How Much Is A Guided Elk Hunt In Colorado?

We take pleasure in creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for family and friends. Depending on the camp and location you pick from our many possible options, our fully guided, private land archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts may cost anywhere from $6,950 to $19,500 per person depending on the hunt.

The cost of a three-day fully guided cow elk hunt (with a rifle alone) in August is $3,500. The cost of a 5-day fully guided Bull Elk hunt is $6,500. The cost of a 6-day fully guided Bull Elk hunt is $7,800. The cost of a 7-day fully guided Bull Elk hunt is $9,100. What exactly is included in the cost of the Colorado elk hunt?

Can you do it yourself (DIY) elk hunting?

Thousands of hunters will schedule their first out-of-state elk hunts over the next few months, and many more will begin planning for ″do it yourself″ (DIY) elk hunts across the country during the next few months. If you are not a resident of the state, elk hunting is an expensive pastime.

Why AEI guide and outfitter for rifle elk hunting in Colorado?

In Colorado, we invite you to join us at AEI Guide and Outfitter for your rifle elk hunt! In the high mountains of Colorado, since 1984, AEI Guide and Outfitter has been escorting rifle elk hunters in search of the ultimate encounter with a gigantic bull elk.

How much does it cost to hire a hunting guide?

  • Gratuity is recommended for the following: guides: 5 percent -15 percent of the hunt cost, support staff/packout crew: $25 per person, head chef: $50-$75, assistant chef: $25-$50.
  • All hunts need a deposit equal to half of the entire cost of the hunt, unless the hunt is being reserved for a period longer than the current year.
  • All deposits for future hunts, including those for the current and next seasons, are equal to one-third of the entire hunt fee.

How much does it cost for a guided elk hunt in Colorado?

Our knowledgeable hunting guides will ensure that your elk or deer hunt in Southwest Colorado is a pleasurable experience.

1 on 1 2 on 1
Archery – Muzzle $5,100 $4,500 ea.
Rifle Hunts $5,500 $4,700 ea.
Combo – Hunt, Add $500 $400 ea.

How much does it cost to go on a guided elk hunt?

The Hunt with a Guide The outfitter’s fees account for a significant portion of your spending money. How much does it cost to go on an elk hunt? Elk hunts can cost as little as $2,000 or as much as more than $10,000. The locale, the type of hunting, the class of bulls, and the accommodations all have an impact on the amount of money you will pay.

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How much does it cost to shoot an elk in Colorado?

  • Elk tags in Colorado do not include a small game hunting or fishing license, which is required for residents of the state.
  • This license costs $50.37 and $30.11 for Bull Elk (Antlered), either Sex Elk tags or cow/calf tags.
  • This license also costs $50.37 for small game and $30.11 for cow/calf tags (Antlerless).

The cost of a Resident Youth tag for small game is $1.26, and the cost of an elk tag is $15.68.

Is a guided elk hunt worth it?

A fully guided elk hunt is the greatest option for individuals looking for their one-and-only opportunity to take down a bull elk. You will have to participate in the ticket lottery, accumulate points, and count your pennies, but the end result will be well worth it.

How much do you tip an elk hunt guide?

The common view is that 10 percent is appropriate, however it does vary depending on the service. You should tip the guide appropriately if the guide breaks his but, he is knowledgeable, and he works hard.

How much is a guided cow elk hunt in Colorado?

Cow Elk is a kind of elk. During the applicable seasons, you can shoot a cow elk for an extra $1,250 plus the cost of a license. The cost of a cow-only hunt is $4,250.

How much does a guided duck hunt cost?

$350 per day/per hunter is the going rate.

Where is the cheapest place to hunt elk?

  1. Archery at a Reasonable Price Elk hunting on public lands in Idaho and Wyoming. This outfitter offers the finest prize quality of the four, with opportunities for bulls exceeding 320 inches in height.
  2. Private Land in New Mexico with Landowner Permits Included There are two types of ranches available for this hunt: Colorado Public Land and Private Land.

How much does an elk guide cost?

A 5-day trophy bull elk hunt will cost you approximately $5,000 or more, depending on the region and length of your trip. Most cow elk hunts will cost you between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the location and length of your trip.

How much is a nonresident elk tag in Colorado?

