BOS - December 4, 2003 - Interviews II

BOS - December 4, 2003 - Interviews II

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Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2002
Approved August 5, 2003

Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. In attendance were Selectmen Richard Preston, Ronald Forget and Edward Therrien. Also present were Executive Administrator Kenneth Mahoney, Attorney Mark Bobrowski, Town Engineer William Cundiff, Planning/Conservation Agent Stephen Zisk, Linda Brown, Marylynne Dube, Paul Peterson, Ralph Dudley III, Eben Chesebrough, Carol Gogolinski, Robert Werme, Daniel Heney and Pam Holmes.

The Chair welcomed Attorney Mark Bobrowski and members of the various boards that were represented.

The majority of discussion centered on the issue of affordable housing. Attorney Bobrowski offered comments and suggestions and gave examples of what is being done in other communities.

 Some communities have passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA)
 CBBO Funds – grant to homeowner becomes affordable housing
 Make an affordable accessory bylaw with deed restrictions
 Develop subdivisions in five years instead of two years
 Use town owned land – have a design and put it out to bid
 Put the homes up for sale or rent
 Town owned assisted living where each bed counts toward the affordable housing percentage
 Flexible development – build 30 regular and 5 affordable homes

He stressed the need for a Housing Authority and suggested the name of David Hedison, Executive Director of the Housing Authority in Chelmsford to contact for more information.

Questions regarding Site Plan Review and which board does them were asked. Attorney Bobrowski said that in most communities it is done by the Planning Board as they are more familiar with design issues, subdivisions, drainage and sewer issues. In Canton, site plans are reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, in Sudbury by the Board of Selectmen and in Orleans by an independent design review board.

The Chair thanked Attorney Bobrowski and board members for attending. The motion to adjourn was made by Richard Preston and seconded by Ronald Forget. The vote was unanimous and the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley M. Mosczynski
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
Interviews - II
December 4, 2003

1. Call to order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.
In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Edward Therrien, Ron Forget, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens in attendance: Assessor Beth MacKay, and T&G Reporter Steve Foskett.

Shirley Mosczynski reported that she and Paula Brouillette have contacted the references given by the candidates and they will go over them after the meeting. Paula Brouillette stated she got 3 of the 4 current salaries.

Upon welcoming each candidate, Shirley Mosczynski explained that the Executive Search Committee interviewed seven candidates and presented four to the Board.

• Paul J. Guida:
Paul Guida stated he is a New Jersey native. He went to Holy Cross and received a BA degree. He is married with four children. Paul Guida stated he feels public service is an honorable profession. He started in Community Development in Oxford getting grants and helping with the Open Space Plan. He then moved to Ware, where he was the Town Planner later becoming the Towns first Town Administrator. Later he went to Truro where he was the Town Administrator but he wanted to come back to Central Massachusetts. He is now in West Boylston, again as their first Town Administrator. Mr. Guida stated it would be a nice switch to come to an established community. Rich Preston asked Paul Guida to comment on grants. Mr. Guida stated a lot has changed for aid from higher government to local government; they should not be fooled into thinking there are a lot of grants out there. He stated it is however, easy to get grants and then you need to be smart in managing the grant. Mr. Guida stated he would work closely with Community Development; he would serve the Board, what they want him to do he will do, he feels the position is like that of an Administrative Secretary. Paula Brouillette asked Paul Guida to comment on Capital Plan. Mr. Guida stated the first thing that goes in a budget crunch is big maintenance items and Capital Plans. He feels Capital Plan should run like a business, it’s important to maintain buildings; you save money in the long run. He feels if you give the people the proper tools, you get more out of them. Edward Therrien asked Paul Guida how he would bring business into Town. Mr. Guida stated that before bringing in business, you have to make sure you are managing what you have. He suggests looking at location, have a vision; what kind of community do you want; are you maximizing what you do have here. Ron Forget asked Paul Guida to comment on build out and letting people know. Mr. Guida stated through Master Plan; most communities don’t want kids. They need to find ways to slow growth. One way would be to increase lot sizes. This causes problems because more roads and police are needed to cover a large area and there’s a need to look at zoning. Mr. Guida went on to say where affordable housing is a problem; they need to look at bringing in village and cluster types of developments. He suggests changing their mindset; do the clusters and maintain open space. He stated he really has no answer. Shirley Mosczynski asked Paul Guida to comment on his management style. Mr. Guida stated that managing projects is different than managing people; he likes people and feels he is in service to the public which sometimes means serving your fellow employee. Mr. Guida stated he can confront; but the best way is to come to a consensus. He stated with him, what you see is what you get. Rich Preston asked Paul Guida to comment on adaptive reuse. Mr. Guida stated he has worked with that; you need to find out if there are un-met civic and community needs then find out how to get the most tax dollars from it. Rich Preston asked Paul Guida if he is an advocate of land banking. Mr. Guida stated only if there is a need for it; it depends on why you are banking it. Paula Brouillette asked Paul Guida to describe his first month at work. Mr. Guida stated he would send out a survey to the Department Heads and Boards to find out what their priorities are. He would have a “Meet the Administrator” day. He would attend a lot of meetings in the beginning and help with the budget and Town Meeting. Paul Guida stated he is their assistant; he works for them, he feels the job is an Administrative Secretary. Edward Therrien asked Paul Guida if he has been around Douglas. Mr. Guida stated that he has not, he has been busy; but he knows Douglas, he used to spend a lot of time at Wallum Lake. Edward Therrien asked Paul Guida what he felt were Douglas’ weaknesses. Mr. Guida stated location and access. Ron Forget asked Paul Guida to follow up to Edward Therrien’s question. Mr. Guida stated there is no exit off the Mass Turnpike. Ron Forget asked Paul Guida to comment on micro managing. Paul Guida stated he can micro manage; but he would prefer to depend on smart people; there are some things you need to keep an eye on. Shirley Mosczynski asked Paul Guida to comment on budget time. Mr. Guida stated they must work closely with the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen. He does a lot of it himself. He stated he needs to get FinCom, the School, and the Board of Selectmen to come to a consensus before Town Meeting. People need to understand that if they don’t fund it; what they will loose. Shirley Mosczynski asked Paul Guida when he would be available. Paul Guida stated his contract says 90 days; he is not going to burn a bridge. He stated he will make a commitment for 6 years.

