How To Change Your Name In Indiana?

Revealing an excessive amount of personally identifiable information, such as your driver’s license number;

How do I Change my Name on my license in Indiana?

  1. The request to alter one’s name must be submitted in writing to our office together with the relevant official paperwork.
  2. This can be done by faxing 317.233.4236, sending an email to [email protected], or writing to 402 W Washington Street Rm W072, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.
  3. Your request to alter your name must include both your current license number and the new name as you would like it to appear on your license.

How do I get my maiden name back in Indiana?

During the process of getting a divorce in the state of Indiana, a woman may choose to go back to using her maiden name or her prior married name. This should be included in the petition for dissolution of the marriage (the divorce action), and it has to be asked if you want the court to change your name back. If you don’t ask, the court won’t do it on its own.

How do I legally change my name after divorce?

Your name can be legally changed by a marriage certificate, a divorce decision, or an order from the court. To make effective use of it, however, you will want current versions of your Social Security card, driver’s license, and any other forms of identification. Get things started by getting in touch with the Social Security office in your area.

How do I petition the court for a name change?

The Verified Petition for Name Change form is the primary application that is utilized in the process of petitioning the court for a name change. You can download the form by clicking on the link that follows, which corresponds to the type of return you are submitting: It is required that your signature be provided in the presence of a public notary.

How much does it cost to change your name in Indiana?

To legally change your name in the state of Indiana? In the state of Indiana, the cost to change your name is $89.95. A distinct filing fee structure is in place at the Indiana court, just like it is at other United States courts.

How can I legally change my name in Indiana?

To begin the process of changing your name, you will need to submit a petition to the circuit court in the county where you now reside. (A Petition for Name Change can be obtained through the website The second step is to change your name officially by publishing a notice of the change in a local newspaper for a period of three weeks.

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What are legitimate reasons for a name change in Indiana?

  1. Many people choose to alter their names for a variety of reasons.
  2. It’s possible that you’ve grown tired of using your birth name and are looking for something that more accurately reflects who you are.
  3. It’s possible that you are divorced and did not ask the court to restore your maiden name as part of the divorce process.

If this is the case, and if your state does not have a streamlined method as California does, then you may be out of luck.

How long do you have to change your name after getting married in Indiana?

A very important warning: from the moment your new legal name becomes effective, you have just a month to inform the BMV about the change.

What documents do you need to change your name?

  1. In addition to that, please bring the following documents with you: Your current and valid passport, as well as a certified copy of your birth certificate, are both acceptable forms of citizenship proof
  2. A notarized copy of your marriage license might serve as evidence that your name has been changed.
  3. Your name and date of birth or age, as well as a current image, need to be displayed on the document that serves as your proof of identification

How much does it cost to change your first and middle name in Indiana?

The petition to alter one’s name has a filing cost of $157. Before they may be submitted, all applications for a name change need to be notarized first. 200 E.

How much does it cost to change your name?

Changing your name might cost anywhere from less than $100 to more than $500, depending on the state in which you live. In many states, the costs charged might vary from county to county; thus, it is important to verify with the probate, family, or district court clerk in your area. Many states still have fees that are far lower than $100.

Can I change my last name to my boyfriend without getting married?

  1. Some words of wisdom for unmarried partners in a relationship It is perfectly legal for either one of you or both of you to change your last name to coincide with that of your partner in order to give the impression that you are a married couple even if you do not intend to get married or enter into a civil partnership.
  2. This can be done in lieu of getting married or entering into a civil partnership.
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How long does it take to change your name?

Depending on how quickly you get the job done, the entire process of updating your records with all of the record holders can take anywhere from three to eight weeks.

How do I change name on Social Security card?

  1. In order to alter your name on your card, you will need to provide us with documentation verifying both your identification and the legal change to your name.
  2. You are also need to present a document to us that verifies your citizenship in the United States, if such information is not already included in our files.
  3. You are required to produce either the original papers or copies that have been certified by the organization that issued the documents.

How do I change my name?

Actions to Take in Order to Change Your Name Legitimately

  1. Put in a request to legally change your name by submitting a completed name change form, an order to prove reason for legally changing your name, and a decree to legally change your name
  2. Bring these paperwork and the appropriate filing fees necessary by your state to the court clerk so that they may be processed

How do I change my name on my birth certificate in Indiana?

  1. If you need a new birth certificate, please send ISDH a check for ten dollars made out to them
  2. Instead of making changes to the previously issued certificate, Indiana will issue a new one.
  3. Send the original court order to alter your name and gender together with a copy of your previous birth certificate
  4. In the state of Indiana, changing the gender shown on a birth certificate still needs a court order.

What happens if you don’t change your name within 30 days?

There are no consequences, either civil or criminal, for failing to change your name. If you do not change your name on your driver’s license within about thirty days, however, you may be subject to a fine from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

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How much does it cost to change your name after marriage in Indiana?

The website also gives thorough information on requesting for a name change in Indiana. On completing the paperwork, the petitioner must file them with a local court clerk. A filing charge of $104 applies, but a fee waiver may be obtained if the petitioner utilizes the Fee Waiver form and establishes substantial hardship.

What do I need to change my name on my license after marriage Indiana?

Marriage license. Divorce decree (must indicate previous name and new name, unless you are returning to your maiden name) An order from the court granting permission to change one’s official name. a copy or the original of a revised birth certificate that displays the new name, if the original is not available.

How to change your name legally in India?

  1. Submission of an Affidavit: In order to alter one’s name, one is required to provide an affidavit
  2. Publication of an Ad: It is recommended that an announcement be printed in the local newspaper.
  3. Notification in the Gazette It is recommended that a notification regarding the name change be issued in the Gazette of India

How to reserve a business name in Indiana?

  1. To get started, head over to this page on the website. Once you are there, in the area labeled ″Registered Agent Name,″ type a name, and then click the Search button.
  2. On the next page, you will see a list that comprises every organization that has a registered agent whose name is identical to the one you provided in your request
  3. You will be able to evaluate a variety of information concerning the company on the very final page of this document.

How can I legally change my name?

  1. To change your name in a manner that is recognized by the law, you are required to file a petition with the Superior Court in your county.
  2. When you submit a petition to change your name, you are required to make it public and wait at least one month before a hearing is held on the matter.
  3. Your request to alter your name must first be approved by the court before you may change it on any government-issued identity or other official papers.

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