How Far Is Los Angeles From Phoenix?

Los Angeles and Phoenix are separated by 574 kilometers in distance (357 miles). There are 599 kilometers between Los Angeles and Phoenix if you are driving (372 miles). 574 kilometers between Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Phoenix, United States. 357 miles = 574 kilometers.

How far is Phoenix from Los Angeles by plane?

The distance between Phoenix and Los Angeles, while traveling by plane, is 370 miles. This is the distance traveled by air on the most direct route, which is used by the great majority of trips.

How long is a car ride from LA to Arizona?

How long does it take to travel from Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona? The entire driving duration is seven hours and thirty-six minutes.

How long is Phoenix Arizona to Los Angeles?

The overall travel duration is 5 hours, 32 minutes, according to Google. Your journey begins in the Arizona city of Phoenix. It comes to a conclusion in the city of Los Angeles, California. If you’re planning a road trip, you might be interested in knowing the total driving distance between Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA before you start.

How long does it take to fly from LA to Arizona?

Flight time from Los Angeles, California to Phoenix, Arizona The entire flight time between Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona is 1 hour, 3 minutes. In-flight flight time (from the moment the wheels touch the runway to the moment they touch the ground) based on actual flights taken during the past year, including routes such as LAX to PHX.

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How many hours is Phoenix to Hawaii?

Distance between Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ in flying time One hour and three minutes is the complete flight time from Los Angeles, CA to Arizona. Actual flights made during the past year, covering routes such as LAX-PHX, have been used to calculate the average in-flight flight time (wheels up to wheels down on the runway).

Departing from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Arriving at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL)
Average flight time 6 hours 57 minutes
Distance 2917 miles

What California city is closest to Arizona?

Blythe is a small town on the California-Arizona border that is mostly centered on agriculture but is also significantly impacted by tourism. It is located where Interstate 10 crosses the Colorado River.

Is Phoenix a good place to live?

The cost of living in Phoenix is less expensive than the national average, according to the Census Bureau. When it comes to individuals who live on a fixed income, such as seniors, Phoenix is an excellent choice since not only does it have a cheap cost of living, but its property taxes are also far lower than those in other popular retirement destinations such as Boca Raton or Orlando.

Can you take a train from California to Arizona?

It is Amtrak that provides the sole rail service that links Los Angeles and Phoenix. The train only travels twice a day, which means that the timetable is rather limited.

How long is LA to Texas?

Flight time from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas The entire flight time between Los Angeles, California and Houston, Texas is 2 hours, 56 minutes.

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Can you drive from LA to Vegas?

You should plan on spending at least four hours on the road if you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The route you choose will depend on your preferences. Without taking into consideration traffic, travelling on the I-15 N is the shortest and most common route, taking around 4 hours and 15 minutes for a total trip duration of 270 miles.

How far is Phoenix from California by plane?

The straight-line distance between Phoenix, Arizona and California (‘as the crow flies’) is used to calculate the flight duration. This route is about 475 miles (764 kilometers) in length. Your journey begins in the Arizona city of Phoenix. The journey comes to a conclusion in the state of California.

Is Scottsdale better than Phoenix?

While deciding between Phoenix and Scottsdale might be difficult, the fact that these two Arizona towns are so near together means that people can take advantage of the benefits that both cities have to offer.In comparison to Phoenix, Scottsdale has higher housing expenses but more interesting nightlife occupations, whereas Scottsdale has a cheaper cost of living and beautiful neighborhoods.

Is Vegas close to Arizona?

There is a total driving distance of 349 miles or 562 kilometers between Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Your journey begins in the Nevada city of Las Vegas. It comes to an end in the state of Arizona. A community located halfway between Las Vegas, Nevada and Arizona can be of interest if you’re planning a get-together for yourself and your buddy.

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What city is halfway between Los Angeles and Phoenix?

The ideal city to meet in between Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ is Blythe, California, which is around 36 miles away from the precise midway of the journey. This is really the town of Desert Center, California, which serves as the exact midway point on the route. The zip code 92239 is the one that is closest to the midway.

How long is the flight from Cali to Phoenix?

Time required to fly from California to Phoenix, Arizona One hour and seventeen minutes is the entire flying time between California to Phoenix, AZ.

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