• Michael W. Finglas, Sr.:
Michael Finglas stated he was born in Fall River. He went to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to work on his Master of Business Administration. He stated he worked for the Department of Labor for four years then went to Swansea where he was the Town Administrator for 21 years. Rich Preston asked Michael Finglas to comment on grants. Mr. Finglas stated the Administrator should be the focal point for grants along with the Town Planner. He has secured grants in Swansea. During that time he held staff meetings once a week. He stated the Department of Revenue also has a good program. He stated you need to keep yourself aware of what is going on. Paula Brouillette asked Michael Finglas to comment on Capital. Mr. Finglas stated that in Swansea they implemented a 5, 10, and 20 year plan. He stated he would sit with departments to prioritize and fund by borrowing off regular budget items. Edward Therrien asked Michael Finglas how he would budget to prevent layoffs. Mr. Finglas stated he would look at the ability to raise the Towns revenues and ways to cut expenditures. He doesn’t think Douglas will be doing that in the next couple of years. Ron Forget asked Michael Finglas how he contributes lasting 21 years in Swansea. Mr. Finglas stated he had the knowledge to do the job; politics has to stay out. He stated he wouldn’t want to work in a Town he didn’t live in. Shirley Mosczynski asked Michael Finglas to comment on his management style. Mr. Finglas stated that at work he has an ‘Open door’ policy. He stated a good manager can spot a problem before it becomes a problem. He feels the public is our customer; they pay our paychecks. We have to listen to them, some times they just need to vent. Rich Preston asked Michael Finglas if he has experience with re-use of Municipal space. Mr. Finglas stated he has; he would need to see our layout and what our needs are, see what the staffs needs are. He spoke about building different buildings; in the past he has had architects donate their time, and other venues that don’t cost money. Paula Brouillette asked Michael Finglas to describe his first month on the job. Mr. Finglas stated he would sit down with the Select board; they are his boss. Then he would meet with other Board members. To set a priority to purchase open space he would look at the Zoning and Planning bylaws. Edward Therrien asked Michael Finglas what the proudest thing he has done. Mr. Finglas stated the building of a dog shelter and beach areas. He re-did a beach and built boat ramps. Ron Forget asked Michael Finglas how his work in Swansea compares to Douglas. Mr. Finglas stated that Douglas is now what Swansea was. Twenty percent of Swansea’s tax base is on one mile of road. He stated that Swansea lost a lot of its small town charm. He stated they both have similar demographics. He sees positive things with Douglas; that is why he would make a long term commitment. Ron Forget asked Michael Finglas if he’s had any experience with mixed use of open space. Mr. Finglas stated he has; he feels you need a balance. Single families are nice but they don’t support the Town. He stated you also need to get people involved, get them to attend Town Meetings. He stated the best way to control land is to own it. You could do this by getting a grant or floating a bond; but mostly you need to get more people involved in town government. Shirley Mosczynski asked Michael Finglas to comment on the budget process. Mr. Finglas stated that according to his process, the Town of Douglas is three months late. He would send out work sheets, he likes to have the whole process complete by Christmas. Shirley Mosczynski asked if that includes the School when they don’t know what their state funding is. Mr. Finglas stated he had a way. He stated he would also prepare the warrants. Rich Preston asked Michael Finglas where he is with technology. Mr. Finglas stated he is all for technology, the first thing he would do is update the Town’s website. Michael Finglas asked the Board what they felt was the most critical issues in the next year. Shirley Mosczynski stated, budget, space, 40B’s, downtown improvement. Rich Preston stated that with respect to 40B’s; some communities become the developers, he asked for Mr. Finglas’ take. Mr. Finglas stated he feels the problem is people are afraid of the unknown; if you work with developers you can get what is good for the Town. In closing Michael Finglas stated he is willing to make a long term commitment. He believed in upgrading the staff, he enjoys people and will move into Town. He stated he is available every day, except Saturday mornings; in fact he could start tomorrow since he is self employed. He would leave up to the Board an offer package. There was some wording in Ken Mahony’s contract that he didn’t like.

