing the idea of alcohol. They never had alcohol before and it would be a great liability to the Town if anything happened. Tony Hayes said he and Mike will personally be present and as owners of the property, a rider could be added to their insurance policy. The Axe Mill Tavern did this a couple years ago. The consensus of the Board was to obtain more information and discuss this at the September 23rd meeting.

8. Town Use:
» Girl Scouts:
October 15, 2003 and January 21, 2004 in the resource room. The Town Clerk initialed the application and nothing interferes with those nights. Motion for approval made by Ron Forget. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All-aye.
» Octoberfest: Saturday, October 4, 2003, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Police Chief Patrick Foley has drafted a letter to the state-“No parking on B and Cook Streets” and asked “Buff” Highway Supt. to put up these signs. The cost for the 4 officers on duty will be split with Octoberfest 2.
Ron Forget made the motion to approve Octoberfest. Paula Brouillette seconded. All-aye.

9. Minutes:
» August 5, 2003 – Regular Session:
Ron Forget made a motion to approve the minutes of August 5, 2003 – Regular Session as written and Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

» Not on the Agenda-Diana Dube owner of the Picket Fence Restaurant downtown came forward requesting to be appointed to the Octoberfest Committee. She has been attending meetings but has been unable to vote. Shirley informed her that usually this issue would not have been addressed at this time. In the future any issues such as this can be addressed during Citizens Forum which is on the agenda every meeting. However, this is an exception because of the need of members for the Octoberfest Committee. She is not a resident of Douglas; but does donate to all who have asked for contributions no matter what the cause.
Ron Forget made a motion to appoint her to the Octoberfest Committee. Rich Preston seconded. All – aye.

10. Search Committee Appointment Review: Final decision to appoint 10 people to the committee. Police Chief Patrick Foley would be happy to fill in but at this time is too busy. The following have been recommended by the Selectmen:

Paula Brouillette - Pamela Holmes
Rich Preston – Ed Taipale, Joe Vecchione, Lisa Mosczynski
Ron Forget – Jerome Jussame, Carol Hutnak-Gogolinski
Edward A. Therrien – Jerome Kocur
Shirley M. Mosczynski – Merritt “Pete” Tetreault, Diane St. George, Mitch Cohen
Jane Brule will send notices to the above, welcome them and put them on the agenda for the October 7th, Board Meeting. Deadline for receiving resumes is October 24, 2003.

11. Administrative Report:
» Cemetery-
John & Natalie Snay, removal of trees & rebuilding section of wall.
Discussion regarding the removal of 4 Maple trees. The Highway Dept. tried but professionals are
needed. Quoted price from Lewis Tree of $1,800.00 could be taken out of Reserve Fund or
Miscellaneous. Ron said it bothered him that this has come to this committee 2 weeks later, we should get the crew in A.S.A.P. Shirley replied that this should have been done in the early 90’s by the previous Board, and a memo could have sent to Board members of the recent findings. Ken has not gotten an estimate on the stone wall yet. It will have to be rebuilt because of the dirt and trees forcing the wall out. Shirley has great concern regarding this because of children and safety to all. Unfortunate that this has been going on for 13 years, remove trees first, stabilize wall and deal with stones later. Paula understands Ron’s urgency and that all should be more pro-active in the future.
» Small Capital Projects – Maybe pay for downtown paving in the spring. Mitch Cohen said there is a Capital Improvement Committee meeting Thursday, and will get a report.
» Christopher Podles – Ken will go with “Buff” and check out the situation.
» Road Plan is being worked on
» FY05 Budget – Paula said it is out of balance by $800,000 no significant change. Examine and discuss the possibility of an override in “05”.
» Grant Person-Wayne Daro – Ken and Bill Cundiff very impressed. Downtown discussed at great length. Inventories of deteriorated buildings need to be done and accepted, with numbers to get approval. Shirley commented the library and river walk do not qualify. Steve Zisk and Bill Cundiff are very informative and being in house a lot of money would be saved if they are used to do the inventory.
» Title Search – Ken said calls have been made but no response received.

12. Old / New Business:
Announcement – made by the Chair, Shirley M. Mosczynski that the Commonwealth is considering the acquisition of the Schuster parcels, Cedar and Webster Streets, Douglas, MA. It is to be signed by the clerk of the Board of Selectmen to document the announcement and returned to the Commonwealth. Approved by the Board of Selectmen to be signed by the clerk of the Board of Selectmen and forwarded. All-aye.

[b]» Karl Kildahl –
Shirley said that after October 1st he will not be in his office. Bob Matthews is now covering 75 towns. Encouraged writing to the Governor and urge for help.

» Shirley – Municipal Relief Bill: Early retirement sign up is after October 1st and by December 2, 2003.

» Paula - Downtown Grants: Resurfacing Main St. Working with Downtown Improvement Group but have not met in a year. Attempt to be made to make active again.

» Shirley – Signs: Encourage those that put them up take them down (yard sales, etc.).
Paula: Signs on telephone poles, especially Rte. 16 coming from Webster is heavy duty. Bylaws need to be enforced. Ken:State law prohibits this. Put up centrally located bulletin boards.

13. Adjournment: Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:40 pm. Edward A. Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

Jane L. Brule, Administrative Secretary
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