How Far Is Illinois From Ohio?

The shortest travel distance between Illinois and Ohio is 550 km= 342 miles, which may be accomplished by flying. If you travel from Illinois to Ohio by plane (which has an average speed of 560 miles per hour), it will take you 0.61 hours to arrive.

How long is a flight from Ohio to Illinois?

The amount of time it takes to fly from Ohio to Illinois There is a total of 1 hour, 9 minutes between Ohio and Illinois in the flight time.

How many hours is it from Illinois to Ohio?

When driving from Illinois to Ohio, how long does it take? The entire driving duration is 5 hours, 47 minutes, which includes stops.

How long is a car ride from Ohio to Illinois?

How long does it take to get from Ohio to Illinois by car? The entire driving duration is 5 hours, 47 minutes, which includes stops. The first stop on your journey is the state of Ohio. It comes to a close in the state of Illinois.

Is Illinois closer to Ohio?

Illinois Travel time from California to Ohio Illinois is approximately 156 kilometers distant from Ohio; thus, if you drive at a constant speed of 50 kilometers per hour, you will arrive in Ohio in 3.13 hours.

What state is between Ohio and Illinois?

Indiana is a state in the Midwest area of the United States, and it has a lot of unique things to offer its visitors and residents. Come learn about the geology, topography, history, and other interesting things about the area.

Is Chicago close to Ohio?

The distance between Ohio and Chicago The shortest travel distance (by air) between Ohio and Chicago is 265.88 miles (or 476 kilometers) (427.90 km). Following the route planner’s recommendations, the shortest route between Ohio and Chicago is 308.74 miles (496.87 kilometers). The driving time is around 6 hours and 15 minutes.

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Is Ohio near Wisconsin?

Overall, the driving distance between Ohio and Wisconsin is 565 miles or 909 kilometers in length. The first stop on your journey is the state of Ohio.

How much is it from Ohio to Indiana?

The quickest and least expensive mode of transportation from Ohio to Indiana is by car, which costs $17 – $25 and takes 2h 54m. Which route from Ohio to Indiana is the most direct? It takes 2h 54m to drive from Ohio to Indiana and costs $17 – $25. The quickest mode of transportation between the two states is by car.

How much is from Ohio to Texas?

It takes 19h 40m and costs $110 – $170 to drive from Ohio to Texas, making it the most cost-effective mode of transportation.

How much is the flight from Illinois to Ohio?

Good to know

Low season August
Cheapest flight $69
Average price round-trip $250
Good deal round-trip $34
Good deal one-way $17

How much does it cost from Chicago to Ohio?

For a one-way trip from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, the average price is $62. The average cost of a round-trip flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio is $166 per person, per day.

How long is flight from Ohio to New York?

In-flight direct flight time is 1 hour 56 minutes on average. One hour and 56 minutes is the shortest direct travel time between Ohio and New York.

Is Illinois close to Indiana?

Illinois is a landlocked state in the east north-central United States, in an area known as the Midwestern United States. It is part of the Midwest region. Illinois shares boundaries with Wisconsin to the north, Michigan to the northeast, Indiana to the east, and Kentucky to the southeast. The state’s water border with Michigan lies in Lake Michigan.

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What state comes after Illinois?

The following is a list of neighboring countries.

State Name Bordering States
Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin
Indiana Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio
Iowa Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Kansas Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Is Illinois close to Missouri?

There are a total of 263 miles (423 kilometers) between Illinois and Missouri while traveling by car. The first stop on your journey is the state of Illinois. It comes to a close in the state of Missouri.

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