BOS - October 30, 2003

BOS - October 30, 2003

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Board of Selectmen
Budget Workshop
October 30, 2003
Approved November 18, 2003

1. Call to Order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. In attendance: Ron Forget, Edward Therrien, Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Town Accountant Rich Mathieu, Finance Committee Chair Pamela Holmes, and Finance Committee member Jerome Kocur.

2. Potential FY04 STM Warrant Articles:
Town Accountant Rich Mathieu had handed out a memo to the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee, dated October 21, 2003, re: Potential FY04 STM Warrant Articles at their last meeting. He wanted to go over it again.
• Potential Article 1 – Sources of Funding – General Fund Budget Article: Rich Mathieu explained that as part of the FY04 budget process, $50,000 was expected as revenues due to the Planning Boards increase in fees. However that was a little more then they will be collecting this year and there has been no activity in the account. They do expect an increase next year in the next building cycle. He suggests moving that money to the General Fund. He stated they would be transferring the source of revenue. Rich Preston asked if Town Engineer Bill Cundiff was informed to which Rich Mathieu answered yes.
• Potential Article 2 – FY04 Budget Item – Highway Leases: Rich Mathieu explained that this item was mistakenly removed during the FY04 budget process. Shirley Mosczynski asked where the $35,610 is coming from. Rich Mathieu suggested the Veteran’s Benefits Account which currently has approximately $22,000. He explained that nothing has been expended this year because qualified recipients from last year are no longer eligible this year. He also suggest the funding could come from inside the Capital Authorization from the April 4, 2002 Special Town Meeting. He stated the money was appropriated as a “BAN” (Bond Anticipation Note) and could be used for this purpose. Paula Brouillette reminded the Board that at their last meeting they discussed using that money to pay for the cemetery work. Rich Mathieu stated they could include Main Street paving inside the $605 repayment. Pam Holmes stated the Town has not acted like this in the past, and it seems odd to her. She does not know how they’ll be do it, there is no money. Rich Mathieu explained they are trying to do a balancing act, steal from Peter to pay Paul. It would not be something to do if the Town had money. Ron Forget asked what the down side is. Rich Mathieu stated it’s not sound fiscal management. Paula Brouillette commented that FY05 just got worse.
• Potential Article 3 – New Appropriation – Main Street Paving: Discussed with the Highway Lease potential article. Then after discussion of Medicaid Shirley Mosczynski stated she was under the impression that Ken Mahony was still negotiating. Edward Therrien concurred, stating negotiations are not complete; stating Ken Mahony is trying to get the number down. Rich Preston asked Edward Therrien if the 58,000 was the amount required to do the main part of the paving less the cost of doing the ends. Edward Therrien answered in the affirmative. Shirley Mosczynski suggested they hold off on this article until the next Special Town Meeting and there was a consensus of the Board.
• Potential Article 4 – School Medicaid: Rich Mathieu explained that the School wants to increase their General fund by $60,000. He has a meeting with Connie Verge next week. Pam Holmes asked what the cost of implementing the program is. Rich Mathieu stated he is not sure because the costs are absorbed. Pam Holmes stated that in the past the School has asked to be reimbursed for the cost to collect the money. She thinks its double payment. It was stated that the School is providing services with money the Town has allocated. Pam Holmes stated she has asked Rich Mathieu for a 4 to 5 year history on Medicaid collections. Rich Mathieu again stated he needs to talk to Connie Verge and find out what she has planned. Pam Holmes asked if the request for this article came as a vote by the School Committee. Shirley Mosczynski explained there was a memo from Connie Verge requesting the article.

• Further discussion: Shirley Mosczynski stated they need to decide by Tuesday how to fund these items. Paula Brouillette suggested taking funds from the FY04 Capital Debt Payments of $149,000 for the truck and leaving the $122 22 in the Vet’s account. Rich Mathieu reminded the Board about the new “help Bill”, they can transfer up to 3% with approval from the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee. There was a consensus of the Board to have Rich Mathieu write up the warrant.
• Fire Department Requests: Shirley Mosczynski asked what the Board wanted to do with the requests from the Fire Department. Rich Mathieu explained that the first request will allow the Fire Department to collect more revenues. Ron Forget had questions about how many runs, etc. and suggested they hold it until the next Special Town Meeting. Pam Holmes feels this should have been done during the Budget season. Consensus of the Board to hold and have Chief Gonynor come in for more information. Consensus of the Board to hold the second request also.

• Budget: Rich Mathieu passed out a sheet entitled “Local Receipt Breakdown”, as of June 30, 2003. He stated he would like to do a DOR Revenue Study to see the cost of collecting these fees. He stated that last year Worcester did a revenue study; he will look for the results. Pam Holmes would like to see ambulance receipts and other fees outside of general. Rich Mathieu stated he will give her the information she is looking for. He stated the reason for this handout is he wanted the Board to understand why he feels the Town will have a deficit. Pam Holmes reported that she is going to the Finance Committee Annual Meeting and she will come back with information. She then asked if the School has the time line. Rich Mathieu stated that is what they will be going over on Tuesday.

Shirley Mosczynski gave an update on Ken Mahony’s condition. They will be getting notes from two doctors.

3. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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