How Much Money Does The Georgia Aquarium Make A Year?

The Georgia Aquarium generates yearly sales of $10-$50 million (see actual revenue figures) and employs between 100 and 500 people. It is classed as a business that operates in the Museums sector. The Annual Report and Profile of the Georgia Aquarium reveals the following key firmographic information:

Georgia Aquarium is a modest education company situated in Atlanta, Georgia, with just 200 workers and an annual income of $78.7 million. It is a subsidiary of the Georgia Aquarium Foundation.

Is there an aquarium in Atlanta GA?

The Georgia Aquarium is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia Aquarium is a public aquarium located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. It is the world’s largest aquarium. Over 100,000 creatures and several thousand species live there, all of which are housed in a marine and saltwater aquarium with a capacity of 10 million US gallons (38,000 m3).

How much did it cost to build the Georgia Aquarium?

It has over 500 species in 60 habitats with 12,000 square feet of viewing windows, and it was built for a total of $290 million. At the Georgia Aquarium, five different galleries are organized around an atrium, rather than the usual linear aquarium architecture found in most aquariums.

How many animals are in the Georgia Aquarium?

The Georgia Aquarium is a public aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is the world’s largest aquarium. More than 11 million US gallons (42,000 m3) of water surrounds the creatures, which are shown in seven large galleries. There are hundreds of different species and thousands of different animals on display.

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Does the Georgia Aquarium make money?

According to a recent research, the Georgia Aquarium has contributed $1.9 billion to the state’s economy since it first opened its doors in late 2005, which coincides with the aquarium’s 10th anniversary celebration.

How much is the GA aquarium worth?

Atlanta, Georgia is home to the world’s biggest aquarium, which is called the Georgia Aquarium. A total of 8.5 million gallons of water are used to house more than 120,000 animals spanning 500 species. There are 60 separate habitats, each with 12,000 square feet of viewing windows, and the entire project cost $290 million to construct.

How much economic revenue does the Georgia Aquarium make?

Tax Filings by Year

Total Revenue $93,793,876
Total Functional Expenses $88,031,370
Contributions $5,622,256 6.0%
Program services $87,980,016 93.8%
Investment income $44,335 0.0%

How does the Georgia Aquarium help the economy?

In addition, according to Handy, ″every dollar invested in Georgia Aquarium produces an extra US$2.50 in private and public investment in the area.″ ″As a non-profit organization, we are pleased that we are able to contribute to the advancement of the state’s economy in such a significant way while also furthering the area of marine research.″

Who owns the Georgia Aquarium?

The Aquarium bought Marineland of Florida on January 1, 2011, for a reported $9.1 million, according to media reports. Jim Jacoby, a metro Atlanta businessman and member of the Georgia Aquarium board of directors, was the seller. He purchased the park in 2004 and redeveloped it, according to the Associated Press. Marineland of Florida was purchased by a different corporation in 2019.

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Who owns GA Aquarium?

Brian L. Davis – Georgia Aquarium | President and CEO.

What is the #1 aquarium in the world?

The Lisbon Oceanarium has been crowned the world’s best aquarium by TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards, which recognize the best attractions throughout the world.

Whats the largest aquarium in the world?

What is the location of the world’s largest aquarium? In accordance with the Guinness Book of World Records, China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has the world’s largest aquarium, which is located in Shanghai. It is equipped with enclosures that hold over 13 million gallons of water in total.

What’s the biggest aquarium in the US?

Leading aquariums in the United States, ranked by the highest tank capacity in 2018. The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was the aquarium with the largest tank in the United States at the time. A massive 6.3 million gallons of liquid was stored in the facility’s biggest tank as of December 2018.

How many employees does the Georgia Aquarium have?

410 people work at Georgia Aquarium, Inc. in total across all of its facilities, generating $93.79 million in revenue (USD).

Who funded the Atlanta aquarium?

In 2005, the Georgia Aquarium celebrated its 10th anniversary, owing to a donation of $250 million from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

How many people visit the Georgia Aquarium per year?

Every year, more than two million people come to the aquarium to see the exhibits.

What is Georgia Aquarium known for?

  1. It represents the ocean that we share as a global community.
  2. There are whale sharks in the environment, which holds 6.3 million gallons of water, and manta rays for the first time in a U.S.
  3. aquarium, as well as the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.
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Animals from polar areas and temperate waters, such as beluga whales, harbor seals, southern sea otter, and African penguins, are included in this exhibition.

How many animals does the Georgia Aquarium have?

A. The Georgia Aquarium is home to roughly 1,000,000 creatures representing hundreds of different kinds of species. All of these creatures may be seen in the aquarium’s eight galleries, which are divided into three sections.

Who built the Georgia Aquarium?

  1. Atlanta-based Brasfield & Gorrie celebrates a major construction milestone for the Georgia Aquarium’s Expansion project.
  2. The 16th of September is a national holiday in the United States.
  3. ATLANTA – The 16th of September is a national holiday in the United States.

On Friday, general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie joined city officials for the topping-out ceremony for the Georgia Aquarium Expansion 2020, which took place one year after the project’s inception.

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