BOS - September 23, 2003 Workshop

BOS - September 23, 2003 Workshop

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes / Workshop
September 23, 2003
Approved October 7, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm. In attendance Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Ken Mahony, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Finance Committee Chair Pam Holmes, Finance Committee member Jerome Kocur, and Personnel Board member Hillary MacInnis, Mike Boothby, and Octoberfest Chair Tony St. Pierre.

2. Bailey’s One Day Liquor License:
Bailey’s co-owner Mike Boothby came before the Board for this item which was held over from the September 2nd meeting. Edward Therrien made a motion to approve a One Day Liquor License for Bailey’s Restaurant to sell beer and wine in the parking lot of 306 Main Street on October 4, 2003 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. Paula Brouillette stated she has heard from the Board many times that they should take into consideration the recommendations from Committees and Boards. In this case they are not. Rich Preston stated that the recommendation of the Octoberfest Committee was not based on a unanimous vote; it was a 3 to 2 vote. He gave the matter a lot of thought and feels granting the License brings attention to businesses and it’s a good way for the Board to support businesses. He feels this could be used as a ‘test’ case to see if it is successful or not. Ron Forget stated he did a lot of soul searching and feels it is an allowable idea; Main Street will be closed that day which could hinder businesses, plus they were probably hit up for donations. Ron Forget also stated Bailey’s has a lot to lose if anything happens. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she too gave this matter a lot of thought over the week. But the last time she knew 3 to 2 meant 3 to 2, it’s still a majority. She warned that the Board is setting a precedent for next year; there are a lot of establishments that sell liquor; it’s something they have to look at. Edward Therrien stated that he sees nothing wrong in granting the one day license. When questioned by Rich Preston; Octoberfest Chair Tony St. Pierre stated his Committee has not re-discussed this issue. He stated that at this time their recommendation stands; they do not recommend granting the license. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. St. Pierre if there was any input from other Vendors. Mr. St. Pierre stated that some Vendors have no opinion; some are against it, and some think Octoberfest should be about beer. He stated he did not want to see the Octoberfest change it’s “flavor”. Rich Preston asked Tony St. Pierre what he felt was detrimental in granting the license. Tony St. Pierre Stated that he feels it wouldn’t be involving the festival itself, they would be drawing a crowd and bringing that crowd to the alcohol. He is afraid it will become a ‘beer’ festival and he would like it to be a ‘family function’. Edward Therrien suggested they grant the license; see how it works out, and if they don’t like it, they don’t do it again. Mike Boothby reminded the Board that there will be no beer AT the Octoberfest, it will only be allowed in the designated area. He stated that his co-partner, Tony Hayes, has four children and his girlfriend has kids; they all plan to be at the Octoberfest enjoying a family day. Shirley Mosczynski had two points. She stated the process for seeking a one day license should have been started sooner and she also asked the Board to think about the possibility that other restaurants will want to do the same next year, you can’t say yes to one and no to another. Edward Therrien reminded the Board that Bailey’s is doing this on their own property, not Town property. There was discussion about adding the recommendations from Police Chief Foley to the License. Edward Therrien amended his motion, move to approve a One Day Liquor License for Bailey’s Restaurant to sell beer and wine in the parking lot of 306 Main Street on October 4, 2003 between the hours of 11:00 am to 3:00 pm with the following conditions: 1. The area of the proposed restaurant use will be completely roped/barricaded off, and not\ alcoholic beverage allowed outside the area. There will be a single entrance/exit into this area. 2. Alcohol sales will be limited to beer and wine and that the consumption will be by plastic cup. 3. An employee will always be present at the entrance and that people using this area will have a colored wrist band or have their hands stamped. 4. The area will be monitored by the Police Department to ensure no violations. And 5. Bailey’s will provide, to the Selectmen’s Office, a Certificate of Insurance naming the Town as an additional Insurer. Rich Preston seconded the motion. Shirley Mosczynski – no, Paula Brouillette – no. All other members –aye. Vote passed.