• After interview discussions:
Ron Forget suggested that they number the candidates. Rich Preston stated he would like to talk about the candidates first. He found Paul Guida digressed; he didn’t answer the questions he was asked. Rich Preston was not satisfied with his interview. He stated Paul Guida is bright and well educated; his strengths are finance. He noted that Paul Guida kept referring to this job as an ‘Administrative Secretary’, he thought that was odd. Rich Preston stated that Michael Finglas could answer the questions well. He had new ideas for grants that Rich Preston liked. Rich Preston stated he sees both positive and things that concern him in both candidates. Ron Forget stated that out of the two candidates tonight; Michael Finglas impressed him. He felt that Paul Guida could be a tough guy if he had to be and that didn’t impress him but he did think Paul Guida was very knowledgeable. Ron Forget stated that what impressed him about Michael Finglas was that he stated you need to know who to call and relationships are important; he had a sense of humor. Paula Brouillette did Michael Finglas’ reference check and stated she really couldn’t get an answer from anyone. Edward Therrien stated he received a call from someone who warned that Mr. Finglas is a great spender; he put Swansea in the hole. Paula Brouillette stated that she had heard the same thing. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she called Paul Guida’s references. The thread is that he is a hard worker; working 60 hours per week, he does a good job, he can ruffle some feathers and does get into controversy; but can work it out. He knows finance and does a good job with the budget. She heard nothing bad. Rich Preston stated that Michael Finglas had interviewed in Ware, in that interview he had stated that if there was anything he could improve it would be computers, he is concerned that this is his strong point and not people. Paula Brouillette felt that Michael Finglas was less hands on then the other three. Rich Preston suggested that while they were fresh in their minds they should rate the candidates. Ron Forget suggested they rate the candidates on how they fit into their needs. Shirley Mosczynski suggested they also rate them on how they will work. They rating are as follows:
Shirley Mosczynski: Guzinski, Guida, DeManche, Finglas
Paula Brouillette: Guzinski, Guida, Finglas, DeManche
Rich Preston: Guzinski, Guida, Finglas, DeManche
Ron Forget: Guzinski DeManche, Guida, Finglas
Edward Therrien: Guzinski, Guida, DeManche, Finglas

Paula Brouillette stated that the Executive Administrator is the one who takes care of the day to day so the Board can take care of the visionary stuff. Rich Preston agreed; he longs for someone to pull the information together and present it to them. Rich Preston stated that in Michael Guzinski, he saw intelligence and dignity; he is a good listener and a good speaker. Ron Forget stated that the only thing that worried him was that Blackstone has the money so it’s easier for Mr. Guzinski to do his job. Douglas doesn’t have the money. There was discussion about how to offer the position to Michael Guzinski with out loosing Paul Guida if negotiations with Mr. Guzinski did not work out. The Board did not want to risk starting the process over again. Shirley Mosczynski stated that Paul Guida asked to have the present contract emailed to him so that he could make changes, he also stated he needs a car. Rich Preston made a motion to offer the position of Executive Administrator to Michael Guzinski subject to salary and contract negotiations. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Rich Preston recommended that they sit with Michael Guzinski as soon as possible, stating he will make himself available.

2. Adjournment:
Ron Forget made a motion to adjourn at 10:00 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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