What Does The Indiana Flag Look Like?

The color of the Indiana state flag is a stunningly rich and dark blue. The design of the flag consists of a flaming torch in the middle of nineteen golden stars that are spread out throughout its surface. The outermost perimeter of the flame is encircled by thirteen of the stars, and below that, a […]

How Many Cases In Indiana?

As of the 12th of July in the year 2021, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has confirmed a total of 757,904 cases across the state, including 13,496 fatalities. As of the 3rd of July, 2020, each of the 92 counties has reported at least 10 cases, with Pike County being the final county […]

How Late Can You Buy Alcohol In Indiana?

Monday through Saturday, the hours during which alcoholic beverages can be purchased in Indiana are from 7 a.m.to 3 a.m.In each of the three most recent sessions of the Indiana General Assembly, an attempt was made to pass legislation that would have permitted businesses to open on Sundays; however, none of these efforts were successful.On […]

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In Indiana?

The annual salary for an Uber driver in Indiana is around $27,110, which is approximately 47 percent less than the average salary throughout the US. The information on salaries was derived from seven different data points, all of which were gathered directly from workers, users, and both previous and existing job adverts posted on Indeed […]

When Does Indiana Go Back To School?

McCormick stated that school districts have the option to postpone the beginning of the academic year for their students even though the majority of Indiana schools begin their academic years in the first week of August (the earliest schools in Central Indiana begin during the final week of July). Calendar for the 2019–2020 School Year […]