Octoberfest Banner on Main Street:
Tony St. Pierre stated that he has been in discussions with Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds to have the banner, which is currently on the front lawn of the Second Congregational Church, hung over Main Street. He contacted Charter Cable and Mass Electric and he has permission as long as the banner does not touch the poles or wires. He stated the only place he can see putting the banner would be in front of the Picket Fence Restaurant, placing one side on the businesses across the street and the other on the tree in front of the restaurant, ideally he would have liked to have it across the street in front of the Library. Edward Therrien stated the tree is Town property. Ron Forget asked why the Town can’t put a telephone pole up just for this purpose. Edward Therrien stated they have talked about putting two poles up, one in front of the Library and one on the Second Congregational Church lawn. Ron Forget made a motion to allow the Octoberfest to hang their banner from the tree in front of the Picket Fence Restaurant and plan for next year to put up poles in front of the Library and the Second Congregational Church lawn. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

3. Budget Workshop:
Ken Mahony was excused from the meeting. Passed out, ‘Finance Committee Tentative Budget Dates’, reviewed 9-22-03, from Pam Holmes Finance Committee Chair. Pam Holmes went over the Schedule explaining they may split up the review process by areas, such as public works, school, etc. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the Personnel Board has decided when to recommend a COLA. Hillary MacInnis stated October. Rich Mathieu stated he is going to meet with the Personnel Board in October on the COLA for a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen in December. Rich Preston stated he appreciates the work that has gone into this. He stated it is his understanding that the Selectmen put together the budget and FinCom recommends. He read a section from the Selectmen’s Handbook - Financial Management, stating he would like clarity on this, is everyone set on what their function is. Rich Mathieu stated he does not feel the schedule does not say the Selectmen are not involved because they must be. Ron Forget stated they should develop a chart showing the present department requests, what the administrator amended, and give that to FinCom, feels there should be no problem. The only problem he has is if there is a disagreement, he feels the Executive Board and the Town Accountant should come up with solutions. When asked who he felt the ‘go to’ person should be, Ron Forget stated Rich Mathieu. Shirley Mosczynski asked what role the Administrator would have. Pam Holmes stated the Administrator should put the budget together. Rich Mathieu stated the School Committee needs to be present at these meetings; they should have a copy of the schedule. Paula Brouillette stated there is one more date; they need to discuss whether they need to go for an operational over ride. When asked how she would do that, she suggested they give instructions to the department that they need a reduction of the budget by $500,000. Rich Mathieu stated this discussion needs to happen prior to the discussion with the Departments. Paula Brouillette suggested having a meeting with the team, then meet with the School. Ron Forget suggested letting Rich Mathieu communicate with the School and find out what information the School could give them. Rich Mathieu stated they could project their Chapter 70 monies, he feels it’s important to get the School Committee involved as well as the School Administration. Consensus of the Board to send a letter to the School Committee inviting them to a meeting in November about Space Needs, and also for a budget meeting; stressing that there is information for them.

4. Discussion regarding Search Committee Charge:
Taken out of order after item 2 so Ken Mahony could be present. Shirley Mosczynski announced that the Board will be meeting with the Search Committee at their next meeting. Shirley Mosczynski referred to the information Administrative Secretary Jane Burle handed out and asked if the Board wanted to include this in the packet to give to the Search Committee. Ron Forget asked how much detail do they want to give the Committee; how many candidates do they want recommended? Last time they only asked for three or five. Shirley Mosczynski suggested giving them the number of candidates to present, the job description, and the profile of a Town Administrator. Paul Brouillette stated the major decision is how many candidates they would like recommended. She would like to see three to five. It was a consensus of the Board to give the Search Committee the packet as described and ask for three to five candidates. Discussion on how the Search Committee should operate. Shirley Mosczynski feels all Committee members be allowed to ask questions. Rich Preston suggested including a cover letter outlining the charge with a time table or checklist. Paula Brouillette stated the date they would like to see the Committee collectively come up with candidates is needed; she suggested November 21st. Ron Forget also suggested the Committee notify the Board right away if they feel there is no one worth recommending. Shirley Mosczynski asked that they be notified of the book in the Selectmen’s Office which contains all the resumes. Rich Preston suggested adding the A and B list.

5. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:15 pm. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted:

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