Nonresident Licenses

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​License Type ​2022
Antlered or Either Sex Elk License ​$700.98
​Antlerless Elk License ​$526.17
​​​​Pronghorn License ​$420.23
Bear License ​$103.60

Where is the best place to elk hunt in Colorado?

Look to the Routt National Forest for vast herds of elk, which may be found there in great numbers. Basic migration occurs from higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and altitude, and this is the most common. Hunters have recorded an 18 percent success rate over the previous five years, despite the fact that 48 percent of the property is open to the public.

What state has the cheapest elk tags?

State by state elk hunt price breakdown
Arizona Bonus $650
Colorado Preference $629
Idaho None $416.75
Montana Bonus $851

Do it yourself elk hunt Colorado?

Do-it-Yourself Colorado Elk Hunting is a popular sport. The first season consists of a 5-day hunting expedition. Hunters must submit their applications for tags as soon as possible. Bull tags are available over the counter for the second and third seasons, which are both nine-day hunts. During this time, the elk will congregate in smaller groups to forage.

How much meat do you get from an elk?

The process of skinning and decapitating an elk removes approximately 73 lbs from the average field-dressed weight of a bull elk and approximately 45 lbs from the average field-dressed weight of a cow elk. Elk bulls produced an average of 218 lbs of boneless lean meat, while cows produced an average of 169 lbs of boneless lean meat, according to the findings of the research.

What is the best time to hunt elk in Colorado?

Midday is a terrific time to go hunting, but the strategies are a little different. When it gets to be 11:00 a.m., many hunters are feeling bored and fatigued and are ready to come back to camp to take a break. Others opt to go find another location to hunt and set off aimlessly in search of fresh landscape and beauty.

What is the most expensive hunting tag?

According to the Great Falls Tribute, a New York hunter named James Hens spent $300,000 for a license to shoot bighorn sheep in Montana in 2012. The starting point for the purchase of the tag was $100,000 dollars.

What do I need for a guided elk hunt?

  1. Checklist for the Rifle Season The following items are recommended: a decent elk rifle (270, 7mm, 300, 338)
  2. Provide stirrups and boots with liners that will operate in combination with them
  3. Lightweight boots
  4. Binoculars
  5. A rangefinder
  6. One box of shells
  7. An orange vest
  8. And other miscellaneous items.
  9. Large waterproof bag or two smaller bags that can contain equipment weighing 50 pounds or less
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Where is the best public land elk hunting?

  1. Ten of the best public lands for elk hunting in the United States (And How to Hunt Them) Cibola National Forest and Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico
  2. St. Helens National Forest in Idaho
  3. Wyoming – Bridger-Teton National Forest and Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming
  4. Arizona – Coconino National Forest in Washington
  5. Ashley National Forest in Utah
  6. And others.

Are guided hunts worth it?

Simply said, arranging a guided hunt is typically well worth the money spent because of a multitude of factors. Hiring an outfitter, on the other hand, is not necessarily the greatest option, or even a viable option at all. Getting things done on your own and conserving money is extremely important to certain hunters, and it cannot be overstated.

What is the best elk hunting unit in Colorado?

  1. It is located in the counties of Rio Blanco and Garfield and has a total land area of 989 square miles.
  2. When to hunt: During archery season
  3. Bull to cow ratio: 1:4
  4. When not to hunt: All year.

Where are the best places to hunt elk in Colorado?

  1. When traveling into bear-infested territory, always have pepper spray or bear spray on hand.
  2. Protect yourself from huge creatures by carrying large-caliber rifles with you. If you are comfortable with it, I recommend carrying a shotgun such as the Remmy 870.
  3. Point the pistol at the attacker’s lips and eyes, and squeeze the trigger.

Do it yourself elk hunts in Colorado?

  1. For a five-day hunt, you’ll need to load in and pack out.
  2. Tents, bedding, and cooking equipment are provided
  3. However, no guides are included.
  4. There is no meal included.
  5. There is no license included.
  6. Call right now to schedule your DIY Hunting adventure!

Where do you find elk in Colorado?

  1. The greatest elk herds in Colorado may be found west of the Continental Divide.
  2. The largest elk numbers in Colorado are often seen in combination with aspen, oakbrush, and mountain shrub ecosystems.
  3. Hunting possibilities on public lands are available in a variety of settings, ranging from remote wilderness areas to frequently used woods and rangelands.

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