What Is New Hampshire Area Code?

According to the North American Numbering Plan, the state of New Hampshire in the United States only has one area code—603—for telephones (NANP). In October of 1947, it was established as one of the initial 86 numbering plan zones in the country. Which city has 603 area code? The Top 50 Cities in the 603 […]

How To Find Amethyst In New Hampshire?

There is a high concentration of amethyst in the granite-dominated geology of the state’s counties, where it may be found practically everywhere. There are additional deposits of amethyst on the Isles of Sholes, a collection of tiny islands that lie next to New Hampshire and are called by that name. In New Hampshire, amethyst may […]

Why Should I Move To New Hampshire?

People of all ages and stages of life, including young families, are drawn to the state of New Hampshire because of its thriving employment market, low crime rates, and inexpensive housing. If you are thinking of relocating to New Hampshire and are unsure whether or not the state is a good fit for you, the […]

When Does It Snow In New Hampshire?

The late fall and winter seasons, from November to February, are the most unpleasant times to visit New Hampshire due to the very cold weather and snowy conditions that are common during this time of year. Even in October, there is a good chance of encountering a cold front, and November is often when we […]

Who Was New Hampshire Named After?

Captain John Mason gave the state of New Hampshire its name, taking it from the county of Hampshire in England. There are four different nicknames for the state of New Hampshire. Why is New Hampshire called the New Hampshire of England? Historically, Hampshire served as an exit from England at one time.Following their departure from […]