How Much Is A Hamburger In Hawaii?

The most expensive ingredients are found in Hawaii, where a single burger may cost up to $2.75. In Arizona, where the average price of a burger is $2.16, they’re more than 50 cents less expensive than in California.

What is the average cost of food in Hawaii?

Regarding the Cost of Food in Hawaii 1. A double cheeseburger, small fries, and a small Coca-Cola for less than five dollars. Meal combinations that include the more unusual sandwiches and larger portions can cost up to $8. 2. Coca-Cola cans range in price from $0.79 (12 ounce can) to $1.50 or more. 3. Normally, it costs less than $1.00.

How much does a hamburger cost in your state?

This area has a higher average burger price of $2.65 than the West ($2.58), Northeast ($2.536), or South ($2.50), although it is still less expensive than the rest of the United States. At the beginning of this summer, we investigated the cost of a hamburger without cheese.

Are Hawaii burgers any good?

Rest confident that Hawaii burgers are on par with the best that can be found on the mainland, and that they are as delicious as they are visually stunning. If anything, ordering a burger and knowing that you are eating it in paradise may cause it to taste even better than it would otherwise.

How much is a Big Mac in Hawaii?

Hawaii is home to the most costly Big Macs in the United States. According to Zippia, ordering this sandwich at a McDonald’s in Hawaii is likely to cost you more than $5, with the average price coming in at a whopping $5.31.

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How much does the average meal cost in Hawaii?

Despite the fact that the following statistics are typical estimates of how much you may spend on essentials and entertainment in Hawaii, they may be useful in determining your holiday spending budget: Breakfast and lunch are priced between $8 and $16 per person. Dinner costs between $14 and $25 per person. Gourmet lunch prices range from $25 to $55 per person.

What are Mcdonalds prices in Hawaii?

  1. Double Quarter Cheese Deluxe (seven dollars and ninety-nine cents)
  2. $1.89 for a McDouble
  3. Crispy Buttermilk Chicken $6.49
  4. 20 McDonald’s McNuggets for $7.99
  5. Artisan Grilled Chicken $6.49
  6. Artisan Grilled Salmon $6.49
  7. 10 McDonald’s McNuggets for $5.99
  8. $1.49 for a McChicken
  9. $3.99 for a classic chicken sandwich

How much is beef per pound in Hawaii?

Food prices

Markets Edit
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 9.09$
Apples (1 lb) 3.09$
Banana (1 lb) 2.00$
Oranges (1 lb) 2.94$

How much is a gallon of milk in Hawaii?

Milk is a mainstay in many people’s diets. However, depending on where you reside, the cost might vary considerably from one year to the next. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average gallon of whole milk costs $3.59 a gallon. Every state has a different average price for milk.

State Cost
Delaware $3.19
Florida $3.07
Georgia $2.69
Hawaii $4.69

How much is a loaf of bread in Hawaii?

The cost of living in Honolulu is rather high.

Restaurants Edit
Water (12 oz small bottle) 2.00$
Markets Edit
Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 6.34$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 5.68$
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What is Hawaii’s minimum wage?

Hawaii has a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour at the time of writing. The rate would increase to $12 on October 1, 2024, $16 in 2026, and $18 in 2028, with the next increase scheduled for 2024. The tip credit, which allows companies to pay workers less than the minimum wage provided they get a sufficient amount of tips, is being expanded under the law.

How much does a Coke cost in Hawaii?

In the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu, the cost of a 2-liter Coca-Cola is $3.12.

How much money do you need for 7 days in Hawaii?

It costs an average of $2,023 for a seven-day vacation to Hawaii for a single traveler, $2,986 for a couple, and $4,371 for a family of four to visit. Hawaii hotels range in price from $96 to $433 per night, with an average of $177, while the majority of vacation rentals will cost between $270 and $810 per night for the full property.

How much is gas in Hawaii?

Gas costs in Hawaii are on the rise.

Regular Mid-Grade
Current Avg. $5.250 $5.470
Yesterday Avg. $5.253 $5.470
Week Ago Avg. $5.237 $5.443
Month Ago Avg. $5.215 $5.425

How much is food in Hawaii?

While meal prices in Hawaii might vary, the average cost of food in Hawaii is $61 per day, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Based on the spending tendencies of recent visitors, a typical lunch in Hawaii should cost around $24 per person while dining out. Generally speaking, breakfast is a little less expensive than lunch or supper.

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Is Hawaii beef expensive?

It was reported that Hawaii’s average house price in Honolulu was $742,166; the cost of a half gallon of milk was $3.41; the cost of a quarter-pound of ground beef was $3.99; the cost of electricity was $333.51; and a doctor’s visit was $101.80.

How much is a pack of cigarettes in Hawaii?

Cigarette Prices by State for the Year 2022

State Price Tax
Hawaii $10.41 $3.20
Maryland $10.26 $3.75
Illinois $10.16 $2.98
Washington $10.14 $3.02

Is Chicken expensive in Hawaii?

It costs $4.68 to buy 500 gr (1 lb) of boneless chicken breast in Honolulu, Hawaii, according to the current exchange rate.

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