How To Become A Substitute Teacher In Alabama?

The answer is that in order to work as a substitute teacher in Alabama, you must have a high school diploma, pass a background check, and be issued a substitute license by the state of Alabama. A substitute license is only provided upon the advice of the school district that is hiring the substitute.

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How do I apply for a substitute teaching license?

During the application process, the candidate will be asked to complete an Application for a Substitute License, which will be reviewed by the local Board of Education, superintendent, or principal (sample here). The application will then be submitted to the state Department of Education by the local representative. To be a teacher, you must have this credential.

What are the requirements to be a substitute teacher in Mobile?

According to the Mobile County Public Schools website, a high school diploma or GED is all that is required, however all substitute teacher candidates in the system must take and pass a written exam before they can be hired as substitute teachers. The ALSDE also requires that all substitute teachers undergo a TB test before they may work in the state.

How many substitute teachers are there in Alabama?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Alabama has 17,480 substitute teachers as of May 2013, making it one of the states with the highest concentration of replacement teachers in the country. Alabama also has the third greatest concentration of substitute teaching positions in the US, trailing only Wyoming and Idaho in this regard.

How do I get a substitute teaching license in Alabama?

Substitute Teacher Requirements in the State of Alabama

  1. FBI and ABI background checks on fingerprints
  2. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required as proof of education.
  3. Obtaining a substitute teacher license from the State of Alabama
  4. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that should be paid payable to the Alabama Department of Education.
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How much do substitutes make in Alabama?

In Alabama, the average daily wage for a substitute teacher is $101 per day, according to Payscale.

How long does it take to get a substitute teaching license in Alabama?

The TCERT website ( may be used to discover a verification of your replacement license once you have filed your application; it will generally take 3 weeks for your application to be processed.

How do you qualify as a substitute teacher?

When hiring a substitute teacher, there are seven characteristics to look for.

  1. Passion. In addition to a paycheck, most substitute instructors search for the following qualities: a sense of humor
  2. interpersonal skills
  3. adaptability
  4. perseverance
  5. accountability
  6. confidence

How do you apply to be a sub?

Obtaining Your License as a Substitute Teacher According to the most recent guidelines, substitute instructors must complete the following conditions in order to be granted a substitute teaching license: Earn a college degree, generally a bachelor’s degree, to further your career. Pass a background check for criminal activity. Fill up an application and pay the required money.

How long is a substitute certificate good for in Alabama?

If you have gotten a certificate, it is valid until the end of the calendar year in which it was granted, as well as for five consecutive years following that. Because replacement licenses cannot be renewed at this point, a fresh application for a license must be submitted at this time.

Is there a teacher shortage in Alabama?

In fact, ″we’re seeing shortages in elementary school teachers, shortages in physical education teachers, shortages in English language arts teachers, as well as a slew of other sectors in which we haven’t previously had shortages,″ added Mackey, referring to rural areas of the state in particular.

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Can you teach in Alabama without a teaching degree?

Coursework in Alabama is required as a prerequisite. In order to be certified, every state mandates that instructors hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. An academic major in the appropriate field with at least 32 semester hours of credit, including 19 semester hours of upper-division course work, will be needed for teaching positions in Alabama.

Do substitute teachers get drug tested in Alabama?

A mandatory or random drug test is not required or performed on regular or substitute instructors under any circumstances.

How do I become a substitute teacher in Birmingham AL?

During the application process, the candidate will be asked to complete an Application for a Substitute License, which will be reviewed by the local Board of Education, superintendent, or principal (sample here). The application will then be submitted to the state Department of Education by the local representative. To be a teacher, you must have this credential.

What is a Class A teaching certificate in Alabama?

A state-approved educational specialist degree or a state-approved sixth-year teacher education program are required for the highest level of teaching certification in Alabama, which is Class AA.

How do you introduce yourself as a substitute teacher?

Make an Outstanding First Impression An example of a positive introduction is as follows: ″Good morning, dear students! Mr. or Mrs. , and I will be your instructor for the day. Please introduce yourself. Just a friendly reminder that even though I am not your regular classroom instructor, all of the regular classroom rules and expectations still apply to me.

What skills do substitute teachers have?

  1. Accountability. A new level of accountability may be achieved very rapidly when you are directly accountable for a complete classroom of children.
  2. Adaptability.
  3. Public Speaking.
  4. Problem Solving.
  5. Time Management.
  6. Instructing.
  7. networking.
  8. dealing with children
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What are the pros and cons of being a substitute teacher?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Substitute Teaching

Pros Cons
Gain teaching experience Can only work part-time
Flexible hours Hours not guaranteed each week
No nights or weekends No health benefits
Meet new people No paid vacation

What are the requirements to become a substitute teacher?

License or permission for substitute teaching: Some states require substitute teachers to be licensed or have a permit.This license is typically renewed on an annual basis.This license is typically renewed on an annual basis.Fingerprinting and background checks: The vast majority of potential substitute teachers must pass a criminal history background check, either before being hired or as part of the licensing process.

How to become a substitute teacher in Alabama?

  1. Online application for the Alabama State Department of Education, along with three current references
  2. Professional educator credential or substitute teaching license in good standing in the state of Alabama
  3. A photocopy of your driver’s license and your social security card
  4. At least two years of college education is required.

Where can I earn a substitute teacher certification?

Take them to your local law enforcement department, who should be able to provide fingerprinting.They will fill out the card and form and return them to you in a sealed envelope after they have been completed.Send this envelope together with your application for a substitute teaching license to the Texas State Personnel Commission.For additional information about substitute teaching employment in your area, contact the school district in which you live.

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